Welcome to Year 4 Fantastic Mr Fox and

Welcome to Year 4 Fantastic Mr Fox and

Welcome to Year 4 Fantastic Mr Fox and Minpins Year 4 Team Mr Carney Class Teacher- Fantastic Mr Fox Miss Webster Class Teacher The Minpins Mrs Arrowsmith Learning Support Practitoner 2x Final Year Students from LJMU (October February) YEAR 4 EXPECTATIONS AS A LEARNER Self Managers

Enjoy challenges, especially open ended or deeper thinking ones. Try different ways to solve a problem. Prioritise the most important things that need doing. Welcome opportunities to take on added responsibility. Organise own time. Not put off by changes that may occur to normal routine. Describe own strengths and weaknesses. Effective Participators Persuade others to accept a proposal even though others may not at first agree with the suggestion. Know that their ideas can help other people. Decide when they need time out or thinking time to deal with emotions. Determined not to give in too easily.

Manage disappointments and keep emotions in check. Resourceful Thinkers Ask questions to check understanding. Tenacious when things get difficult. Sort and classify information and check it for clarity. Draw inference and make deductions from a range of sources. Give alternative solutions or explanations. Describe effective learning and compare to own learning. Reflective Learners Value and use feedback that helps to improve quality of work and learning. Review learning and identify a factor that could help make them a more effective learner. Use more than one piece of evidence to support their learning.

Independent Enquirers Follow up a question to gain clarification. Use more than one piece of evidence to support their findings. Complete a task without reminders from others. Break down complex ideas into steps. Make lists when helpful to do so. Sort information and choose what is most relevant. Team Workers Take on a specific allocated role in a group. Respect and tolerate values and beliefs of others in a joint activity. Communicate capably as a team member. Keep focused on a task and avoid distractions.

Respect opinion of others when different from their own. EXPECTATIONS EXPECTATIONS LEARNING CHALLENGE CURRICULUM Topic based learning: English History Geography D&T What choices do we have to keep our

bodies healthy? Maths Art Music Computing ENGLISH IN YEAR 4 Writing for a purpose making links to Learning Challenge Curriculum stories with issues and dilemmas, problems and how are they solved. Key text Leave Me Alone (1.1), Chronicles of Narnia (1.2) Guided Reading/Reciprocal Reading delivered over the course of the week and used to develop

decoding and comprehension skills. ENGLISH IN YEAR 4 Stories with Issues and Dilemmas, Newspapers, Poetry, Stories with Imaginary Settings. Spellings tion, sion, cian; ture, cher, sure; -ous suffix; -ly suffix and other rules can be found on the year group website page half-termly spelling booklet. Presentation Book contracts and signed, agreed to and should be adhered to. Handwriting should be worked on to ensure writing is legible and fitting with school policy and curriculum requirements. END OF YEAR EXPECTATIONS

Reading: Comprehension and Understanding Give a personal point of view on a text. Can re-explain a text with confidence. Prediction, inference & deduction Justify inferences with evidence, predicting what might happen from details stated or implied. Intonation and Expression

Use appropriate voices for characters within a story. Grammatical Features Identify how sentence type can be changed by altering word order, tenses, adding/deleting words or amending punctuation. Research Skims & scans to locate information and/or answer a question. END OF YEAR EXPECTATIONS Writing:

Sentence & text structure Vary sentence structure, using different openers. Use adjectival phrases (e.g. biting cold wind). Appropriate choice of noun or pronoun. Punctuation Apostrophe for singular & plural possession. Comma after fronted adverbial (e.g. Later that day, I heard bad news.). Use commas to mark clauses. Paragraphing Use connectives to link paragraphs.

Handwriting Legible, joined handwriting of consistent quality. NUMERACY Singapore maths Maths No Problem! Encouraging children to develop use of their reasoning skills; explaining their mathematical understanding and application of knowledge. Areas of learning this term: Place value counting to 10,000; Addition and Subtraction within 10,000; Multiplication and Division within 10,000; Further Multiplication and Division; Graphs; Fractions

(decimals); Time (24 hour) Presentation of work book contracts are agreed and must be followed we encourage children to respect and take pride for their learning. END OF YEAR EXPECTATIONS Numeracy: Counting & ordering Count backwards through zero to include negative numbers. Compare & order numbers beyond 1000.

Compare & order numbers with 2 decimal places. Read Roman numerals to 100. Numbers & more/less Tables & multiples Find 1000 more/less than a given number. Place value & rounding Recognise Place value of any 4-digit number. Round any number to the nearest 10, 100 or 1000. Round decimals with 1 decimal place to nearest whole number. Calculations +/-

Add & subtract: o Numbers with up to 4-digits using efficient written method (column). o Numbers with up to 1decimal place. Calculations x/ Multiply 2 o 3 number by 1-digit Divide 3-digit by 1-digit Fractions & percentages Count up/down in hundredths. Write equivalent fractions +/- fractions with same denominator.

Time Read, write & convert time between analogue & digital 12 & 24 hour clocks. Count in multiples of 6, 7, 9, 25 & 1000. Recall & use multiplication & division facts all tables to 12x12. HOMEWORK Bug Club updated with a book each week (Monday) and spelling and grammar games added as and when appropriate to support in class learning. MyMaths Updated each week (Monday), homework to reflect and support in class learning. Learning Logs set fortnightly and shared in class

to support learning challenge and other in class learning. This is school policy, any issues with policy should PHYSICAL EDUCATION Tuesday and Wednesday remember to wear your P.E. Kits on these days. Swimming for 9 weeks after Christmas. Areas covered this term include: Outdoor and Adventurous Dance Gymnastics Invasion Games HEALTHY MINDS Water bottles Children have access all day.

Morning break snack healthy snack. Healthy School Meals. Healthy lunchboxes. Classroom Plan Our Class Charter BEHAVIOUR AND DISCIPLINE Positive rewards marbles in jar, Dojo points. Star of the week, Work of the week star of the week to reflect core value for each half term current core value is Respect. First warning name on the board. Second warning 5 minutes back at play. Final Warning miss play (or ten minutes at

lunchtime) recorded on behaviour log. Phase leader Mr Long (Assistant head/Y3 ART OF BRING BRILLIANT Being a 2%er creating positive learners and positive children. Taking responsibility increased independence Random Acts of Kindness and Spreading Positivity. Rephrasing your questioning What went well today? Thursday 2nd November Mrs Mitchell information meeting. THANK YOU

We look forward to getting to know you all! Feel free to stay and ask any questions. Parents of Children in Minpins can make their way upstairs to see their classoom now.

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