St Vincents Healthcare Group How HR Technology &

St Vincents Healthcare Group How HR Technology &

St Vincents Healthcare Group How HR Technology & Services Drive Employee Engagement John Keane Head of Workforce Planning / HR Operations Michael McCormack HR Systems and Analytics Manager Overview

About the organisation HR Strategy and drivers for change Value of Systems Integration Transforming the HR function On Line Self Service and Engagement

HR Analytics and Engagement About SVHG St. Vincent's University Hospital (SVUH) in Dublin is a major academic teaching hospital Part of the St Vincents Healthcare Group which also comprises of two other Hospitals: St Michaels Hospital, Dun Laoghaire St Vincents Private Hospital 3,500 staff working across St Vincents University Hospital and St

Michaels Hospital in a range of medical specialties Excess of 600+ beds Provides an accident and emergency service to the South Dublin area National Centre for a number of medical specialities Strong emphasis on education and research through academic links with University College Dublin (UCD) Member of the Dublin East Hospital Network and DAMC Background

Human Resource Strategy & Action Plan 2007 2010 Strategic workforce planning is a discipline which is, as yet, at a fairly embryonic stage in its development and in its application within the health service in Ireland. It is a very complex activity, especially when it is multi-disciplinary, as it involves formalising the assessment of need, skill mix, numbers, etc. for a given service. 2007 2010 HR Strategy HR Management Information System was seen as a cornerstone for the development of workforce planning and changing HR service delivery

Human Resources Strategy 2011 2013 Continuous development and deployment of integrated HR system is one of three key strategic objectives for next 3 years HR Strategy Attracting and Retaining the Best

Changing and Scanning and Planning Developing the Organisation SVUH HR Strategy & Action Plan

Continuously Improving Supporting Hospital Human Resources in SVUH Performance

Engaging and Communicating Which direction to take? HR Technology & Employee Engagement Transformation project for the HR function Allow for a more efficient HR service with real benefits for Managers and Staff Effective use of HR technology was one strand of

strategy for Employee Engagement Need for the modernisation and integration of HR and related systems Effective Workforce and HR Planning required more real time information on staffing and the business HR Technology & Employee Engagement People increasingly expect to have anytime/anywhere access to work-related data, just as they have in their personal lives.

Increasing emphasis on Mobile Apps and Self Service technology for Managers and Staff. The HR service needs to embrace this challenge in addition to the routine HR business. Strong focus on Analytics and data to inform and empower decision making for Managers Value of Integration Main Objective Self Service Solution

Electronic Rostering / Time and Attendance Reducing the amount of time spent by Managers on manual processes, e.g. rosters The development of the system (e.g. payroll, HR etc) was an enabler for a full organisation solution for Rostering / and Self Service Providing Managers with comprehensive Reports to assist them in delivering a service to patients System needed to cater for the complexities in Healthcare

Value of Integration Implementing an integrated system which holds detailed accurate real time information which allows management reporting and more efficient / streamlined business processes Integration is key. Consider of all requirements Provides real benefits Accurate management reporting across all area Paperless payroll with automated rules

Efficient HR processes designed for self service Provides strong and efficient HR operational processes which underpin how you will deliver a modern, electronic self service solution Transforming the HR function Process mapping and documenting of current (as is) HR / Payroll processes is essential Decision making in relation to one way of doing things Very detailed analysis to take account of all standard

documents, documents, circulars, interpretation and application of rules etc Essential to obtain an agreed way of doing things as this creates efficiency and allows for building of system Need to have a efficient and effective decision making process in cases were disagreements occur Processes and Documents where signed off Transforming the HR function Identify every

step, rule and decision point Transforming the HR function Attention to detail is essential question everything is that what really happens and why Clear understanding of the current process will provide the basis for deciding on the to be HR processes in the system Agreement on the process documents is essential as the system is configured to these requirements

E.g. when do I require letters, reports, e-mail prompts, warnings Clearly identify where HR will make savings (what steps are no longer required with no impact on risk / controls, what steps will system do and in what sequence) Case Management requirements and workflow, e.g. how long should a task take etc. Helps identify roles and responsibilities e.g. HR / Payroll / Line Manager Transforming the HR function

Salary Budget Post WTE Budget Full Time Hours (e.g. 39,33) Commitments to other Hospitals Sessions

Allowances (e.g. qualification, clinicians in mgt etc) OT Limits / Budget Salary Scale Officer / Non Officer

Salary Payment arrangements Location HSE Grade Posts

Management Reports recipient - Manager Cost Centre Authorisation Chains Speciality / Sub

Speciality / Teams OH Requirements Competency Framework & Skills requirement Training requirements (e.g. BLS, Risk)

Roster allocation / organisation Direct Reporting relationship Sick Leave Rules Annual Leave

Transforming the HR function HR Technology Talent Management (E Learning) Training and Development Payroll

Roster Leave and Absence Pensions Rosters, Posts Schedules Leave Management

Employee Admin Structure, e.g. Posts My View Dashboard Offers Full Range of Self Service Options Inc Electronic Rostering / E Learning System Span Utilisation of ResourceLink Aurora

Organisation Structures in a Multi Company Environment (excess of 2,000 posts organised in multiple hierarchies) HR Administration including posts, contracts, entitlements etc Payroll, dealing with large volumes of variable pay Training / Learning and Development in an academic teaching hospital Attainments and skills matching in a multi disciplinary environment Occupational Health Module, including service provision to other agencies Pensions Module, catering for 9 different schemes My View Employee & Manager self service

E Learning / Learning Management System System Span Utilisation of Rostering / T&A: Used extensively within the Organisation and is based on a self service approach Time Management and Flexible Rostering (e.g. booking leave, shift swaps etc.), 100s of rosters and working patterns Electronic Rostering All aspects of Leave Management integrated into rosters

Employees managed on positive and negative return basis Employees using ID badges to swipe in / out for duty Services operating on a 24 / 7, 365 days a week basis Delivered to Line Managers through existing My View On Line Self Service and Engagement Self Service successful when based on a full HR and System structure which understands the business.

Self Service is only the tip of the iceberg Self Service needs to be supported by a well built and well maintained HR MIS On Line Self Service and Engagement Roll Call My View

Roster Overview My View Weekly Timesheet My View Authorise Timesheet My View Daily Timesheet My View Payslips on Line My View

Training My View Transforming the HR function Incorporated other Hospitals within the Group Roll out of new versions of Self Service My View Dashboard

Mobile Continued Roll Out of Integrated Electronic Rostering / Time & Attendance Real Time validation of leave on entry: Informing manager if sick leave will be paid or not Taking into account all working patterns and rosters E Learning solution Continuing demand for Management Reports HR Analytics and Engagement

Objective is to support and engage with Managers Management Reporting key to success Provides Senior Management with high quality management information which can be used for operational or strategic decision making

HR KPI dashboards Absence Management reports Headcount Reports including leave analysis Mandatory Training compliance reports to include Life Support, Fire Training etc Staff and Managers Annual 1:1 Feedback

Overtime WTE reports Additional hours WTE reports (Agency Staff) Pensions, Turnover reports etc HR Analytics and Engagement Management Reporting is critical to the success of the system. Developed using Business Objects XI Reporting from HR MIS (allows access to organisation structure, employees, payroll and rosters on Management reports) Distributed to across the Hospital on a monthly basis from CEO to Ward

Manager In excess of 500+ reports per month issued to Senior Managers in relation to all aspects of people management Reports are automatically scheduled within the system so that each manager gets data on their team in a consistent manner. Distributed by the system through e-mail Distribution organisation structure maintained in the system so right managers always gets reports Everybody gets reports at same time, CEO to Ward Manager

HR Analytics and Engagement Example Absence Business Intelligence Example Headcount Example

Example Finally Effective use of Technology to drive engagement with Managers and Staff Support the HR function in delivering a high quality service HR is at the forefront of informing management decision making in relation to workforce planning and resourcing

Empower, enable and support Managers HR Technology touches all employees Thank You

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