Short Story Terms - Mrs. Zagaeski's English 2 Class

Short Story Terms - Mrs. Zagaeski's English 2 Class

Short Story Terms Review- take notes! What is a Short Story? A short story is : a brief work of fiction where, usually, the main character faces a

conflict that is worked out in the plot of the story Character Character a person in a story, poem or play. Types of Characters:

Round- fully developed, has many different character traits Flat- stereotyped, one-dimensional, few traits Static Does not change Dynamic Changes as a result of the story's events Characterization

How the author develops the characters, especially the main character. This is done through: what the character does or says what others say of and to the character authors word choice in descriptive passages Characterization

Direct characterization The author directly states what the characters personality is like. Example: cruel, kind Indirect characterization Showing a characters personality through his/ her actions, thoughts, feelings, words, appearance or other characters observations

or reactions Protagonist Main character of the story that changes (death is not a change) the most important character changes and grows because of experiences in the story

Antagonist A major character who opposes the protagonist the antagonist does not change Types of antagonists: people

nature society Conflict A struggle between two opposing forces Types Internal takes place in a characters own mind Man vs. Him(Her)self

External a character struggles against an outside force

Man vs. Man Man vs. Nature Man vs. technology, progress Man vs. Society Man vs. Supernatural What is the Plot?

Plot: Series of related events that make up a story. Exposition Section that introduces characters, the setting, and conflicts. Setting

The time and place of the storys action Rising Action Consists of a series of complications. These occur when the main characters take action to resolve their problems and are met with further problems: Fear

Hostility Threatening situation Climax The turning point in the story: the high point of interest and suspense Climax Rising Action or

Complications Falling Action Falling Action All events following the climax or turning point in the story. These events are a result of the action taken at the climax.

Resolution (Denoument) The end of the central conflict: it shows how the situation turns out and ties up loose ends Point of View

Vantage point from which the writer tells the story. First person- One of the characters is actually telling the story using the pronoun I Third person- Centers on one characters thoughts and actions. Omniscient- All knowing narrator. Can center on the thoughts any actions of any and all

characters. Theme The central message or insight into life revealed through a literary work. The main idea of the story Flashback

The present scene in the story is interrupted to flash backward and tell what happened in an earlier time. Foreshadowing Clues the writer puts in the story to give the reader a hint of what is to come.

Symbol An object, person, or event that functions as itself, but also stands for something more than itself. Example: Scales function is to weigh things, but they are also a symbol of our justice system.

Figurative Language Involves some imaginative comparison between two unlike things. Simile comparing two unlike things using like or as. I wandered lonely as a cloud Metaphor comparing two unlike things (not

using like or as) Life is a roller coaster, it has lots of ups and downs. Figurative Language Personification Giving human qualities to non-human things. The wind howled

Irony A contrast between expectation and reality Irony Verbal Irony saying one thing but meaning something completely different. Calling a clumsy basketball player Michael Jordan

Situational Irony A contradiction between what we expect to happen and what really does happen Dramatic Irony occurs when the reader knows something important that the characters in the story do not know. Allusion Reference to a statement, person, a place,

or events from: Literature History Religion Mythology Politics Sports

Suspense Uncertainty or anxiety the reader feels about what is going to happen next in a story. Imagery Language that appeals to the senses. Touch

Taste Sight Sound Smell Example: Creating a picture in the readers mind through


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