Signal Mountain Lions Club

Signal Mountain Lions Club

TN District 12-O Lions Information For Club Officers Lions Clubs International Celebrating 100 Years of Service What we hope to accomplish today:

Provide an overview of your opportunity to Lead your club and serve your community. Review club officers responsibilities including the new Club Action Team. Discuss your Goals as club officers and the Governors goals for District 12-O. Review Resources to help you have a great year. Share some upcoming activities and events. After being elected officer

of your club, you are probably asking. What do I do now ?? LEADERSHIP Leadership is mobilizing the actions and efforts of others to achieve common goals. INSPIRE To be a good leader you have to inspire the members of your club.

Inspire means "to breathe life into How can you do that? Get Members Involved! Members who are directly involved in the decision making process participate much more enthusiastically than those who just carry out a leaders order. Listen to them and incorporate their ideas whenever it makes sense to do so. Understand What Lions Clubs International Really Is:

LCI is commonly known as the worlds largest, most active service organization, but what we really are, is people. As the leader your primary responsibility is to develop members and enable them to reach their full potential. Understand What Lions

Clubs International Really Is: Lions are People who improve lives every day: KidSight Outreach White Cane LCIF Unlimited number of club activities. Our new Low Vision Program, Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,

committed citizens can change the world; indeed, its the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead New Model Club Organization Lions Club Operations Every Club operates independently but is governed by a constitution and by-laws under the jurisdiction of

Lions Clubs International. The recommended structure of all Clubs is the same, but committees and activities may vary from club to club. LIONS CLUB CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS Chartered by and under the jurisdiction of THE INTERNATIONAL

ASSOCIATION OF LIONS CLUBS Club Structure Officers and Directors President (King Lion) Immediate Past President (LCIF Chair) Secretary 1st Vice

President Leadership Chair 2nd Vice President Treasurer Membership Chairperson Marketing Communication s

Chairperson Lion Tamer Service Chairperson Program Chairperson Tail Twister One Year Two Year

Club Presidents Responsibilities & Challenges Conducts club & board meetings Creates agendas & plans with the board

Appoints committee chairpersons Ensures regular elections are conducted Serves on Governors Advisory Committee Chairs the Club Global Action Team Conduct efficient and enjoyable meetings Keep members involved Inspire members to achieve level of excellence Leadership Development Chairperson Responsibilities Collaborates with the Club Action Team members in

developing action plans to achieve club goals. Encourages members to participate in leadership development training offered by the district, multiple district and LCI. Identifies potential leaders and encourages their development as future leaders.

Ensures new members are provided an effective orientation and aides new member involvement in club activities. Participates in region, zone, and district meetings and events. Membership Chairperson Responsibilities Collaborates with the Club Action Team members in developing action plans to achieve club goals.

Develops and leads a membership committee to create and implement membership goals and action plans. Motivates club members to invite prospective members. Ensures new members are provided an effective orientation along with the Leadership Chairperson.

Participates in region, zone, and district meetings and events. Service Chairperson Responsibilities Collaborates with the Club Action Team members in developing action plans to achieve club goals. Develops and leads a service committee to create and implement service goals and action plans.

Evaluates club service and fund-raising activities and explores community needs. Ensures all service projects are submitted through MyLCI. Participates in region, zone, and district meetings and events.

Secretarys Responsibilities Acts as the liaison officer between the club and the district and the international association. Submits regular monthly reports to the LCI and District Governor Cooperate with and be an active member of the district governor's advisory committee of the zone in which the club is located;

Have custody and keep and maintain general records of this club, including records of minutes of club and board meetings; attendance; committee appointments; elections; member information, addresses and telephone numbers of members; members club accounts; Issue quarterly dues statements to each member and other financial obligations owed to this club, collect and turn the same over to the club treasurer and obtain a receipt.

Treasurers Responsibilities Receives all monies, from the secretary and otherwise, and deposit the same in a bank or banks recommended by the finance committee and approved by the board of directors. Pays out monies in payment of club obligations only on authority given by the board of directors.

Has custody and keeps and maintains general records of club receipts and disbursements. Prepare and submit monthly and semi-annual financial reports board of directors of this club. Serves as chairperson for the finance committee. LION CLUBS FINANCES & BUDGETS Clubs should have two accounts and two

budgets for each fiscal year: Administrative account is what finances Club operations. Its income comes mostly from Member Dues. Activities account finances the clubs fundraising activities and donations that the Club makes. Monies raised by the Club by asking for public support shall be held in a separate account and distributed in the community unless otherwise specified. Income from the clubs fundraising projects cannot be used for the clubs administrative costs.

Marketing Communication Responsibilities Develop and implement annual communication plans for internal and external audiences, including club members, news media, supporters/sponsors and potential new members. Publicize club activities, including service projects, fundraisers, donations, LCI sponsored contests and other newsworthy accomplishments.

Provide communication tools to club members and encourage them in promoting club activities via social media. Assist the club president in communicating information from the district, multiple district and LCI to club members. GOALS District 12-O Goals for

2018-2019 Leadership Development Opportunities Increase Membership Specialty, Branch, LEO District-wide and regional Service activities All clubs support LCIF & White Cane, $20

Increase Communication of service & fundraising activities to our communities. Utilize MyLCI and MyLion for officer, membership and service activities Round Table Discussions Whats happening at your club? What are Your Club Goals? An Idea for Goal Development - Have a Strategy Session with current and incoming officers. Develop Goals for Service Activities,

Increasing Membership, Leadership Dev. (Succession Planning), Member Development, and Communication to Club & Community RESOURCES Heres some help doing your job (but first a couple thoughts on membership and orientations). MEMBERSHIP

Make Your Clubs Growth a Priority: Talk about.encourage.share the opportunity Be dedicated to growth as a club. not just the Membership Chairperson. Personal Goal. I will get 1 new member this year. ORIENTATION IS IMPORTANT

Develop your members Do it as soon as possible Knowledge will make them proud Get them active Attracts new members & Refresh old members Get them involved beyond the club Resources:

e-Books Club President & First Vice President Club Secretary Club Treasurer Membership Chairperson Service Chairperson

Marketing/Communications Chairperson Each begins with a Prepare to Succeed section Each has a section The First 30 days in your position. Lions Publications

Local Newsletter District Newsletter The Lion Magazine LCI Web Site - District 12-O Web Site LCI Learning Center Lions News Network Lions PSAs and Videos LCI on Line - Learning Center g_center.shtml How We Can Help Share your thoughts with us, we want to help.

Look at Using Your Zone Chair & website info. Make it Your Goal to build your club this year. Ask the district chairpersons to speak at your meetings. Invite us to a membership recruiting activity. Join us at the district meetings & bring a club member. Enthusiasm + Service = Growth People need to be reminded more often than they need to be instructed. Samuel Johnson Upcoming Events District 12-O Meetings Organization Meeting

Spring City, TN July 21, 2018 Fall Conference Park Cumberland State October 20, 2018 District Convention Dayton, TN February 15-16, 2018 Other Lions Meetings

RLLI TSB Zone Meetings July 27 29, 2018 3 Sessions By Region Aug, Oct, Jan 2019 Tennessee School for the Blind Christmas December 14, 2018 LLR Jan. 18 20, 2019 Manchester, TN Closing Remarks

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