Fall 2016 Edition Deans Funding Workshop for Fulton

Fall 2016 Edition Deans Funding Workshop for Fulton

Fall 2016 Edition Deans Funding Workshop for Fulton Student Organizations agenda { Optional funding sources Deans Funding

Eligibility Proposals Requirements who are we? Engineering Deans Office Academic and Student Affairs Fulton Student Engagement identify different funding sources learn how to apply for

Deans Funding todays goals know how to manage Deans Funding Be prepared to write a proposal and final report Consider this Orgs financial status? Got money in the bank? Can you access it?

Change of officer form Does the advisor get statements? Whered you get your money? USG? SFAB? Deans Funding? Corporate donations? Individual donations? Fantastic fundraisers? Total failures? Any advice for fellow orgs?

Questions for the crowd? You need to know where you came from in order to know where youre going Deans Funding Tempe-USG: Undergraduate Student Government funding types Donations

Poly-SFAB: Student Fee Allocation Board Pitchfunder Campaigns miscellaneous Campus Funding options Tempe-USG: 4 appropriation cycles/year with different funding options Poly-SFAB: can vary, check the site Pitchfunder campaigns: designed to empower the ASU community to raise the funds they need for the projects, events, and organizations

theyre passionate about. Org initiatives: dues, national organization support, book sales, FSO eat nights, garage sales, car washes, etc. Donations Where does it go? What does it require? Ways to Receive Donations Online: Some organizations have their own ASU Foundation account and online giving page. Online: Orgs who do not have or need an ASU

Foundation account can receive donations via Make a Gift. Via Check: Mail it to ASU with a donation letter FSO receiving donations Donations can be from an individual or corporation All donations require a donation letter or email stating name, company, amount and what the funds can be used for Donations are charged a

5% fee from ASU Foundation (not the 8.5% ASC) Donation Letter Example Dear ASU, I am donating one million dollars to Fulton Student Engagement to use for programs that serve Fulton Student Organizations. Sincerely, George Jetson Digital Index Operator

Spacelys Space Sprockets [email protected] Giving Page: How to submit a donation 1. Submit the donation through the ASU Foundation: Make a Gift. 2. AND Submit a donation email or letter to Cortney Loui with the company, contact information (address, phone, email), donation amount and what the funds can be used for. Submit to [email protected] or in ECF 130-Tempe. 3. The ASU Foundation will follow up with the donor for the tax deductible information.

Donation as a check? If the donor wants to submit a donation as a check, it must be addressed ASU-Foundation If this is not included, the donation cannot be deposited. The check and donation letter should be mailed to ASU Foundation Attention: Cash Receipting P.O. Box 2260 Tempe, AZ 85280-2260 Funds will be transferred to the NA9 gift account.

The process can take approximately a month. Deans funding: the Fulton Deans Office loves FSOs amount: varies each year BUT is steadily increasing purpose: supporting orgs, events, activities

and supplies for the Fulton community { meet IRA, our Deans Funding standard Interaction Recognition Academic

Deans Funding Eligibility: the IRA Standard { Encourage interaction with faculty / staff / professional org Bring prestige and recognition to the Ira. A. Fulton Schools of

Engineering Enhance the engineering education of students travel to compete/present faculty/industry networking event company tour

transportation we fund this! competition supplies K-12 outreach supplies org T-shirts food for genl body meetings

we dont fund this! laptops, other expensive electronics travel to conference just for fun promotional items pop quiz the is this eligible? game If my future were determined just by my performance on a standardized

test, I wouldn't be here. I guarantee you that. - Michelle Obama o-rings to build a rocket to go to competition? yes! IRA all the way! honorarium for an industry speaker? yes! interaction and academic candy for

passport to asu? no. not Fulton-focused attending a regional conference? no. you gotta do more than sit with Deans Funding camera for pictures? no. it can grow legs and walk away You CAN request a Fulton

photographer for your event! K-12 outreach kits? yes! IRA domination! 2 Deans Funding application periods: fall and spring Be a n Be a red org te

s i g e -r U S A regi ster ed F SO

to be eligible d e d n Fu ? e r o

bef 0 1 n a th s s e l no ts

n i o p DF t o n f i fy i

t o n t didn pting $$ acce it m b u s didnt port

e final r nd e p s t didn ! $ $ e

th Fall 2016: application due online by noon September 2 I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by. Douglas Adams funding is competitive: $2K max/org

Provide the basics: e-board contact info membership list need to be 60% Fulton students and primarily undergraduates faculty advisor approval DF Proposals have: org description semester goals overall budget request fundraising plans

expense breakdown description / impact / evaluation Use the template provided. Its designed for your success! Overall budget request Deans Funding Overall Budget Request Expense Item # Expense Item Name Expense 1 2 3

4 Total Expenses Heres your template. Now just fill it in! Overall budget request example Deans Funding Overall Budget Request Expense Item # Expense Item Name Expense 1 Dinner with the Professors

$360 2 K-12 Outreach Activity $175 3 Industry Info Session & Mixer $1000 4 Total Expenses

$1535 You plug in the major category estimated expenses Budget expense #1 Expense #1 (Expense Title) Line Item # Line Item Name

Expense 1 2 3 4 Total Expense The itemized template Budget expense #1 example

Expense #1 Dinner with the Professors Line Item # Line Item Name Expense 1 Chips, buns, burgers, brownies $300

2 Soda, water $60 3 4 Total Expense $360 Update it with your needs, such as food, outreach supplies, relevant dcor, competition supplies, travel, etc.

Budget expense #2 example Expense #2 K-12 Outreach Activity Line Item # Line Item Name Expense

1 Piezo Popper Kit Magnets used for superconductor, paramagnetic graphite 2 demo, and water dipole $10 3 Paramagnetic graphite Gallium to show corrosion in aluminum and can be used in 4 thermal demos $30 Total Expense

$35 $100 $175 Include the name of the project and the total for the expenses. Budget expense #3 example Expense #3 Industry Info Session & Mixer

Line Item # Line Item Name Expense 1 University Club room rental $150 2 Appetizers

$550 3 Speaker honorarium $300 4 Total Expense $1000 Think about all those little details that matter. Do you need to rent the room? Pay the speaker? Plan for tax expenses?

projects: do this! describe how it meets IRAs standard be specific describe what is already planned list confirmed and tentative dates Make it clear why your request matters and that youre ready to put your Deans Funding to work! projects: dont do this! request $$ for projects that we dont fund request $$ for projects outside of the semester

(prepping for the event is acceptable, ex: competition prep) assume we know what youre talking about Make it clear why your request matters and that youre ready to put your Deans Funding to work! Our organization plans to host a large faculty-student mixer on October 10, 2016. Students will not only have the opportunity to interact with faculty members, but will also be able to enhance their engineering education. By conversing with faculty, they will be exposed to various research areas the professors work in and could learn of research positions in the facultys lab. Additionally, they will have more experience in

approaching and talking to professionals, which is critical in the students career. Project/Activity Description: Dinner with the Professors This outreach activity is meant to trigger the curiosity of younger audiences and educate them through meaningful and fun visual experiments. Magnets and graphite are used to better explain superconductivity, and Gallium is used to demonstrate corrosion. We plan to present these activities to five local middle schools, including (list schools).

Project/Activity Description: K-12 Outreach Activity In collaboration with our local chapter, we will be hosting Mr. Smith, a lead engineer in Aircraft Configuration Design for the Boeing Company. In addition, local professionals will be in attendance. After networking and dinner, Mr. Smith will give a presentation on current challenges facing the airline industry. There will be an opportunity to ask questions about the presentation and the speakers experience in industry. Project/Activity Description: Industry Speaker

impact of funding 1. why does it matter? 2. how many people will it affect? 3. is there a lasting impact? evaluation methods how will you know if your event is successful? what are your attendance goals? list your planned # of K-12 visits and students track and provide quantifiable data for final report Think about how you will determine if your project was successful.

Youll communicate that information in your final report! Deans funding timeline: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. President/Treasurer submits FSO proposal by noon, 9/2 Student Engagement contacts president with funding decision

President submits agreement by the deadline Funds transferred to your org account Student Engagement communicates deadlines throughout semester Deans Funding Checklist Funded orgs work with Cortney Loui to manage funds Send a representative to the monthly Fulton Student Council meetings Volunteer for 10 Deans Funding points Submit funding requests by noon on 12/2. Unspent funds will be removed from the account at the end of the

semester. Submit your Deans Funding Final Report by noon on 12/12 Didnt meet the requirements? Your group will be ineligible or penalized for Deans Funding in the following semester. need to change the project funded? talk to Cortney Loui We want to make sure youre meeting the IRA standard, and meeting your FSOs goals, too! volunteer for

events here eligible events are sponsored by Engineering Deans Office Student Engagement Fulton Student Council its a weighted points sy stem the organization

minimum = 10% of active membership Points based on: time spent volunteering # of members Nature of the event Submit the online Deans Funding Volunteer ing Points Submission form The events that do not require a volunteering form are listed on the

online form. Enjoy! final report: flipped version of the proposal what happened? Tell us what you did with your Deans Funding the successes and failures, the impact made, and how you met your goals. final report assess how FSO met their goals list DF events FSO volunteered for budget breakdown- what was spent?

Give us the inside loop on what worked and what didnt work. What are you proud of? Is there room for improvement? project/activity assessment detailed expense report for each project project(s) description(s) and lessons learned describe the impact who benefited? #s, such as attendance, competition results, survey results, fundraisers, etc. Didnt do any activity? Replaced it with a different activity? Talk about both here.

What does your FSO need to do maintain Deans Funding eligibility?? 1. Spend the money by the deadline 2. Volunteer for 10 Deans Funding points 3. Represent at the Fulton Student Council meetings 4. Submit the FSO final report by the deadline 5. Work with USE for guidance Review time!

{ USEs role train you on policies & procedures assist with managing Fulton accounts offer officer development events student org advising finances

recruitment event-planning retention and more! other opportunities Fulton Undergraduate Research Initiative (FURI) conduct research with a Fulton faculty mentor. Grand Challenge Scholars Program endorsed by ASU and the National Academy of Engineering. Includes: Research - Service learning Interdisciplinary coursework - Entrepreneurship Global experience/courses

Engineering Projects in Community Service (EPICS) social entrepreneurship program where teams design, build, and deploy ideas to solve engineeringbased problems for charities, schools and other not-for-profits Study Abroad connect with various study abroad opportunities Startup Center get connected with signature entrepreneurship and innovation courses, workshops, expert mentoring, new venture competitions, and other curricular and extra-curricular events. Get connected. Make a difference. Talk with us to learn more! Amy Sever Associate Director Student Engagement

[email protected] 480-727-8713 Cortney Loui Coordinator Student Engagement [email protected] 480-965-3765 Terri Beck Coordinator Student Engagement [email protected]

480-727-6761 You can connect with us in person in Tempe-ECF 130, via email, [email protected], or even on the FSO Facebook page!

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