Technology Awareness & Information Security Survey Results 50%

Technology Awareness & Information Security Survey Results  50%

Technology Awareness & Information Security Survey Results 50% class has smart phones 64% class has shared personal info over the internet 71% class has personal info posted on FB 57% class uses check-in feature on FB Survey Results 25% class does not use privacy settings on FB 61% class add friends to social networks

that they have only met once or twice 8% class shares their passwords with others Survey Results Do you ever look at or do things on the internet that you wouldnt want your parents(s)/guardian(s), or friends to know about? 14% class responded Yes 75% class responded No 11% class responded Not sure What About Your Privacy?

Passwords Privacy Settings Location Settings Scams Social Engineering Schools/Employers

MIS, IA, Computer Science How Do You Use IT? Calls Text Music

Email Internet Apps GPS Connect Share Organize Events Learn

Brute Force Attacks Celebrity social media accounts, hacked! Often victims of brute force attacks Ex. 2009 President Obama Twitter account Exploits often reveal weaknesses, in this case there were no limits on login attempts so the attacker was able to repeatedly try to gain unauthorized access Passwords Video http:// 56 Passwords Password Competition Passwords Continued Password Length Maximum Number of Operations (guesses)

Maximum Time to Crack 8 208,827,064,576 7 seconds 9 5,429,503,678,976 3 minutes

10 141,167,095,653,376 1.3 hours 11 3,670,344,486,987,780 34 hours 12

95,428,956,661,682,200 36.8 days 13 2,481,152,873,203,740,000 2.6 years 14 64,509,974,703,297,200,000

68.2 years 15 1,677,259,342,285,730,000,000 1,772.9 years 16 43,608,742,899,428,900,000,000 46,094.1 years

Password Length Maximum Number of Operation (guesses) Maximum Time to Crack 8 2,044,140,858,654,980

18.9 hours 9 167,619,550,409,708,000 64.7 days 10 13,744,803,133,596,100,000 14.5 years

11 1,127,073,856,954,880,000,000 1,191.3 years 12 92,420,056,270,299,900,000,000 97,687.4 years 13

7,578,444,614,164,590,000,000,000 8,010,363.4 years 14 621,432,458,361,496,000,000,000,000 656,849,799.6 years 15 50,957,461,585,642,700,000,000,000,000

16 4,178,511,850,022,700,000,000,000,000,000 53,861,683,563.4 years 4,416,658,052,197.2 years Protect Your Password Never share your password Password length is better than complexity Use a mixture of upper case, lower case, numbers, and symbols Change it periodically

Social Media South Park video south_park_facebook_friends_episode/ Social Media Employers want to know if you are active How do you present yourself? Just write down your username and password and well get back to you! For certain positions that require security clearances such as DoE, DoD,

Law Enforcement, must forfeit account information and passwords from all sites/blogs you participate in. Privacy FB Privacy Settings http:// I Privacy

Keep it personal Think before you link Where were you last night? Sign Out! Facebook/Twitter privacy settings Location settings from picture/checking in Not a good idea to show your location or tell FB that you and your family will be gone on vacation.

Privacy Privacy video http:// wY Current Event General Petraeus Emails

Create Separate Emails Too Good To Be True Curious? Antivirus Software Dumpster Diving Spokeo Spokeo Video http:// A

Threats Scams Social Engineering Shoulder Surfing Online Tattoo Online Tattoo http:// Related Degrees BS in Computer Science BBA in MIS MBA in MIS, IA or MOT

CIARE and NMRCFL Partnership with the FBI and its Regional Computer Forensics Lab (RCFL), housed at UNM, through training, and student internships and Co-Ops. NSA National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) designated a center of academic excellence in IA (CAEIA) at UNM. Recruit from UNM Offensive and defensive positions in cyber

security. AC/DC Virus Handouts Closing Final Video http:// &feature=endscreen Sources UNM Info: Password Info: Whitman, Michael E., and Herbert J. Mattord. Principles

of information security. 4th ed. Boston, MA: Course Technology, 2012. Print. Online Tattoo Video: http:// Spokeo Video: Sources SouthPark Video: cebook_friends_episode/ Handouts:http :// sheets.pdf

President Obama Video: http:// creen Sources Wikipedia: General Petraeus News Article: Twitter exploits 588628 /

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