UNCLASSIFIED Space and Missile Defense Working Group 21

UNCLASSIFIED Space and Missile Defense Working Group 21

UNCLASSIFIED Space and Missile Defense Working Group 21 May 2015 Ms. Rebecca Weirick Executive Director Army Contracting Command - Redstone Agile Proficient Trusted UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED 1 Agenda Mission and Vision Definitions Organization ACC RSA Customers Procurement Authority Contract Directorate/ Division Structure

Major Principles of Federal Acquisition Procurement Life Cycle Path of a Procurement Competitive Contracting Process Contracting Interactions The Procurement Team Better Buying Power (BBP) Building Better Relationships with Govt Questions Mission Vision Agile Proficient Trusted

3 ACC-RSA PHASE II GOAL Able Workforce Customer Satisfaction Effective & Efficient Fully Leveraged IT Capabilities Prepared and agile; ready for the future Develop a plan to manage future budgets Implement the Plan (**Workload Analysis) Identify, plan, and manage to future budgets ) Ms. Rodriguez Effective comms throughout the Center/Stakeholders (Horizontal/Vertical) Develop a Strategic Communications Plan (Industry, Internal and Customer) Implement the Plan Mr. Farrior

Develop a Human Capital Plan Implement the Plan Improve Morale Customer Professional, Motivated Workforce Human Capital Planning Leverage existing IT platforms Expedite knowledge transfer Become data driven Ecstatic Customers Establish a program to manage/view incoming work (manage 1N list) Improve CALT Quality & Timely Contracts; On Cost, On Schedule, Outstanding Performance

Establish internal PMR and Self Inspection Program Develop a Training Plan Policies & Procedures 4 Reduce Contract Lead Times; Improve Business Deals; Comply with Laws and Regulations Definitions Acquisition / Procurement Acquiring, by contract with appropriated funds, supplies or services by and for the use of the Federal Government It begins at the point when agency needs are established and includes those technical and management functions directly related to the process of fulfilling agency needs by contract Contracting purchasing, renting, leasing, or otherwise obtaining

Army Materiel Command (AMC) General Dennis L. Via Commanding General 4 Star General Headquartered at Redstone Arsenal Armys premier provider of materiel readiness: Major Subordinate Commands Tank and Automotive (TACOM) Life Cycle Management Command (LCMC) Research, Development & Engineering Command (RDECOM) Army Contracting Command (ACC)

Army Sustainment Command (ASC) Aviation and Missile (AMCOM) LCMC Communications Electronic (CECOM) LCMC Joint Munitions and Lethality (JM&L) LCMC Joint Munitions Command (JMC) Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) US Army Security Assistance Command (USASAC) Army Contracting Command (ACC) Major General Theodore C. Harrison Commanding General 2 Star General Headquartered at Redstone Arsenal Mission: Provide global contracting support to Warfighters through the full spectrum of military operations. Six Contracting Centers and Two Subordinate Commands Army Contracting Command Redstone Arsenal Rebecca Weirick

Executive Director (PARC/HCA) COL Michelle Sanner Deputy Executive Director (Alt. PARC) Oct. 2014 - Jun. 2015 Lisa Stangle Acting Deputy Executive Director Jun. 2015 Located in Huntsville, AL 17 Buying Directorates We Contract For: Major Weapon System Production/Services Sustainment & Support of Sys 25 ACAT 1 and 8 ACAT 2 Programs Foreign Military Sales Research Development Technology & Engineering Quality of Life Over 75 systems, programs & organizations Operational Support Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance Range Support Counter Narcotics Deterrence Contingency Support

Concept Development, Prototyping & Limited Production Capability The Magnitude: $24.7B in FY12 contract obligations & over 24,600 contract actions in FY12 $20.2B in FY13 contract obligations & over 22,000 contract actions in PEO Command & Control RDE Command FY13 PEO Aviation AMCOM SAMD PEO IEWS PEO Missiles & Space AMCOM ALC $17.6B in FY14 contract obligations & over 20,100 contract

actions in PEO Armored Systems Army Space & Msl Def Cmd Major U.S.Army TMDE IMA Redstone Garrison Combat Support FY14 PEO OSD CNTPO Customers PEO EIS PEO C3T JPEO Chem & Bio OSD Quality of Life Missile Defense Agency

Army Asymmetric Warfare Group JIEDDO HQ DA G6/CIO PEO Soldier 9 Contracting (or Procurement) Authority The United States Constitution provides the Federal Government with authority to maintain a military To do so, procurement of supplies and services is necessary Contracting authority for the Army flows as follows: President

Secretary of Defense Secretary of the Army Commander, Army Materiel Command (AMC) Head of Contracting Activity (HCA) Principle Assistant Responsible for Contracting (PARC) Contracting Officers Authority to Award Contracts Contracting Officers are given the authority (via a warrant) to award contracts on behalf of the Federal Government They alone have the authority to award, modify, or terminate contracts Contracting Officers rely on several groups of people in making contract awards and follow-on administration Contract Specialists Cost/Price Analyst

Program Office Other members of the acquisition team Directorate Structure Director (COCO) Division Chief Division Chief Contracting Officer Team Leader Contracting Officer Team Leader Contract Specialists

Contract Specialists Team Leaders and above possess Procuring Contracting Officer warrants Division Chief Duties

Oversee all requirements Ensure mission is carried out Brief senior leadership on efforts Strategic leadership view of organization Ensure division pursues organizational goals Work with program/requirements office Work with other division chiefs on organizational challenges Regular communication with COCOs, team leaders, customers and industry Serve on special projects source selections, interview panels Personnel concerns Manage personnel and workload Ensure training and development for division and themselves Division Chief Contracting Officer Team Leader

Contracting Officer Team Leader Contract Specialists Contract Specialists Contracting Officer Duties Oversee all requirements Brief Division Chief on efforts Daily contact with program/requirements office to strategize and resolve contract issues Daily contact with contract specialists to review work and resolve issues Regular communication with division chief, group chief, buyers, customers and industry Ensure training and development for

team and themselves Serve as acting Division Chief as necessary Division Chief Contracting Officer Team Leader Contracting Officer Team Leader Contract Specialists Contract Specialists Contract Specialist Duties Oversee all assigned requirements

Daily contact with Contracting Officer Work with program/requirements office on contract issues and requirements Proposal analysis Contract negotiations Work with offices such as legal, small business, competition advocate, DCAA, DCMA Daily interaction with teammates to resolve issues Serve on special projects Contract Specialist training and development Division Chief Contracting Officer Team Leader Contracting

Officer Team Leader Contract Specialists Contract Specialists Major Principles of Federal Acquisition Competition (vs. sole or limited source) Transparency (open to the publicsynopsis) Best value decisions Preference for commercial items Fair and reasonable price Ethical conduct Social/industrial base goals SBs, SDBs, SDVOSBs, WOSBs Multiple sources to maintain industrial base Procurement Life Cycle The Path of a Procurement

Establishment of a bona-fide need Funding is committed for the need Requirement is refined Requirement is advertised to public Solicitation released to public Contractors submit proposals Proposals are evaluated Negotiations may be held Contract Awarded Competitive Contracting Process RFP preparation RFP board review Solicitation released to public Evaluations begin

On street for 30-60 days Pricing Review DCAA/DCMA Needed? Re-evaluation necessary KTRs can ask questions Amendments to solicitation possible Review of special bidder requests

Review Board to allow negotiations Negotiations Proposals submitted Solicitation closes Govt questions/responses w/KTRs Review Board to approve settlement Congressional Notification

KTRs may resubmit proposals Contract award Debrief Offerors Other Reviews Prior to Award Operations Security review of information that will be released to the public, if there are concerns Official pricing Review Contractor submits cost and pricing data > $700K Field Pricing Support DCAA Audit fixed price >$10M and cost type > $100M Pre Award Survey review of contractors financial, organizational and operational status before award to determine responsibility and eligibility for award

Subcontracting Plan > $650K and large business, must go to small business office for review Equal Employment Opportunity > $10M, ensure the contractor is in compliance with nondiscrimination regs Contracting Interactions Small Business Legal Competition Advocate PCO/ Contract Specialist Regulations: FAR DFARS AFARS

Pricing DCAA DCMA Leadership Contractors Program Requirements Office Program Office Defines the requirement Responsible for acquisition planning Conducts market research Coordinates with customers/end users Monitors contractor performance after award Nominates Contracting Officer Representatives (COR) Office of Small Business Programs

Small Business Administration Procurement Center Representative (PCR) Offices are located at each Federal Contracting Activity Reports to the President Advises small businesses and conducts a Small Business outreach program Provides financial, contractual and training/counseling help to small businesses Reviews and evaluates all varieties of acquisition planning documents Monitors and reports on performance against the activitys Small Business goals Screens proposed Federal acquisitions for small business set-aside suitability

Oversees more agencies then TACOM LCMC Competition Advocate The Competition in Contracting Act (41 U.S.C. 253) requires that Federal Government contracts be awarded through the use of full and open competition Limited exceptions are permitted, provided a justification is approved Each Head of the Contracting Activity must appoint a Competition Advocate to review proposed noncompetitive actions Competition Advocate coordination and/or approval is required for all such actions >$650K General Counsel (Legal Office) FAR requires legal review of contracting actions Each activity coordinates with General Counsel as to which actions require review Typical documents reviewed are acquisition plans, solicitations, contracts,

unauthorized commitments, protests, and terminations DCAA Responsibilities and Duties: Perform all needed contract audits for DoD Provide accounting and financial advisory services to DoD (and civilian agencies when requested) acquisition and contract administration components during all contract phases: Pre-award Contract execution Settlement (contract closing) DCAA Audits Through Various Phases Contract Throughout Pre-award Contract Contract Life Completed Accounting System Estimating System

Proposal Review - Labor Rates - Indirect Rates - Materials - ODCs Annual Incurred Cost Reviews Real Time Labor Provisional Billing Rates Progress Payments Vouchers Accounting System Contract Closing DCMA Provides Administrative Contracting Officer (ACO) services Helps develop Requests for Proposals (RFPs) other solicitation packages, and contracts Supports source selection actions

Evaluates contractor proposal and pricing data Supports contract negotiations Conducts formal and informal Pre-award surveys Better Buying Power (BBP) Frank Kendall III, Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics. The Pentagon is looking for new ways to partner with industry to help improve the procurement process thereby benefitting both parties. Office of the Secretary of Defense introduced BBP initiatives in 2010 aimed at improving the productivity of the Defense Departments acquisition of both products and services. Understand BBP is not a magic overnight fix; rather the goal is continuous, incremental improvement. Better Buying Power Defense acquisition is a complicated business, with many independent actors and actions that all need to be executed professionally and with sound judgment to achieve success across the wide variety of product and service types DOD acquires.

Better Buying Power is at heart a pragmatic and ongoing search to identify and reinforce all the many actions that contribute to increased productivity. ________________________________ Better Buying Power 4 Years On: Is It Making a Difference? Frank Kendall, Defense One, April 2014. Better Buying Power There have been three BBP initiatives released by OSD: Develop critical thinking skills and better decision making tools Streamline management and processes Develop the best defense products Forge better relationships with industry Promote competition Incentivize productivity Control lifecycle costs Improve professionalism BBP has been successful but this is an ongoing process We must continue to use the practices and policies that have worked and incorporate new initiatives on the way to being more efficient Relationships with the Government

and contractor can be a powerful team. We need each other Satisfy requirements, build businesses Build the relationship - trust must be at an Arms Length. Federal law, regulations, rules Ensure fairness, protect taxpayer are better the earlier you get involved. Ask questions to ensure an adequate proposal is submitted Call the Contract Specialist (buyer) Call the Procuring Contracting Officer (PCO) doesnt stop with award. Monitor your contract Dont hide issues Call the Contracting Officer Representative (COR), buyer and PCO work better with open communication. Work with the Government to seek resolutions Questions?

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