UNCLASSIFIED ODCS, G-2, Counterintelligence, HUMINT, Disclosure & Security

UNCLASSIFIED ODCS, G-2, Counterintelligence, HUMINT, Disclosure & Security

UNCLASSIFIED ODCS, G-2, Counterintelligence, HUMINT, Disclosure & Security Directorate SCI Security Policy VTC 11 May 2012 UNCLASSIFIED 1 UNCLASSIFIED AGENDA Welcome/Introduction/Remarks Policy Updates - AR 380-28 * Army SSO Review * ICIDS IV Fielding/changes * CSE - ACAVS improvements/Contract Monitor Training

(LaTonia Garrett, Chief, CSE INSCOM) * T-SCIF Training Development at DSS * Army Protection Program Assessment (APPA) (Paul Watkins/Cliff McCoy) * SCI Policy Portal/Website - DoD 5105.21-M-1 * DIAs Certified SCIF Inspector Program * IC Tech Specs for ICD/ICS 705 version 1.2 dated 23 Apr 2012 * Annual Self Inspection Roll up (30 Sep) and Annual SCI Report (1 Nov) Training - SCI Security Refresher Course - DoD SCI Security Officials Training - DNI Security Education & Training Program Scattered Castles Program UNCLASSIFIED 2 UNCLASSIFIED POLICY UPDATES AR 380-28 (In DRAFT) - Language is being changed to reflect Army specific requirements and will not repeat DoD or DNI stated policies - This allows for rapid changes of AR in the future

- DRAFT AR will be submitted into the formal Publications process within 30 days Army SSO Review - Review, analyze and assess Special Security Office (SSO) related policies, regulatory guidance and functions - Identify best practices and efficiencies that may be applied to the Army with an enterprise approach - Solicit Command input and participation during the review Integrated Commercial Intrusion Detection System (ICIDS- IV) - Used by Security and Law Enforcement agencies at DoD facilities - Standard Intrusion Detection Capability - Currently does not include Access Control System(Working w/PM and OPMG to address concern and cost) UNCLASSIFIED 3 UNCLASSIFIED POLICY UPDATES CSE INSCOM ACAVS Improvements/Training - ACAVS is being upgraded to improve day to day business operations for SCI contracting

- ACAVS renamed Army Centralized Contracts & Security (ACCS) Portal - SSO's must have a group (NIPRNET) e-mail address - SSO's must register in ACCS - Organizational Industrial Security Rep/Specialist will need to register in ACCS to monitor and certify prime/sub DD254s - Mandatory requirement for each command to have a primary and alternate Contract Monitor (CM) for each Army SCI contract - Courier orders will be handled at the Command SSO level. FSO's/CSSO's will have the ability to generate courier orders in ACCS, however the letter will be vetted through the CM for approval and signature. - Incorporating CSE business improvements into SCI Contractor Handbook - Requesting volunteers for the pilot of the ACCS system *Local/Regional Training information is available on current ACAVs homepage UNCLASSIFIED 4 UNCLASSIFIED POLICY UPDATES T-SCIF Training Development - Training modules for SSOs/SSRs in development at Defense Security Service, Center of Development for Security Excellence - BETA testing 1-14 May 2012, with tentative launch in Jun/Jul 2012

- Will eventually become a mandatory requirement for SSO/SSRs Army Protection Program Assessment visit - Review of pre-approved Security Benchmarks for SCI Program, Personnel and Information Security and Foreign Disclosure - G-2 assessors (Paul Watkins/Cliff McCoy) - APPA FY12 schedule (AMC 19-22 Jun) SCI Policy Portals on NIPRNET/AKO - Contains latest SCI Policy updates - www.dami.army.pentagon.mil/site/SCI - https://www.us.army.mil/suite/page/656165 5 UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED POLICY UPDATES DoD 5105.21(DRAFT/formally M-1) - In Legal Sufficiency Phase as of 11 May 2012Expected to be signed and distributed within 30-60 days - Volume 1, Administration of Information and Information Systems Security - Volume 2, Administration of Physical Security, Visitor Control and Technical Security - Volume 3, Administration of Personnel Security, Industrial Security and Special Activities

DIAs Certified SCIF Inspector Program - ACOM, ASCC, or DRU SCI Program Manager - Fill out CSI request form that can be obtained by contacting the SCI Policy office or via the SCI Policy webpage - At least one year experience in field - Attended DoD SCI Security Officials Course or similar course - Attended Physical Security Course/ICD 705 Physical Security Course or similar course UNCLASSIFIED 6 UNCLASSIFIED POLICY UPDATES IC Technical Specifications for ICD/ICS 705 (Signed 23 Apr 2012)/Ver 1.2 - See summary of changes attached - DIA Implementation of ICD 705 and IC Tech Specs - Accreditation/Delegation Authorities - Implementation Timelines - SCIFs accredited as of NOV 2010 apply DCID 6/9 standards - Active construction projects unless previously directed apply DCID 6/9 - Construction projects beyond 60% DESIGN unless previously directed apply DCID 6/9 standards as a baseline

- Construction projects at less than 60% DESIGN apply ICD 705, ICS 705-1, - ICS 705-2 and IC Tech Specs - Inspections/Self-Inspections and Oversight/DIA Business process changes Annual Reports - Self Inspection Roll up (30 Sep), and Annual SCI Report (1 Nov) UNCLASSIFIED 7 UNCLASSIFIED POLICY UPDATES SCI Refresher Training Course for SSOs/SSRs (SCI100.16) @ www.dss.mil/STEPP - Launched 22 Jul 11 - Modules that cover the following: - SCI Fundamentals - SCI Control Systems and Markings - Protecting SCI - SCI Reporting Requirements - Successful completion of course will be required for all newly appointed SSOs/SSRs

- As of Mar 2012, approx 1100 personnel have successfully completed the course, this includes Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and other UNCLASSIFIED 8 UNCLASSIFIED DoD SCI Security Officials Training Course DoD SCI Security Officials Course (DIA) Hosted by DSSA @ Linthicum, MD training facility. 1st Course at DSSA completed today Mobile Five Day Training Course also available for units..request at DSS.MIL Course requirements: - Mandatory requirement for STEPP account - Students must complete 2 prerequisites courses prior to attending Security Officials Course and bring DSSA Training Records or your Course Certificates on the first day of training - Prerequisites Courses are offered through Defense Security Service Academy: - PS103.16 -- Personnel Security Management Course - GS102.16 -- Risk Management for DoD Security Programs Course

Instructors/POCs: Scott Turner or Carla Dothard @ 202-231-4228 NIPRNET Email: [email protected] JWICS Email: [email protected] UNCLASSIFIED 9 UNCLASSIFIED DNI/DoD Security Education & Training Program Security Training for 2012 - SSO Course: (GOV only), Jun 18-22, Sep 24-28, (Gov Only), Linthicum, MD - Mid-level Security Professional Seminar Course: May 14-18, Jun 25-29 /Chantilly, VA - Senior Security Professional Seminar: Jul 15-20/Harbourtowne, MD - ICD 503 Information Systems: Jun 18-22, Jul 23-27/Chantilly, VA - ICD 705 Physical Security Course: Jun 11-15, Linthicum, MD, Jul 9-13, Chantilly, VA - ICD 704 Adjudicators Seminar: Jun 11-15/Linthicum, MD Course descriptions or additional information: - Visit DNI website http://dni.gov/ssc/csd - E-mail: [email protected] UNCLASSIFIED

10 UNCLASSIFIED Scattered Castles Program Authority - ICPG 704.5 (Signed Oct 08) - Intelligence Community Personnel Security Database - Mandates the recognition and use of Scattered Castles Database as the ICs authoritative personnel security repository for verifying personnel security access and visit certifications Command SCI PMs Ensure Special Security Offices have the appropriate personnel accessed to Scattered Castles 11 UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED Scattered Castles Program

Requirements for SC account - Must be Indocd for SCI - Access to JWICS - Must have PKI certificate prior to nomination SC Nomination Info Name/SSN/Duty position/Location (City/State) or (Camp/Country) & Justification Forward to the SCI Policy Staff for action via JWICS: - [email protected] - [email protected] UNCLASSIFIED 12 UNCLASSIFIED Army Protection Program Assessment COMMAND

LOCATION DATES USARNORTH JB San Antonio, TX 7-10 Feb 12 USACIDC MCB Quantico, VA 24 -27 Apr TRADOC JB Langley-Eustis, VA 1-4 May 12 AMC

Huntsville, AL 19-22 Jun 12 MEDCOM JB San Antonio, TX 17-20 Jul 12 USARAF Vicenza, Italy 14-17 Aug 12 USAREUR Heidelberg/Wiesbaden, Germany 21-24 Aug 12

ATEC Aberdeen PG, MD 11-14 Sep 12 ARCYBER (SAV) Ft Belvoir, VA 25-28 Sep 12 UNCLASSIFIED 13 UNCLASSIFIED SCI Policy Contact Info Cliff McCoy, Chief NIPRNET: [email protected] SIPRNET: [email protected] JWICS: [email protected] (703) 695-3041, DSN 225-3041

Chalyndria (Lyn) Taylor, Deputy NIPRNET: [email protected] SIPRNET: [email protected] JWICS: [email protected] (703) 695-3054, DSN 225-3054 UNCLASSIFIED 14 UNCLASSIFIED Questions ? UNCLASSIFIED 15

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