PGCE Secondary Programmes Awarding Ofsted Attainment Grades

PGCE Secondary Programmes Awarding Ofsted Attainment Grades

PGCE Secondary Programmes Awarding Ofsted Attainment Grades Assessing Trainee Outcomes Session 5 GTE Conference 9.30-11.00 Objectives/Outcomes: Share the outcomes from our assessment development programme Discuss the issues and share practice with each other arising from the introduction of Ofsted grading of trainees TASK In what ways do we assess our trainees? Make a list in your groups 2mins. AfL practiceindividuals.I chose you tell!!! (in no more than two words) Assessing Trainees at MMU

Review Points (induction, formative, consolidation, development, assessment and enrichment stages: reflect and target set against the Q standards.notion of gradualism. Assignments (M level) Lesson observations/feedback Progress Indicators (Q Standards) Critical reflection, dialogic interaction Documentation (SKA, PDF and SEF) Background One of the requirements of the Self Evaluation Document (SED) for Initial Teacher Education (ITE) is that all trainees are assessed according to Ofsted criteria and awarded an overall schoolbased grade (1-4) at the end of their training year. There is also a requirement that these grades

are internally and externally moderated. Taken our time 18 months development work within and between NW ITT providers. TDA Guidance (Training providers) are asked to supply and analyse data on trainees attainment that will form the basis of many of the evaluations you make in subsequent sections of the SED. You should provide data for the year of the SED and, where the data is available, for the previous two years. It is assumed that the attainment data is based on the Ofsted four-point scale and that you will use the Ofsted grading criteria together with your assessments against the QTS standards to arrive at a final grade

for each trainee. Grading Trainees Attainment Booklet The North West Consortium of ITE Providers and the North West Training Schools embarked on a common assessment document, in response to: The introduction of revised Ofsted Assessment Criteria for Initial Teacher Training A call from our partner colleagues to develop common strategies between ITE Providers in the North West It was derived from an original which was produced by Teach First (NW). Our special thanks to Paedar Buckley, Aleks Jedrosz and Paul Killen who allowed us to take their work and amend it. We hope that this document will be used as a common framework to enable schools and

colleges to use the same assessment criteria and apply consistent standards to trainee outcome, regardless of the provider. Who will be involved in this process? Subject tutors: working with trainees and mentors and providing a moderating role. Providing training for subject mentors through subject conferences

Link tutors: implementing training for professional mentors through the clusters and providing a moderating role School mentors: working with trainees and tutors to arrive at grade judgements Trainees: working with the grade criteria alongside the Standards to evaluate progress and set targets External Examiners: externally moderating a sample of awarded grades Making judgements It is proposed that we continue to make descriptive judgements regarding progress towards meeting and moving beyond the Standards, as in our current practice Progress Indicators Ofsted Criteria

Not yet meeting / Not met No evidence or opportunity Making satisfactory progress towards meeting Making good progress towards meeting Meeting the Standards Satisfactory Good Outstanding Assessment Points Review Who is involved?

point Assessment Framework 1 Trainee and Subject Tutor Early Record of Professional Development 2 Trainee and mentors Progress Indicators

3 Trainee and Subject Tutor Trainee and Subject Mentor Progress Indicators and Ofsted Criteria 4 Trainee and mentors Progress Indicators and Ofsted Criteria 5

Trainee and mentors Progress Indicators and Ofsted Criteria 6 Trainee and Subject Tutor Progress Indicators, Ofsted Criteria and university assessment framework Recording judgements

Review 2: Record trainees progress against the Standards using the Progress Indicators. Copy of Review 2 to be sent to Placements Office. (No change to the current Review 2 document) Review 4: Check coverage of Standards using Progress Indicators. Use Ofsted Grading Booklet to make a provisional judgement in each of the 3 key areas: - Lessons - Documentation supporting classroom practice - Discussion and reflection Copy of Review 4 to be sent to Placements Office. Review 5: Check coverage of Standards using Progress Indicators. Use Ofsted Grading Booklet to make a summative, overall

judgement . Copy of Review 5 to be sent to Placements Office. Training opportunities 09-10 Programme Development Days Meeting of Cluster Reps New Professional Mentor Conference Link Tutor meetings

Cluster meetings Subject Conferences 09-10 A year of transition We have tried to integrate the grading of trainees according to Ofsted criteria into the established practices of our programme. We would value your thoughts and feedback as to how successful this has been and how we might continue to develop good practice in partnership in this area. What are your thoughts? Group Activity (5 minutes)

Please discuss and comment: On the assessment process! On the outcome document! (be honest!!) Amalgamation of the Ofsted/Q Standards Criteria (Progress Indicators) What are some of the issues in your institutions and how have you resolved them? GTE CONFERENCE 2010 THANK YOU AND OVER TO!

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