Silvia's Gymnastics

Silvia's Gymnastics

Silvias Gymnastic s 2011 2012 Competition Season Level 4 State Champions Lindsay Esquirrel (Floor Champion) Miranda

Barker Level 5 State Champions Carolyn Cooley (Bars & All-Around Champion)

Abby Royer (Vault & All-Around Champion) Sophia Bronico Beam Champion) Laura Baker (Vault & All-Around Champion) Brooke Hurley (Beam & Floor Champion) Julia Leidelmeyer (Bars, Beam, Floor & All-Around Champion) Morgan Kochey (Vault Champion) McKenzie Harris

(Bars Champion) Level 6 State Champions Olivia Casey (Floor Champion) Sophia Roceretta (Beam Champion) Level 7 State Champions Emily Holmes-

Hackerd (Floor Champion) Hailey Lui (Floor Champion) Level 8 State Champions Emily Loughery (Beam, Floor, AllAroundChampion) Stephanie Tripodi (All-Around Champion) Allison Smith

(Vault & Floor Champion) Olivia Raymond (Vault Champion) Amy Thomas (Floor Champion) Level 8 Regional Champions Emily Loughery (1st Vault, 1st Floor, 3rd AllAround) Olivia Raymond (2nd Vault, 3rd All-Around) Jessica Hutchinson (Qualifier)

Stephanie Tripodi (Qualifier) Conner Leap (Qualifier) Allison Smith (Qualifier) Molly Martin (Qualifier) Level 8 State Champion Team

Molly Martin Jessica Hutchinson Carli Bingaman Amy Thomas

Allison Smith Stephanie Tripodi Olivia Raymond Rachel Fisher Conner Leap Erin Slater Emily Loughery Mackenzie Hailey Erika Womack Kelsey Hutchinson Paige Speckheart Sarah Tenney Level 9 State Champions

Addie Modugno (Beam, Floor & All-Around Champion) Natalie Wojcik (Beam Champion) Level 9 Regional Champions Addie Modugno (2nd Vault, 2nd Bars, 2nd

Beam, 1st Floor, 1st All-Around) Natalie Wojcik (3rd Beam) Rebecca Dobson (2nd Beam) Madison Rennix (Qualifier) Paige Beckley (Qualifier) Level 9 National Champions Addie Modugno

(3rd Vault, 7th Bars, 2nd Beam, National Floor Champion, 2nd All-Around) Natalie Wojcik (Alternate) Level 10 State Champions Alyssa Nocella (Vault & Floor Champion) Katie Sassa

(Vault, Beam & Floor Champion) Level 10 Regional Champions Alyssa Nocella(2nd Vault, 2nd Beam, 3rd Floor, 1st All-Around) Katie Sassa(1st Vault, 3rd Floor) Nicole Pearson(3rd Vault, 3rd AllAround) Rachel Stypinski(2nd Bars) Chelsea Raineri(3rd Vault) Brittany Prestia(2nd Beam) Vanessa Emery (Qualifier)

Erin Conboy (Qualifier) Rebecca McAndrew (Qualifier) Laura Jonas (Qualifier) Rachel DiCarlo (Qualifier) Bethany DiCarlo (Qualifier) Level 10 National Champions Alyssa Nocella (National Floor Champion, 8th All-Around) Chelsea Raineri (6th Floor)

Katie Sassa ( 10th Vault) Rachel Stypinski (Qualifier) Nastia Liukin Cup Qualifier 201 Alyssa Nocella 2 2011

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