Army Contracting Command-Redstone Principal Assistant Responsible for Contracting

Army Contracting Command-Redstone Principal Assistant Responsible for Contracting Huntsville Aerospace & Marketing Association 9 Nov 2012 Ms. Cathy Dickens Executive Director UNCLASSIFIED ACC at a Glance II MCC 103 permanent locations 902 Tobyhanna AD Ft Lewis (JBLM) Ft Drum Carlisle Barracks Letterkenny AD Adelphi Umatilla CD Ft McCoy Watervliet Arsenal Ft Devens Natick West Point Picatinny Arsenal CC CC Warren Ft Dix APG / Edgewood CC Ft Meade Alexandria/Ft Myer CC Ft Belvoir Ft Lee Ft Eustis MCC CC Sierra AD Rock Island Tooele AD Dugway PG Moffett Field

Presidio of Monterey Rocky Mountain Arsenal Peterson Ft Carson AFB Ft A. P. Hill Crane AAP MCC Scott AFB Ft Riley Bluegrass Ft Knox AD / CF Ft Leonard Wood Ft Campbell Ft Irwin Ft Sill Ft Wainwright ECC MCC Ft Bliss Ft Hood X 410 MICC II MCC X Ft Buchanan X 916 Ft Shafter 412 Ft Bragg AD / CF Ft Polk Ft Benning

Eglin AFB FSH ... X ACC Kuwait Miami 409 Corpus Christi Yongsan Japan ... Location includes a Command and Control unit/organization CCT MTOE unit TDA organization General Officer Command ... ... Osan AB CCT RCO CCT SES Command Kadena AB, Okinawa RCO 906 903 X ... ... 414

SCCT SCCT RCO ... Taegu Korea Qatar 411 ... ... Kunsan AB Kuwait II CCT CCT As Sayliyah Cp Arifjan Key West NAS CCT II Cp Humphreys Cp Zama CCT ... ACC Qatar X Cp Coiner DOC MCC Other overseas TDA RCO Benelux

Belgium RCO Peru Peru RCO GTMO Cuba RCO Soto Cano Honduras RCO Bogota Columbia Ft Rucker Ft Richardson Unit/organization location II 905 408 Shaw AFB Ft Gordon Ft Stewart TCC Legend II 900 X RSA Anniston CC 901 Research Triangle Park Ft Jackson II WSMR Schofield Barracks 413 ACC McAlester AAP RCO Pine Bluff

Red River AD Yuma PG Ft Huachuca MCC Ft Leavenworth Pueblo CD Ft Hunter Liggett II 904 CCT RCO ... Wiesbaden Bamberg ... CCT CCT ... Vicenza Livorno Kaiserslautern Grafenwoehr SCCT ... CCT RCO RCO Schwetzingen RCO Sub Ofc RCO Stuttgart Sub Ofc Ansbach Germany

Sub Ofc Italy 2 AMCOM LCMC & SMDC Support We Contract For: Major Weapon System Production/Services Sustainment & Support of Sys Research Development Technology & Engineering Foreign Military Sales Over 75 systems, programs & organizations Quality of Life Programmatic, logistics, technical services Operational Support Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance Range Support Counter Narcotics Deterrence Contingency Support Concept Development, Prototyping & Limited Production Capability The Magnitude: $23.4B in FY11 contract obligations & over 25,900 contract actions in FY11 $24.7B in FY12 contract obligations & over 24,600 contract actions in FY12 PEO Aviation PEO Missiles & Space Army Space & Msl Def Cmd PEO Combat Support Major PEO C3T Customers Missile Defense Agency HQ DA G6/CIO PEO STRICOM PEO Command & Control PEO IEWS PEO Armored Systems IMA - Redstone Garrison PEO EIS OSD Quality of Life JIEDDO PEO Soldier RDE Command AMCOM SAMD AMCOM IMMC U.S.Army TMDE DoD CNTPO JPEO Chem & Bio Army Asymmetric Warfare Group 3 UNCLASSIFIED Contracting Workforce tio

n g hip C oo pe ra ne rs Re sp o Ro le & s iza dard n a t S s tion m m Co un ta bi lit y A Focus on Performance ic un n atio v o Inn Eff ic io at

A cc o Industry ns ib ili tie ien cie s Contracting Process Business Advisor in Pa rt Ex pe rie n ai Tr nc e ContractingATrue A Team Sport n n Customers Fl ex ib Team Ownership Dividends: io at Commitment to all Phases r

bo lla Co Completing military & civilian growth Developmental assignments Communities of practice Performance metrics Industry Executive Council & forums Standard tools & better communication Advising and assisting at all steps ilit y Pursuing Excellence: A stronger understanding of full picture United front for the Warfighter Plans that account for all considerations Solutions NOT pursued in a vacuum What we need and when we need it Holding vendors accountable Involvement end-to-end 4 National Budget Outlook Economic troubles continue: slow growth, little job creation, ballooning deficit. Defense The Budget Control Act mandates that DoD reduce spending by $489B over the next 10 years. Defense SPENDING WILL decline. OCO will mostly end. Budget and manpower (end strength) will be reduced. Sequestration would have a major impact Army If history is a guide, the Army will get more than its fair share of decrements Must continue to source the War in Afghanistanwhile drawing down Aviation last out Reset of equipment is a critical priority UNCLASSIFIED 5 ACC Trends & Impacts People Actions > $100K Total Dollars in Billions 110

FY 12 Contracting $s 100 Army spent $106B ACC spent $74B 70% ACC-RSA Spent $24.7B 33% 90 80 70 60 50 65B 40 30 103B 20 10 0 Former AMC Command Contracting New ACC Gansler Report 31 Oct 07 UNCLASSIFIED 6 Competitive Actions AMCOM SMDC No Goals Set 7 Small Business Actions AMCOM SMDC 8 UNCLASSIFIED Update on Current/Future Competitions SETAC What I Want to Leave You With Awards Planned for 1st Qtr, FY13 D3I

Update to SOW, milestone schedule and L&M within a week Streamlines pricing approach based on industry comments No major strategy changes expected.but OSD level recommendations may impact Responses to all previous questions posted Draft RFP(s) expected by end of yearMarch timeframe for final RFP Aviation Fleet Maintenance In Evaluation.award by Jan/Feb, 2013 Logistics Support Facility In Discussions.award in 1st Qtr, 2013 Agile Proficient Trusted UNCLASSIFIED 9 AMCOM EXPRESS Request for information Policy changes Small Business Set Aside (SBSA) Contracting Officer Representative Tool Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System Class Deviation- Limitation on amounts available for contracted services EXPRESS Web Site On-Line Open Season Assessments for Re-Greening domain in process Expect November 2012 Announcement X-TNG Business Case Analogies Best Practices 3 year timeframe 10 UNCLASSIFIED A Progressive JourneyOur Challenges Implementation of Better Buying Initiatives Sustaining funding for workforce Base funding shortfall Continuation of 852 $s needed Retaining trained/experienced civilian contracting personnel

Maintaining a viable military contracting officer capability Increasing Contracting Elements Antiterrorism Integration Safety Integration National and DoD Fiscal Realities Industrial Base Considerations Increasing Contracting OPTEMPO Workload & Complexity Expeditionary Operations Customer Ownership of their contracted capability Transparency and Consistency in the Contracting Process Contract Management Capability UNCLASSIFIED 11 UNCLASSIFIED Conclusion What I Want ACC today to Leave You With More than just paper-pushers Delivering Warfighter Capabilities Where ACC is going A preeminent and extraordinary contracting organization Why we need to get better Efficiently effective solutions required in tight economic environment How we are going to get there Attack on four fronts with Customer End-to-End Involvement UNCLASSIFIED 12 Questions? UNCLASSIFIED 13

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