Simulink Based Robot Arm Control Workstation

Simulink Based Robot Arm Control Workstation

Simulink Based Robot Arm Control Workstation By Adam Vaccari and Kain Osterholt Advisor: Dr. Dempsey 12/02/04 Presentation Outline Project Summary Overall Block Diagram Subsystems Experimental Results/Verification SimMechanics Projected Schedule Project Summary

The design of a software-based control workstation using Simulink and MATLAB with the Quanser SRV02 robot arm system modeled in the SimMechanics toolbox Overall Block Diagram Software Commands (Test Inputs) Joystick Control Position Simulink Based

Robot Arm Control Workstation Velocity Torque Feedback Force Input Subsystem Joystick Control Input signal from Microsoft Sidewinder 2 Force Feedback Joystick Software Control Consists of test signals generated from software Plant Subsystem

La Armature Inductance Kt DC motor torque constant Kv DC motor back EMF constant J Mechanical Inertia B Mechanical Resistance Controller Subsystem F Feed forward controller Gc PID (Proportional Integral Derivative) controller Gp Quanser Robot Arm Subsystem H Position Sensor A/D D/A Analog and Digital PC interface Experimental Results

Created linear model of DC motor and gear train in Simulink Designed proportional controller Gathered step response percent overshoot vs. Kp Kp Experimental Overshoot Simulation Overshoot 0.1 none

0.51% 0.2 10.45% 25.14% 0.3 33.3% 54.04% 0.4

saturation 81.7% Graphical Results 15 10 Max 16.66 deg OS = 33.3% 5 0

-5 -10 8 9 10 11 12 13

14 15 Experimental Step Response Kp=0.3 Simulink Step Response SimMechanics Generic Inverted Robot Arm Model MATLAB Graphics

Schedule Week Kain Osterholt Adam Vaccari 1-2 Joystick Force Feedback Test with DC Motor Model 3-4 SimMechanics Model Inverted Robot Arm

5-6 Model Gripper Attachment Design Analog Controllers 7-8 Model using VR Toolbox Design Digital Controllers

9 Model Sensors Model H-Bridge, PWM 10 MATLAB GUI (Graphical User Interface) 11 Preparation for EXPO 12

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