Welcome Exceptional Customer Service Kirstine Hall Standard Objectives

Welcome Exceptional Customer Service Kirstine Hall Standard Objectives

Welcome Exceptional Customer Service Kirstine Hall Standard Objectives Delivering a patient focused service Perceptions and expectations Maintaining a positive approach

Good communication Using the telephone effectively Difficult situations Action Plan Action planning What else ????? Agenda

13.30 13:40 Welcome, Introductions and Objectives A Patient Focused Service Definition of Exceptional Customer Service CQC What is it all about and the key population groups How does Exceptional Customer Service link with CQC Perceptions & Expectations Golden Greetings

A Positive Approach the Importance of Self Talk 15.00 - 15:30 Tea /Coffee 15:30 16:00 Saying No in a Positive Way / Explaining Policies in Positive Terms Words & Phrases to Avoid

Communicating with Patients Overcoming Negativity / Dealing with challenging behaviour 16.00-16:15 Questions, Action Planning and Close What do we mean by customer service?

Phrase often over-used and abused Being responsive to patients needs Often felt to be common sense Being a professional Providing a patient centred service

To be exceptional .need to go the extra mile! Patient Centred Services Care Quality Commission's overall operating model 6 Key population groups CQC say they will look to see how services are provided to

people in specific population groups. For every NHS GP practice we'll look at the quality of care for the following six key population groups. Action Older people. Plan People with long-term conditions. Mothers, babies, children and young people. The working-age population and those recently retired. People in vulnerable circumstances who may have poor

access to primary care. People experiencing a mental health problem. Everything links to CQC! T F F

ly t c e Dir s to link 5 C Q C

E O L K NH Ch S oic es

Good and Bad Service Good and Bad Service Exercise One Exercise in pairs - discuss two examples: Good service Poor service In feedback explain: What makes you reflect back on it being good or bad

Delivering Good Services What are the 10 most important skills you need to deliver exceptional services? 1 Compassion / Empathy / Respect 2 Knowledge / Tools to do the job 3 Manners / Polite 4 Listening / Reasoning skills 5 Positive Attitude 6 Interaction be on my side, under them be an advocate 7 Communication skills

8 Awareness of Services provided 9 Friendliness and approachability 10 Patience So can we now define exceptional customer service? In truth what is excellent or exceptional depends on the individuals perception so all you can do is aim to be the best and continually improve yourself!

Some other ideas: Taking care of patients as you would take care of your own relatives Being positive and friendly with every patient Demonstrating a caring rather than indifferent attitude Going beyond patients expectations Treating everyone as an individual with their own needs Our services What are we great at? What not so good?

Action Plan Compared with other surgeries Do they do anything better than we do? The Patient View At your practice..

What are the patients expectations? Want vs Need Action Plan .what the patients need from you? What might you be able to do to help give better customer service to your patients?

The Patient View first impressions? We all know first impressions really matter ! Never forget the ELEVEN IN SEVEN RULE: 11 impressions are made in the first

7 seconds Who could name this lady ? Who could name this lady ?

GETTING STARTED Six Golden Greetings Exercise 2 Role play same conversation in 2 different versions SPOT THE DIFFERENCE What made the second version feel better? Jot down your 6 differences!

Action Plan Quality in a service is not what you put into it its what the customer gets out of it. Peter Drucker

Communicatio n Skills Good Communication Communicate in a positive way Maintaining a positive approach with patients is absolutely essential that means from the first to the very last patient each and every shift (I KNOW

THATS TOUGH!!!!) One thing that can make that harder is if you like the majority of us has negative self-talk! Is the majority of your self talk negative? To find out Exercise 3 self test quiz The results are for you unless you want to share you will not be made to !

Saying it positively! Sometimes it not the what its the how! So you can say something in more ways than one! On the Telephone Your system?

How effective is it? On a scale on 1 -10 Whats good about it? Whats not? From the patients view point? From yours? Action Plan

Can you hear a ? Yes you can! Kill them with kindness Sound cheerful, willing to help Ways of doing it effectively Answer the phone in x rings Greeting Org Name Your name how can

I help? professional and warm Making Improvements Answering the phone Using hold Transferring calls Taking messages Patients queries Unnecessary calls

Action Plan Words and phrases to avoid! Challenging behaviour Difficult behaviour

There are many reasons why a patient/person might be upset As the customer service profession you need to try and turn it around What makes them challenging :Is it the person? / Or their behaviour? / What is the difference? Avoiding it? / Handling it?

Wherever possible resolve it at source not hand it on or fall back on:I cant do anything You need the Manager Giving the impression your basically not interested Sometimes you wont be able to solve it or they wont listen to anyone until its seen to come from the top! But at least you know you did your best to try!!!!! Six Steps How would you deal with it?

1. Take them away from a public place 2. Remain calm 3. Let them vent

4. Avoid trigger words and actions 5. Prepare for emotions and perceptions 6.

Move things forwards page 24/25 People remember much more about how they were treated than about what the initial problem was. Making Changes Be Exceptional!

Me? My skills My knowledge The Practice?

Systems and procedures Communication Internal External

Action Planning Final updates / additions Action Plan Thank you

Any questions Kirstine Hall [email protected] Please complete the feedback form & collect your certificate! www.thornfields.co.uk Tel: 0333 240 4055

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