Finding Talent is as Important as Attracting

Finding Talent is as Important as Attracting

Finding Talent is as Important as Attracting About Shally Steckerl In recruiting since 1996 5 yrs contingency, full desk, million dollar producer 6 years as a corporate sourcing leader 6 years consulting with over 300 organizations Teach 1st ever Univ. capstone Recruitment class Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Nica 94) Raised in Colombia, South America until age 18 Bilingue (Yes, English is my second language) Dual B.S., International Business, RIT Co-founder The Sourcing Institute (was )

Connect at [email protected] and (678) 221-HIRE 1998-2013 Shally Steckerl Logo Soup 1998-2013 Shally Steckerl To reinforce, replenish, renew or restore the talent ranks To Recruit (verb) The Definitive Sourcing Definition Sourcers are recruiters specialized in proactively identifying and engaging with talent not found via traditional means.

Goal = Hire Close candidates Coach perspective Turn pipeline into hires Focus on responsibilities and job environment Manages expectations, processes, policies Business acumen Partner with hiring authority Insightful communicator Interviewer / evaluator Gatekeeper / negotiator Matchmaker / diplomat S ou rci ng

Goal = Hire Conduct research Special Teams perspective Build pipeline Focus on skills and qualifications Easily makes logical leaps Technological acumen Endlessly curious, natural problem solver Intuitive, read between lines Tenaciously persevering Effortlessly coachable Continuous learner R ec ru

iti ng How Sourcing and Recruiting Are Different What sourcing can do for you Understand your customer Being conversant in tricks of the trade makes you a better partner Retains customers by helping them maximize results through you Freeing up budget for them to spend on your solutions High Value High Volume Responsiv e

Specialized Targeted Ads Technical 50% Find Proactive Research Long term Rare Skill Sets 80% Find Defensive Inbound Mainstream Multiple Reqs 80% Attract Low Value

Anticipativ e Agency Pipeline Consultative 50% Attract Low Volume 1998-2013 Shally Steckerl Critical Point of Failure Demonstrate immediate value, positions you as expert

Names of competitor AND similar companies Job title variations, particularly from competitors Synonyms to key terms in the requisition List of possibly relevant organizations, associations, certification, standards or consortiums Similar positions previously filled Backgrounds of successful placements Related technologies, niches, product categories Do not be intimidated, let hiring managers know when there are unrealistic, pie-in-the-sky expectations You directly contribute to the bottom line 1998-2013 Shally Steckerl Pre-search: Kickoff, Briefing, Discovery, Strategy Session, Intake Meeting How to find what to take to meeting: Find niche competitors (large & under-the-radar) at: ZoomInfo company search Jigsaw company search

LinkedIn company search Through Google related: command Job Titles Do a search on a large job aggregators Copy the whole list then sift to relevant ones Validate job titles via LinkedIn and Jigsaw 1998-2013 Shally Steckerl Results in Ten Minutes or less Stop wasting time searching for candidates Dont click on results until your search yields at least 50% useful results at a glance Spend a couple of minutes making adjustments until you are happy with search results Aim for no more than 250 results per search It is impossible to filter out every irrelevant result

1998-2013 Shally Steckerl Keywords are the KEY! Unique terms only your candidate would know Abstruse, rare, technical, obscure terms Significant (relates directly to DOING the job) Action verbs (what do they do? "I ___ ___ for ___") What does hiring team have on THEIR resumes? "Wash out terms" what is it definitely NOT? 1998-2013 Shally Steckerl Search Success Wildcards * expand or broaden "natural phrases" drill down or narrow 5 Rule th

4 Rule rd 3 Rule nd 2 Rule st 1 Rule th Easy on the NOTs, they eliminate good results Put AND before OR, then NOT at the end (max 8 or fewer commands total) Enter terms in order of importance left to right Always nest ORs, logic in (parenthesis) gets solved first (java OR C++) This way to search success 1998-2013 Shally Steckerl Eg. Variations in Top Secret Clearance Crypto / Polygraph

SCI (Secret Compartmentalized) SCI / TK /G / HCS / CI Poly / Lifestyle Poly SCI / G SCI / HCS-P SCI / SBI SCI / HSC SCI / SI SI / TK SI / TK / B SI / TK / HCS SI / TK / HCS / I / P SCI / SIOP SCI / SSBI / SI / TK

SCI / CI Poly (also "CI polygraph) SCI / SSBI / CI Poly SCI / Full Scope / Lifestyle CISP TS / CISP ISSA TS / ISSA SAP TS / SAP SI / TK / B / + TS (Top Secret) TS / SBI TS / CISP TS / ISSA TS / SAP TS / SCI / CI Poly TS / SCI TS / SCI / CI Poly TS / SCI / Lifestyle SCI Lifestyle Poly Full Scope / Lifestyle SSBI (Single Scope) TS/SSBI CI Poly

SCI / TK / G / HCS Lifestyle Poly SCI SCI / SI / TK / G / B / HCS SCI / TK / HCS SCI / B SCI / TK / B / HCS / CI Poly 1998-2013 Shally Steckerl Cleared Search Example "security clearance" OR COMSEC OR declassified OR unclassified OR NOFORN OR ORCON OR ANACI OR NACLC OR SSBI OR SBPR OR ISSA OR SIDA OR Polygraph OR "Counterintelligence Scope" OR "Full Scope" OR FSP OR "Lifestyle Poly" OR DISA OR "DOD Secret OR "restricted secret" OR "secret restricted" OR "Public Trust" OR Special Access" OR "Secured Identification" OR Security Identification" OR TK OR "talent keyhole" OR HCS-P OR "Yankee Fire" OR "Yankee White" OR Yankee Blue" OR "top secret" OR SCI OR "CI Poly" OR "CI Polygraph" OR "Interim Secret" OR "DOE Q" OR "DOE L" OR "Inactive Clearance" OR "in adjudication" 1998-2013 Shally Steckerl Critical Thinking Uncommon Database Search Practices

Searching contact details fields City: (Atlanta OR Norcross OR Duluth) Zip/Postal: (30071 OR 30072 OR 3007*) Home Phone: (770 OR 678 OR 404) Email: ( OR Searching education fields School/Institute: "* institute of technology Field of Study: (BSC* OR Comp*) Searching text in cover letters for references Search past employer for alternate company names Beware parsed or extracted data 1998-2013 Shally Steckerl

Search Engine Commands Look for documents named resume Using intitle: looks for words coded into the HTML title field, frequently the name of the file intitle:resume director software Or saved in locations called resume Using inurl: looks for words in the names of folders or addresses where the file is located inurl:resume director software 1998-2013 Shally Steckerl Other Words for intitle: and inurl: Beyond just resumes, also try words like:

bio, profile, about, us, our team, staff, people, alumni roster, list, directory, members, attendees, board speakers, panel, agenda, officers, minutes Ex: JOB TITLE (intitle:alumni OR intitle:people OR intitle:staff OR intitle:about OR intitle:bio OR intitle:profile OR intitle:team OR intitle:our OR inurl:about OR inurl:bio OR inurl:profile OR inurl:our OR inurl:team OR inurl:alumni OR inurl:people OR inurl:staff) 1998-2013 Shally Steckerl Search Within a Website With site: you can quickly scan content Use job title or function managing director research engineer speakers flexible packaging

1998-2013 Shally Steckerl Search for Resumes with filetype: Use filetype: to find only one kind of document For example Resumes are often written in: MS Word with filetype:doc Adobe with filetype:pdf Rich Text with filetype:rtf Plain text with filetype:txt Online more Resumes are PDF than MS Word With Google you can use only one filetype at a time Bing supports multiple (filetype:doc OR filetype:pdf) Bings contains: command finds attachments 1998-2013 Shally Steckerl Other Documents of Interest

PowerPoint and Excel documents can be very revealing Find presentations with filetype:ppt Search using names, titles, companies, phone or email formats filetype:ppt "Tax Manager" Deloitte Find spreadsheets with filetype:xls filetype:xls accountant (first name OR last name) 1998-2013 Shally Steckerl Cloud Docs Not all images, files, presentations and other documents are found with filetype: searches They are often converted for online sharing via document repositories like Docstoc, Scribd, SlideShare, Google Docs, etc. Search various doc hosts on Bing, just add terms

1998-2013 Shally Steckerl Sourcing Channels 1. Traditional Job Postings and Job Board Resumes 2. Resumes from Search Engines (Google, Bing, etc.) 3. Resumes from companys ATS and/or CRM 4. Recruitment Marketing (SEO/SEM, direct ads, mobile) 5. Deep Web Research (direct sourcing) 6. Professional Associations, Conferences, Non-profit Orgs 7.

University and Corporate Alumni Organizations 8. Specialized Leads Databases (Zoominfo, Jigsaw, etc.) 9. Diversity Communities and Affinity Groups 10. Online Communities (mailing lists, user groups, forums) 11. Online Social Networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Ning) 12. Other Social Media (Blogs, Microblogs) 1998-2013 Shally Steckerl Iterative Example "software engineer" AND "open source" AND C++ = Too many results?

"software engineer" AND Linux AND "open source" AND C++ AND TCP/IP = STILL too many? "software engineer" AND Linux AND "open source" AND C++ AND Ruby AND TCP/IP AND SQL = Too specific? Not enough results? ("software engineer" OR developer) AND (Linux OR UNIX) AND "open source" AND C++ AND TCP/IP AND SQL AND (Ruby OR Perl OR python OR PHP) = Just right? 1998-2013 Shally Steckerl Conferences Find tweets mentioning a conference #hashtag Search, and

Search for people attending(ed) the event Search for old tweets Conferences and meetings getting more social! Plancast searches Twitter, Facebook, Eventbrite, Meetup Lanyrd conference attendees (Ex: Austin Drupal Bash) Find conferences on (nice index of speakers and people) 1998-2013 Shally Steckerl Image Search Zuula Advanced Image search Try job titles and location words Tabs for Google, Bing, and Exalead allow face search

Text used to classify images: a snippet of text before or after the image the anchor text on any link pointing to the image the alt text of the image the image's url TinEye Find people based on certifications, product logos, company logos, application logos and icons, people's photos, building or location photos, etc. (hint: use images found above)

Also and Try and look in the captions! 1998-2013 Shally Steckerl Video People being interviewed by bloggers or the local news can easily spill the beans and give juicy details Search transcripts of video via indexes metadata (titles, intros) from videos and also converts video speech to text, which is then searchable Other powerful video search engines:

Example: "is an iphone developer" "pediatrician at" kernel virtualization Package them in a CSE (like this: 1998-2013 Shally Steckerl Username Search Is their username used elsewhere? (159 sites) (60+ sites) (120+ sites) Also check and Look through the comments on blogs with and WatchThatPage keeps track of changes on sites Find job titles in signature files on: Big Boards (huge list of online discussion groups) BoardReader (forum search engine) 1998-2013 Shally Steckerl Maximizing Resources Remove repetitive or administrative burdens to hire faster Your new technology replaces repetitive tasks, or more costly older technology, frees up recruiters time to focus on whats important Recruiters have room to focus on fit, become experts and partners

Reduced friction means more recruitment time is spent driving hiring processes and more directly impacting the business 1998-2013 Shally Steckerl Relating To Executive Leadership Time Is reduction of time-to-fill important? Information bloat leads to analysis paralysis. No time to source? NOT doing it right! Money Is reduction of cost important? Economies of scale plug the money sinkhole of unused resources. Cost-not-to-hire: add up revenue lost from unfilled positions. Take productive output of an average day in this role, extrapolate that out to a full years worth of productive days (approx. 260 working days / year) Risk Is there pain in positions going unfilled? Sourcing is the best way to increase quality of hire. Sourcing identifies talent with confidentiality when necessary.

1998-2013 Shally Steckerl Illustrate Outcomes, NOT Activities! Exalead Public search at Supports truncation (stemming): engineer* (engineered, engineers, engineering, etc.) Works with the usual suspects intitle:, inurl:, filetype:, link:, site:, etc. Phonetic Applies Search: soundslike:, spellslike: NEXT and NEAR operators for proximity search

Examples: (intitle:resume OR inurl:resume) c++ (design* OR develop*) NEAR/6 portal* tuning NEAR/2 DB2 re: from to date Date-specific search with after: or before: (uses DD/MM/YYYY) Example: (intitle:resume | inurl:resume) sox audit cpa after :10/02/2007 (note use of 2-digit month and day) 1998-2013 Shally Steckerl Spam free, fully customizable social search engine Introduces /tags (slashtags)

Quickly create and share a collection of websites to search Upload a list of sites (plain .txt or .opml) Search for sites to add (or expand on existing /tags) Find a site or tag you like, ad it to your own slashtag(s) Too Lost? Enter /help or add /view to see what a tag does Too Cool? Gotta have it on your iDevice? Get Izik! 1998-2013 Shally Steckerl Basic /blekko /add Quickly create and share a collection of websites to search

Search for sites or /tags to borrow or add to your own Upload a list of sites in .txt or .opml Share publically or collaborate privately with others on a custom search /people-search /likes Searches your Facebook friends likes /me

Only people profiles! Searches 48 websites worth of awesome Go to and edit your profile /view /tagname See what a slashtag does 1998-2013 Shally Steckerl Slashtags Full list /likes search only your Facebook friends likes /edu searches Universities & Collegesso what does /gov do? /blog searches typepad, wordpress, tumblr, etc., /forum finds online discussions /images and /video search onlyyup, you guessed it

Operators (commands) /people nothing but profiles! (different than /people-search) /date search a slice of time and sort by freshness or with /dr sort by relevance /date="Nov 3, 2010-Nov 2, 2011" or /date= "Nov 3, 2011" /similar gets more pages "like this one" and /links brings back sites that "link to this one" /rss when added makes a search into an instant RSS feed 1998-2013 Shally Steckerl DuckDuckGo Why bother? Because it !bangs No tracking means no "filter bubble"

Supports site: inbody: intitle: filetype: Search a country with region:za !bangs are search shortcuts you use frequently, like: Big sites such as !youtube, !twitter, and !facebook General content like !images, or get specific with !gi for Google Images, !bi for Bing Images, !gmail your Gmail inbox, and !m searches Maps Company info from !jigsaw Dozens of reference sites at once with !allexperts Social !bangs, including:

!123p!bsocial !diaspora !dmoz ! !fb (facebook) !flashback !flattr !fonplus !fotolog ! foursquare !friendster !ggroups !greplin !hi5 !highrec !identica !jetwick !jumpr !li (LinkedIn) !myspace !r !scoop !shoutitout !tweetgrid !tw (Twitter) !tweet (Tweets) !wink ! xanga !xing Full listing at: 1998-2013 Shally Steckerl FeFoo A search app (not an engine) Loads a toolbar in your browser Search with commands, like: :i image search ;fl just flickr images :p search for people info :tw real-time twitter search :do search .pdf, .doc, etc.

1998-2013 Shally Steckerl Deep Web Search Engines excellent for competitive intelligence the "search engine" search engine Big Data: and searchbrowse, multiview, custom bar Eliminates the top 1 million popular sites Searches everything else (very cool ) non profit form 990 1998-2013 Shally Steckerl Magazines and Periodicals

Names of people mentioned in interviews, as article authors, members of organizations, award winners Software Engineer US Black Engineer & IT "CPA for|with|at Deloitte 1998-2013 Shally Steckerl Connect! @sourcinginst CyberSleuths World class structured adult learning and certification for Recruiters and Sourcers

Both live instructor-lead courses and online self-directed true adult e-learning designed around real life tasks, problems and situations SourcingInst Sourcing Institute Curriculum SourcingKB Only what you need to know to recruit more effectively and with greater job satisfaction Graduates frequently benefit from expanded responsibilities, increased influence, and peer recognition for their achievement +1 (855) 839-7687 m

265 Mitchell Rd. #745 Norcross, GA 30071 1998-2013 Shally Steckerl Book Pre-order Form The Talent Sourcing and Recruitment Handbook will be published in the summer of 2013 and will retail for $129.95. However, if you place your order before June 1, 2013, you will receive a one-time 20 percent discount. And, if you buy 5 or more copies before June 1, 2013, you will receive an additional 10 percent discount. About the Author Shally Steckerl is a global recruiting leader who has created a way to successfully embed key talent identification and engagement initiatives into existing recruitment efforts. The innovative breakthrough in his method has been standardizing sustainable competitive advantages which have allowed global Fortune 100 companies and employers of all sizes to maintain leadership in their sector, based solely on their talent.

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