TABS: TABS: Headings listed at the top of

TABS: TABS: Headings listed at the top of

TABS: TABS: Headings listed at the top of each page in CCMS. Notice how the current one is highlighted. PURPLE PURPLE HEADER: HEADER: Displays key information about the item you are PAGE: Contains information that working on. You are in the context of can viewed orits updated. Thein the thatbeitem when displayed page title is at the top of each purple header. LEFT NAVIGATION MENU: A list of page. the pages available to view and update. The current page is FIELD: An area of the

highlighted. page used to add and store information. SERVICE AUTHORIZATION: MANDATORY FIELDS: This is MANDATORY FIELDS: These what Care Schedules are called in CCMS. fields are required to save the They will be reviewed laterpage in more and move on to the next detail. one. They are marked by one asterisk. NAVIGATION BUTTONS: These allow you to move from one page to another, save information and evenELIGIBILITY reset a pageFIELDS: These to its default settings. They always fields are required to complete display at the bottom of the page. but the page can be eligibility, saved even if they are blank. They are marked by two

asterisks. DASHBOARD: This is your home page. It will display important messages from BCCD. It also allows you to view a snapshot of all the tasks in your work queue. Think of it as your to-do list. WORK WORK ITEM: ITEM: Is a group of one or many tasks that help track what work needs to be completed for a CCMS activity. They track the work flow of an organization. Work items will be reviewed in more detail later. TASKS: TASKS: These are short directions of actions to complete in CCMS and are assigned to a team for processing. Tasks are automatically created based on information in CCMS or the status of a work item. Notice how the Work Item type in these examples is the same: Application, but the tasks are different, 1st RAI and 2nd RAI.

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