Siemens Communications Presentation - ISSS

Siemens Communications Presentation - ISSS

Bezdrtov komunikace pro hlas a data Jan Kodad, ISSS Hradec Krlov, 5. duben 2005 GSM main principles Speech compression Timeslots Cells & Frequencies Uplink & Downlink Base Stations PCM30 Voice & Signalling channels Location Update Handover Siemens 11-2004 2 GSM network summary HLR A BSS MSC / VLR GMSC PSTN / ISDN / PLMN

Siemens 11-2004 3 GSM - Data Restricted user data rate 9.6 kbit/s Long call setup time Volume dependent charging is not available HLR A BSS Restricte d number of users MSC / VLR GMSC PSTN / ISDN /

PLMN IP Network No efficient resource management Siemens 11-2004 4 GPRS main principles Packet Data Transfer (IP) Timeslot Bundling Higher bit-rates Timeslot sharing New Network Infrastructure (IP) Can also be used for UMTS Siemens 11-2004 5 GPRS GPRS Always on Flexibility in charging Shared access to the same channel

MSC / VLR Efficient resource management GMSC PSTN / ISDN / PLMN A BSS Gb Higher bitrates with: channel bundling channel coding SGSN Packet oriented IP Network GGSN Direct access

Siemens 11-2004 6 Siemens, 2002 GPRS bit rates CS-1 CS-2 CS-3 CS-4 9,05 kbit/s 13,4 kbit/s 15,6 kbit/s 1-8 channel Up to 171,2 kbit/s (theoretically) 21,4 kbit/s Coding Schemes Siemens 11-2004 7

UMTS high bit rates UTRAN: Max. data rate 1920 kbit/s EDGE: GPRS: 171 kbit/s HSCSD: 115 kbit/s GSM Phase 1/2: 9.6 kbit/s 473 kbit/s No new network elements; SW modifications 4 / (8) x 14.4 kbit/s New network elements & protocol

architecture: Prerequisite for UMTS! 8x 21.4 kbit/s No new network elements; only modifications to the modulation method New transmission principles (WCDMA), network elements & protocols 8 x 59.2 kbit/s Siemens 11-2004 8 UMTS main principles High bit-rates CDMA New radio access network - Node-B - RNC

- ATM Soft handovers Better voice quality New services Siemens 11-2004 9 UMTS zone concept MSS 144 kbit/s 1000 km/h Macro Cell Micro Cell 144 kbit/s 384 kbit/s 500 km/h 120 km/h Pico Cell

max. 1920 kbit/s data rate 10 km/h max. speed Siemens 11-2004 10 HiPath Wireless Strategy Voice over Converged WLAN DECT remains cost effective solution for wireless voice Converged voice and data solutions will emerge on WLAN Voice VoIP Wireless Voice Converged WLAN Data IP Data Wireless Data Voice over

WLAN Siemens 11-2004 11 Gigaset SL1 professional Funkce Podsvcen grafick displej s 5 dky Opakovn volby pro poslednch 10 telefonnch sel Telefonn seznam pro a 200 jmen/sel Uivatelsk rozhran v 19 jazycch Vibran vyzvnn Ppojka pro nhlavn soupravu 10 standardnch a 16 polyfonnch vyzvncch melodi Komfortn hlasit telefonovn (full duplex) Podsvcen tlatka pro MWI a hlasit telefonovn PC rozhran pro nahrn tel. seznamu, polyfonnch melodi a pozad displeje Vyten hlasem pro 23 zznam Podpora pi zadvan textu do tel. seznamu Siemens 11-2004 12 Gigaset S2 professional Funkce Nstupce Gigaset S1 professional Hlasit telefonovn 36 vyzvncch tn/melodi pro intern a extern voln Uivatelsk rozhran v 19 jazycch Opakovn volby pro 10 rznch naposledy volench sel Telefonn seznam a 200 sel a jmen Barevn podsvcen grafick displej s 5 dky

Zobrazen loga na pozad Prosvtlen tlatko pro hlasit telefonovn a MWI Zablokovn sluchtka pomoc PIN (4 slice) Vyten hlasem a pro 30 zznam Kalendn funkce pro budk a termny Snadn zpsob vloen textu pro zznamy seznamu Ppojka pro nhlavn soupravu PC rozhran pro nahrn tel. seznamu a melodi Siemens 11-2004 13 Deska SLC24 Mobile radio network Public network Hicom 300 H BS 6 C1 SL S DS 1 Co rN

HiPath Manager etN Q HiPath 4000 C SL Vhody: Vce zkladnch stanic Vce penosnch st 24 C SL BS Siemens 11-2004 14 Deska SLC24 Propojitelnost: 16 rozhran master a 8 rozhran slave UP0/E Integrace do Hicom 300E od V3.0 0.7 a ve Smen konfigurace s SLC 16 Zdvojen potu SLC pro kad samostatn systm a v sti Zdvojen potu zkladnovch stanic Zdvojen potu sluchtek

Old Stand-alone Network SLC 16 120 Base Station 256 1920 Handset 1008 7560 New Stand-alone Network 32 511 512 8176 2500 32000 Siemens 11-2004 15 HiPath Cordless Data (HCD) Bezrov datov komunikace pro mobiln datov koncov zazen prostednictvm DECT Brna Hicom 300 E/H Hlas

C SL IP S2 Co rN etN HiPath 4000 Data PCMCIA Siemens 11-2004 16 HiPath Wireless Strategy Platform for Wireless Solutions and LifeWorks Unified domain Wireline networks Wireless networks Unifies wireless voice and data domains

Applications Public networks Private networks Wireless LAN is central to Lifeworks Pervasive in all LifeWorks domains Platform for wireless solutions and applications HiPath Wireless Telephony HiPath Wireless SIcurity Mobile worker Personal/ family Home office Branch office Headquarters Unified user experience

Wireless Presence Survivable branch-office solutions Siemens 11-2004 17 HiPath Wireless Portfolio Converged WLAN within the HiPath Portfolio Wireless Voice Data Convergence HiPath WL WLAN Phones OptiClient (on WLAN data devices) HiPath Comm. Platforms HiPath Wi-Fi Access Points HiPath Wireless Portfolio WLAN Phones / Soft-clients Access Points Internet WLAN Controller Converged Wireless Services SW WAN

Corresponding Com ESY Products HiPath Communication Platforms Data HiPath Management and Communication Applications HiPath Product Integration - Management Wi-Fi Standards - Applications (Phones and Infrastructure) HiPath VoIP independent of Voice wired or wireless IP Communication HiPath Management Integration of HiPath equipment HiPath HiPath Applications Integration WLAN PSTN Controller of WLAN mobility Siemens 11-2004 18 WLAN 11g Network Clients Data Voice

Video Gigaset USB Adapter 54 Gigaset Media Streamer Gigaset USB Stick 54 WLAN VoIP Miro Handsets Gigaset M250 TV dsl Gigaset PC Card 54 Gigaset PCI Card 54 Dantes Gigaset WLAN Camera Siemens 11-2004 19

Entry Variant Gigaset S35 WLAN Voice basic call - Black/white display Supplementary services handsfree Data SMS (if standard ready) e-mail (without attachments) rich telephone book (transfer via PC-SW) Siemens 11-2004 20 High-End-Variant Gigaset SL75 WLAN - colour display - integrated camera - vibration ringer Data rich telephone book

(transfer via PC-SW) Instant messaging (buddy lists, presence, chat) SMS, EMS, Fast-MMS (if standard ready) Voice E-mail (jpeg attachments) basic call Further Features: - Audio streaming Supplementary services handsfree Gigaset M34 USB applications Siemens 11-2004 21 HiPath Wireless Portfolio End-to-End Converged Wireless LAN 3rd Party WLAN Clients HiPath WLAN Phones and Clients

3rd Party Server 1.1 3rd Party / Legacy HiPath WLAN HiPath WLAN ClientsWLAN Access Points Access Points optiPoint WL2 professional rd for 3 party APs Points HiPath Access - CorNet IP version enables handover 3fast Party / Legacy HiPath WLAN Controller - SIPAccess version Points rd

HiPath dual-radio Wireless Controller 802.11 a, b/g HiPath Real-Time IP Communication System e2e solution w/ HiPath APs available with internal or external antenna optiClient 130 V5.0 available w/ 4 Fast or 2 Gigabit ports plug-and-play integration with Ethernet WLAN controller Umbrella HiPath

Management Supports up to 200 APs optional with RF-management module Network Management Management HiPath Management Operates at wire speed optiPocket HiPath WLAN Services HiPath Wireless Umbrella Convergence software Data Applications and Services HiPath Real-Time Communications Applications optiPoint WL1 professional optiPoint W1 professional

WLAN Design, Security, Lifecycle Services Network Management Corporate IP Network Corporate IP Network Siemens 11-2004 22 Enterprise-grade Voice over WLAN (VoWLAN) Enterprise-grade VoWLAN Criteria: End-user Quality and Performance voice quality over the air and end-to-end quality of the service Rigorous Security encryption of air-interface and authentication / authorization Seamless User Mobility users want to roam freely through the Enterprise without interruption High Availability and Reliability this poses requirements on the WLAN infrastructure and devices Low Total Cost of Ownership is driven by installation and set-up, management and administration Siemens 11-2004 23 HiPath Wireless Architecture HiPath Wireless Convergence Software

Centrally manages groups & user policies Centralized moves/adds/changes Controls traffic flow Subnet #1 IP Network IP Network HiPath Wireless Controller Placed anywhere on an IP network Routes IP traffic to and from mobile users Manages user sessions and policies IP Network WAN Subnet #2 HiPath Wireless AP

Placed anywhere on an IP network Communicates to WLAN Controller via IP Siemens 11-2004 24 Portfolio Features: Availability and Security Availability Features Session continuity Survival through Controller and network outages Redundant Wireless Controllers Ensures against Controller outage Redundant power supplies Security Features 802.11 Security for Authentication/Encryption 802.11i, WPA. TLS, PEAP, RADIUS Captive Portal Redirect to URL for authentication VPN Overlay Intrusion/Rogue AP detection Run in load sharing mode Survives network failures Multiple interface support on Controller Full functioning router TKIP/AES Encryption

Wireless Controll er Secure Socket Layer VPN Serv er CheckPoint Blue Ridge Networks Radius Server IPSec, L2TP, Etc. Siemens 11-2004 25 HiPath WLAN Branch Office Solution Local Traffic Centralized Control Control Traffic (Signaling) Local Traffic Headquarters

WAN Connection Branch Office Benefits: Centralized WLAN control across multiple remote offices Low WAN overhead remote traffic stays local Plug and play deployment and configuration model Automated fail-over coverage among access points Traveling employees can access the same corporate resources at remote sites Siemens 11-2004 26 Hospitality Siemens 11-2004 27 Dkuji za pozornost [email protected]

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