Signpost Review - Monroe Township School District

Signpost Review - Monroe Township School District

Signpost Review What five signposts do we already know? Contrasts and Contradictions Aha Moments Tough Questions Words of the Wiser Memory Moments Signpost Review What are the anchor questions for each signpost? C&C: Why might the character act or feel this

way? Aha: How might this change things? TQ: What does this question make me wonder about? WW: What is the life lesson, and how might it affect the character? Anticipatory Set: Our last signpost! Today, we are learning a new signpost called Again and Again.

Turn and Talk: What might Again and Again mean and what might it look like in our reading? Share as a class Todays Learning Goals Today, we are going to Notice a textual element (Again and Again) that leads to deeper understanding

Apply the new skill to our independent reading Again and Again We learn a lot about our friends, peers, parents, teachers, relatives, or whomever else by noticing patterns in their behavior. Again and Again is about some of those patterns specifically, repetition. If we notice something happening again and again, well probably start to question the pattern.

For Example Imagine that you are sitting with a group of friends at lunch. One day, someone new sits down to join you, and one of your friends becomes very quiet. After a few minutes, they get up and leave. If it happened once, you might not think anything of it. But what if it happened the next day, too? Or for the rest of the week, and maybe into the following week? You would probably wonder what was happening.

The Important Part The important part is the wondering. Its not enough just to notice these patterns. Youll probably find yourself naturally asking, why? when you notice something happening again and again. Thats when we learn! When you notice your friend routinely getting up when someone else sits down, youll begin to question the pattern; then, well begin Again and Again in our reading

Again and Again in our reading can look very similar. The author will repeat words, images, or events several times, often creating a pattern. When we notice these words, images, or events repeating appearing again and again its important to take note because the author is likely trying to tell us something

The Anchor Question! When we notice Again and Again, we ask ourselves the anchor question. Why does this keep happening again and again? When we answer the anchor question We will potentially be given a wealth of information about the novel: Plot

Setting Symbolism Theme Character Development Conflict Quick Review Again and Again is

Repeated words, images, or events in our reading Again and Again helps us understand Plot Theme Setting

Character Development Symbolism Conflict The anchor question for Again and Again

is Why does this keep happening again and again? Again and Again in Eleven You will need A copy of Sandra Cisneross Eleven A pen or pencil Highlighter

Eleven by Sandra Cisneros is a short story about a girl on her eleventh birthday. Please follow along as I read aloud. First Example You dont feel eleven. Im stopping here because this is the third time Ive noticed the narrator say that she doesnt feel eleven. The first two times were in the first paragraph: you expect to feel eleven, but you dont and you dont feel eleven at all.

First Example Now I need to ask myself the anchor question: why does this keep happening again and again? The narrator has is emphasizing the idea that on your eleventh birthday, you might not feel eleven. They explain that youre still 10, 9, 8, etc. on the inside. I think the narrator keeps repeating this idea because they are showing that they dont feel any older or more mature. This helps me understand what they are struggling with

internally growing older. I also think that they might repeat this idea because something might happen later in the story that makes them feel young and respond like they are younger. Ill have to keep reading to find out. Lets keep reading. Continue following along while I continue to read. Lets see if we notice any more instances of Again and Again, and what they might reveal about the narrator or the story. Second Example Not mine, not mine, not mine

Im stopping again because Ive noticed Again and Again. Rachel (the narrator) is internally repeating not mine to emphasize that the sweater is not hers. Its the third time Ive noticed not mine in this scene when Mrs. Price asks whose sweater it is and the students all reply not mine, when Rachel finally gets not mine out, and when she repeats it here. Second Example Since Ive noticed Again and Again, Im going

to ask myself the anchor question: why does this keep happening again and again? Turn and talk to your partner and answer the anchor question. Share as a class Lets finish the story. Im going to read to the end of the story while you follow along. Keep an eye open and listen for Again and Again (there may be more than one example!) Some examples:

Im eleven, ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, and one, but I wish I was one hundred and two. The red sweater Theres a cake Mamas making when Papa comes home from work well eat it. Therell be candles and presents and everybody will sing Happy birthday Anchor Question

Choose one example of Again and Again On the back, answer the anchor question: why does this keep happening again and again? Share as a class Again and Again Review Take 30 seconds to answer the following questions with your partner: What is Again and Again? What parts of the story does it help us

understand? What is the anchor question? Housekeeping Please take out an Again and Again HW sheet out of the center bin. Put Eleven and the Again and Again HW sheet in your ELA work section of your binder. Open to the HW sheet and look up front. Closure: Exit Pass Now that we know all the signposts, lets reflect

on their purposes. Answer the following question on an index card: How will identifying, understanding, and answering the anchor questions for Contrasts and Contradictions, Aha Moments, Tough Questions, Words of the Wiser, Memory Moments, and Again and Again help you as you read independently and work through the novels you select? Flip it over when you are done so I know to collect.

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