Lesson 3 Saul Begins Reign Samuels Semi-Retirement 1

Lesson 3 Saul Begins Reign Samuels Semi-Retirement 1

Lesson 3 Saul Begins Reign Samuels Semi-Retirement 1 Sam 11-13 Sauls Leadership Ch. 11 Samuels Farewell Ch. 12

Sauls Folly (Part 1) Ch. 13 Sauls Leadership Ch. Ammonites besiege 11Jabesh-Gilead vv. 1-2 Nahash King of Ammonites Ammonites Related to Moabites and Israel through Lot (Gen. 19:30-38) Previously: Israel was not to battle them

as they entered Canaan (Deut. 2:19) Jabesh-Gilead East of Jordan River Sauls Leadership Help requested 11 v. 3 Ch. Men of Jabesh seek treaty Nahashs harsh condition give right eye (to shame Israel)

Jabesh elders obtain 7-day reprieve to seek help Sauls Leadership Ch. Message comes 11 to Saul vv. 4-7

Messengers arrive in Gibeah Saul returns from fields with oxen Saul reacts; Spirit of the Lord and anger Saul cuts up oxen and sends out the call to arms Saul and Samuel to lead battle Sauls Leadership Ch. Army assembled11 vv. 8-10 Fear of the Lord befalls people

They rally and force is numbered in Bezek Israel 300,000 Judah 30,000 Word of rescue sent back to Jabesh Jabesh responds to King Nahash Sauls Leadership Battle campaign 11 v. 11 Ch.

Saul divides force into three companies Attack the Ammonite camp in the morning watch Battle continues to mid-day Ammonites scattered (no two were left together) Sauls Leadership Ch. Victory Results 11 vv. 12-13 People request from Samuel that rebels

(10:27) be put to death Saul speaks to spare the rebels life Sauls Leadership Ch. Sauls Kinship Confirmed 11 vv. 14-15

Samuel directs army back to Gilgal Sauls kingship confirmed with people Peace offering sacrifices made (Lev. 3) Saul and all men of Israel rejoice Samuels Farewell Ch. Samuels Validates 12His Leadershipvv. 1-5

Samuel heeded Israels request for king Samuel old and gray headed He asks if any have witness against him The people have nothing against Samuel Samuel affirms Lord and king Saul as witnesses

Samuels Farewell Ch. Samuel Affirms Lords 12 Control vv. 6-12 Samuel reminds Israel of the Lords righteous acts Of Moses and Aaron delivering Israel from Egypt Of deliverance from Sisera (Canaanites), Philistines and Moabites during Judges

Samuels Farewell Ch. Samuel Affirms Lords 12 Control vv. 6-12 How the people cried out to the Lord for their sins (for serving idols) and the Lord sent deliverance by: Jerubbaal (aka Gideon) Bedan (aka Barak) Jephthah

Samuel Samuels Farewell Ch. Samuel Affirms Lords 12 Control vv. 6-12 Of their most recent deliverance from Nahash and the Ammonites No, but a king shall reign over us, although the lord your God was your king.

Samuels Farewell Ch. Samuels Stipulation 12 vv. 13-15 IF both you (the people) and King Saul Fear the Lord Serve Him Listen to His voice Not rebel against His commands

THEN It will be well (ESV) Samuels Farewell Ch. Samuels Stipulation 12 vv. 13-15 However, IF you Will not listen to the voice of the Lord Rebel against the command of the Lord

THEN The hand of the Lord will be against them Samuels Farewell Ch. Samuel Calls For12 A Sign vv. 16-19 Samuel asks people to stand In the wheat harvest, a dry time of year Samuel calls to Lord to send thunder and rain

Lord sends thunder and rain People ask Samuel to pray for their wickedness in asking for a king Samuels Farewell Ch. Samuels Warning 12 vv. 20-25 Samuel consoles the people Warns DO NOT turn aside from following the Lord The Lord will not forsake His people

Samuel will not stop praying for them Sauls Folly Sauls Family

Ch. 13 I Chron. 9:35-44 Father Kish Wife Ahinoam Sons Jonathan, Ishvi, and Malki-Shua Daughters Merab and Michal Uncle Ner

Cousin Abner, the commander of his army Sauls Folly Saul Chooses Army Ch. 13 vv. 1-2 Saul 40(?) at beginning of reign After 2 years of reign 3000 in army 2000 in Michmash with Saul

1000 in Gibeah with Jonathan Sauls Folly Ch. 13 Jonathan Attacks Philistine Outpost vv. 3-4

Philistine garrison at Geba Jonathan attacks Saul sounds the battle trumpet Saul assembles people at Gilgal Sauls Folly Philistines Counter Ch. 13

vv. 5-7 Philistines massive military buildup 30,000 chariots 6,000 horsemen Innumerable army Bivouacked at Michmash Israelites fear and hide Sauls Folly Sauls Impatience

Ch. 13 vv. 8-10 Saul awaits Samuel 7 days in Gilgal It is getting late on day 7, Samuel absent

People still fleeing Saul makes a rash decision sacrifice Sauls Folly Ch. 13 Sauls Excuse vv. 11-12 !

! ! t h g i Samuel arrives, What have you done? r

R E V E N s i g n Saul sheds blame

wro the people were scattering from me you did not come on time the Philistines are at Michmash and are coming to Gilgal I have not asked the favor of the Lord I felt compelled (forced myself) Sauls Folly Ch. 13

Samuel delivers the Lords Judgment vv. 13-14 You have acted foolishly; you have not kept the commandment of the Lord now your kingdom shall not endure. The Lord has sought out a man after his own heart. Sauls Folly The Battle Situation

Ch. 13 vv. 15-18 Saul leaves Gilgal for Gibeah with 600 Saul, Jonathan, and people in Gibeah Philistines send out three companies of raiders from Michmash Sauls Folly

Ch. 13 Israels Disadvantage vv. 19-23 Israel at a technological disadvantage No blacksmiths to smelt iron Philistine would sharpen their tools Only Saul and Jonathan had sword and spear APPLICATIONS (1)Anger has its place

The Spirit of the God came upon Saul and he became angry 11:6 Righteous Indignation Moses at Israels calf worship Exod. 32:19 Nehemiah at oppression of poor Neh. 5:6 Eph. 4:23 Be angry and do not sin APPLICATIONS (2) Seek out your sins and make correction

Samuel asked if any had witness against him 12:3 Num. 32:23 be sure your sins will find you out. Prov. 10:9 Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but he who makes his way crooked will be found out. Eccl. 12:14 For God will bring every deed into judgment, with every secret thing, whether good or evil. APPLICATIONS

(3) The Lord desires an obedient people and leaders IF both you (the people) and King Saul Fear, serve, listen to, and not rebel against the Lord THEN It will be well (ESV) APPLICATIONS

(4) Do not blame others for your sins Gen 3:11-13 and I ate Job 19:4 And even if it be true that I have erred, my error remains with myself. Ezek. 18:20 The soul who sins shall die...

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