Match each God with his/her realm. _____1. Zeus

Match each God with his/her realm. _____1. Zeus

Match each God with his/her realm. _____1. Zeus D A. Women and Marriage _____2. Poseidon B. The Underworld C _____3. Hades B C. The Sea _____4. Hestia E D. The Gods _____5. Demeter E. Hearth, Home and F _____6. Hera A Architecture F. Harvest and Fertility of the Earth

These Gods are collectively called the first ___________________. Olympians Fill in the blanks. Hades Persephone and forced _____________ kidnapped ___________ her to live in the underworld. Her mother, Demeter ____________, was horrified and went to her brother Zeus for help. The final decision was that ___________ _______________ Persephone could leave the Underworld only if she had not eaten while there. She had, in fact, eaten a ______________ ____________. Pomegranate Seed As a result, she Hades must stay with _____________

4 months a year, with her mother 4 months, and gets 4 months alone. Persephone When ____________ is in the Underworld, her mother, Goddess of the harvest, refuses to let things grow, thus causing winter. Which God or Goddess is most associated with each symbol below? Match each God or Goddess with his/her specialty. _____1. Dionysus A _____2. Apollo E _____3. Artemis G _____4. Aphrodite D

_____5. Ares H _____6. Hephaestus B _____7. Athena C _____8. Persephone F A. B. C. D. E. Grape, wine, ecstasy Metalworking, smithwork Wisdom and War Love and Beauty Light, sun, prophecy,

healing, music F. Underworld and vegetation G. Hunt, animals, childbirth, virginity H. War (strength and violence) Fill in the blanks. Three Titans were not banished to Tartarus after the Titanomachy. They were: Prometheus ____________________ because he gave advice to the Olympians that helped them win the battle. Epimetheus _____________________ because he was totally ineffective as a Titan, and Zeus did not see him as a threat, and Atlas __________________ because Zeus had another punishment in mind for him. He had to hold the world up on his shoulders for all of eternity.

Who are these Goddesses? How do you know? Athena Hera Aphrodite Artemis Match each with his/her deeds. A ____1. Created Man B ____2. Opened a box full of suffering E ____3. Made the labyrinth of Minos A ____4. Stole Fire from Zeus C ____5.

Killed Medusa D Slayed the Nemean Lion ____6. D Captured Cerberus from the gates of ____7. the Underworld F _____8. Got the Golden Fleece in order to become king B _____9. Was made to punish man G _____10. Killed the Minotaur A _____11. Had his liver eaten by an eagle every day A.Prometheus B.Pandora C.Perseus

D.Hercules E. Daedalus F. Jason G. Theseus Fill in the blanks. Leto When ___________ was pregnant by Zeus, that made Hera ____________ mad. She told all lands not to allow Leto _____ to give birth there, but she finally finds an island that will take her in. She gives birth to twins. Artemis ___________ came out first, and immediately turned Apollo around to help midwife her brother, ____________. Artemis ___________ asks for 6 wishes from her father, Zeus, virginity

bow including eternal ________________, and a ________ for hunting. No man wants to accidently see her __________, because shell turn you into a stag, or a naked mountain or a girl. And these Gods? Apollo Hephaestus Hermes Zeus Dionysus Poseidon Match the best answers. A. Half horse, half man B. A Gorgon who can turn men to stone with just one look into her eyes.

H _____1. Furies (Erinyes) C. Half snake, half woman. The mother D _____2. Harpies of monsters. G _____3. Hydra D. Half bird, half women, they attack, B _____4. Medusa confiscate, and befoul E E. Head of a bull, body of a man. _____5. Minotaur Wanders in the labyrinth at Crete C _____6. Echidna F. Three women who spin the yarn of

A _____7. Centaur life, pick a place and then cut it (thus F _____8. Fates ending your life) G. Many headed creature. Cut of a head? Two more grow back. H. Ancient deities who hear complaints and then relentlessly hound guilty parties. Python lived in the belly button of the Earth (or Gaia). He protected this sacred spot. Gaia ________sent a Python Leto serpent, __________, after ________as punishment for her affair with Zeus. When he was four days old, Apollo ____________ chased Python into his sacred cave and

killed it. He then took over the cave and the Oracle there, making it his own. People from all over Oracle travelled to the ______________ at Delphi _______________ to hear prophecies from Apollo ______________. Due to other adventures, hes also the god of Sun, Music and Healing. Who are these guys? Jason Atlas Theseus Perseus

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