Find and Apply Marianne Eggers, NOAA GMD Find and Apply Marianne Eggers, NOAA GMD Find and Apply Marianne Eggers, NOAA GMD Michele Pollard, NOAA GMD Everything You Wanted to Know About Through the Eyes of the Applicant Register, Find, and Apply Getting Registered Get Registered - Dun & Bradstreet (DNB) and the System for Award Management (SAM)

Register with Dun & Bradstreet at Requires TIN from IRS and organization information You will be issued a DUNS number Takes 3 5 business days

Upon receipt use the DUNS to register with the System for Award Management (SAM) at Establish the following: EBIZ POC: Individual oversees all activities for organization within and grants permissions to Authorized Organization Representatives MPIN: Marketing Partner Identification Number Takes 3 5 business days Getting Registered SAM & Organization data, EBIZ POC information, and MPIN are electronically transferred from SAM to The organization is set up in and individuals within the organization are now able to register with NOTE: (EBIZ POC) must renew SAM registration annually Getting Registered About EBIZ Point of Contact and AORs

AOR 1 AOR 2 Each organization has one EBIZ POC EBIZ POCs are assigned in SAM. AOR 3 The EBIZ POC approves Authorized Organization Representatives.

AORs are allowed to submit grant applications on AOR 4 behalf of their organization. One organization can have MANY AORs Getting Registered Registering with to be an AOR Getting Registered Enter you Registration Information

Enter Your DUNS Getting Registered Enter you Registration Information DUNS Will be

Prefilled Getting Registered Organization Registration Confirmation An EBIZ POC account is automatically created when the first applicant for an organization registers under that DUNS.

A temporary password is emailed to EBIZ POC email address that was received from SAM. Getting Registered Completing You Registration AOR Authorization by your EBIZ POC The EBIZ POC at your organization will receive an email notifying him/her of your registration.

The EBIZ POC must login to to confirm you as an AOR. You will be unable to submit a grant application unless you are confirmed as an AOR by your EBIZ POC. An AOR can assign roles if they have access to the organizational MPIN. Track AOR Status At any time, you can track your AOR (role) status by logging in with your username and password. You will receive a confirmation email notifying you that youve been authorized as an AOR for your organization. How to Navigate Homepage Applicant Resources Applicant Resources include FAQs User Guides Check lists General Support Technical Support &

Self-Help Grants Community Subscriptions and E-mail Notifications How to Search for Funding Opportunities Find Grant Opportunities High Function Home Page

Find grants by clicking links in the home page tabs: Newest Opportunities (based on open date) Browse Categories (e.g., health, environment, housing, etc. Browse Agencies (e.g. HHS, EPA, Education, DHS, etc.) Browse Eligibility (type of organization; e.g.,

state or local governments, nonprofits, tribal, universities, etc.) Find Search Grants Search for grants by entering a keyword

in the Header Search and Clicking the Go button OR by entering: Keyword Funding Opportunity Number, or CFDA Number OR by entering: Filtering search results on left side of the page

and Clicking the Search button Find Search Grants Refine your Search results for grants by selecting or deselecting criteria options including, but not limited to: - Funding Agency

- Eligibility - Category - Date ranges As options are selected, they are displayed in the blue filter box above the search results. Users have an alternative method of removing

criteria by clicking the X in the filter box. Search Results Search results and criteria options are reset when the user clicks Search or Go buttons Search results are immediately refreshed when criteria options are selected or when

previously selected options are deselected. Uses have the ability to export refined Search Results Whats in a Funding Opportunity? Synopsis The Synopsis contains

high level information about the funding opportunity such as: Funding Opportunity Number Open/Close date Program Funding Amount Number of Awards Program Contact Information

Synopsis Details can be printed by Clicking the Print Synopsis Details link. Synopsis Version History The Version History displays a table with synopsis modifications To display an earlier version, the user clicks

on the desired Version Name The fields modified are highlighted in gray Full Announcement You can retrieve the full RFA, Funding Opportunity Announcement, and any supplementary documentation The Application Package and Instructions Click on the

Application Tab in order to download the Application Package and the Application Instructions Read the instructions to insure that you have the correct Adobe Reader Click on download link in order to access the Application

Package and the Application Instructions Download the Application Package and Instructions - 2 Enter your email address and click submit here if you wish to be notified of any changes to the application package (highly

recommended) If you do not wish to provide your email address click the box at the bottom of this page to the right of the submit button. Download the Application Package and Instructions - 3 Click on Download Application Instructions and

then Save, Save As, or Save and open to your access Application Instructions Repeat the same action with Download Application Package Navigating The Application Package

Navigating The Application Package The grant application is a PDF file composed of forms Requires Adobe Reader which is a free download from Can be saved to your computer The cover page has many components Information on the

funding opportunity Closing date Agency contact information Forms to be filled out Working on Forms 1. Click on a mandatory form to begin working 2. If there is an error on the form a massage will be displayed

3. Select an optional form, open it, and begin working Working on Forms Fields in yellow are mandatory and must be filled in. If a mandatory field is not filled in, then you will be unable to submit the application.

Submitting Your Application Package Save, Check, and Submit Your Application Buttons at the top of the cover page of the application allow you to: Save Check Package for Errors Print your application Check Package For Errors

By clicking the button, if errors are found, a list of errors will be displayed on the form. If no errors are found, the Save & Submit Make sure you are connected to the Internet when ready button will become to submit. Save, Check, and Submit Your Application activated. Adobe Submission Screen Upon clicking Save &

Submit, you will be prompted to enter your user name and password. If you are not authorized as an AOR for your organization, you will receive an error message and will be unable to submit your application. Sign and Submit Screen Youll be prompted again to Sign

and Submit. This serves as the electronic signature for your application. Ensure Signing Official has proper designation to enter a legal/binding financial assistance agreement on behalf of the institution with a Federal Agency. Receipt Confirmation A confirmation screen will have your Tracking Number Use this number to track your

application The date/time stamp serves as the official time of submission You will also receive emails indicating the status of your application Confirmation Emails 1. Receipt Email Your application has been received by E-mail Verifying Receipt (with Track My Application URL)

2. Validation or Rejection Email E-mail Verifying Successful Submission OR Rejection Due to Errors with a description of issue 3. Transmission to Agency The Agency has picked up your application from Agency Tracking Number Assigned Agency Notes Added Track My Application Enter your

Tracking Number Track your application status by entering the Grant Tracking Number Status information: Received Validated or Rejected Retrieved by Agency Agency Tracking Number Assigned Tips for Applicants

Grant Proposal Tips 1. ***Register and Submit Early*** 2. Thoroughly read and follow all of the instructions provided by the agency 3. Include Sufficient Program and Budget Details 4. Strongly recommend filling out optional forms in the application package Application Tips 5. 6. 7. 8.

Limit Application File Size/ File Name Characters (50 or less) All applicants MUST follow the guidance on file naming conventions Use Correct DUNS Number in the SF-424 Cover Page Make sure you have compatible software (Adobe Reader) Applicant Support & Resources Contact Center

Support available 24/7 Email: [email protected] Toll-Free Phone Number: 1-800-518-4726 International Callers 1-606-545-503 Self-help iPortal: ( All information for this presentation provided by the TRAINING website. Thank You Questions

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