The triumph of American Industry! 1865-1900.. Background: Gilded

The triumph of American Industry! 1865-1900..  Background:  Gilded

The triumph of American Industry! 1865-1900.. Background: Gilded Age

2nd American Revolution Why were most of the richest Americans ever born in the 1800s?

Laissez faire economics. Government hands off Lack of regulation Failure to enforce regulation

No personal income tax. Worried critics decry the

similarities between the corruption-laden late 19thcentury American Gilded Age and the crony capitalism of today.

Factors leading to industrialization Civil War First modern war.

Steel, rails, cannons. The war forces the North to Industrialize. Industrialization receives support from the public, congress, the Supreme Court and the media!

Factors leading to industrialization Agricultural Revolution Productivity increases

Technology to make up for smaller workforce. steel plow, mechanical reaper, grain elevators. With this technology farmers can feed urban centers and a new market is opened up:

The farm implement market. Factors leading to industrialization Key natural resources located in convenient

areas. Coal, iron-ore, copper, timber Factors leading to industrialization

Technological Advancements Telephone, electric lights, internal combustion.. Factors leading to industrialization

Large Labor Force USA Population 1870: 38.5 Million USA Population 1890: 76 Million

Population increases through immigration and child bearing. 12 million immigrants come to America between 1870-1890!

Factors leading to industrialization Rapidly Expanding Markets Increased demand for industrial goods.

Domestic and Foreign Markets expand! Steel is king! Factors leading to industrialization

Capital Capital is financial investment into an industry. Capital is provided by: IndividualsAmerican and Foreign

Americans save and invest 13% of their income US government Banks

Factors leading to industrialization Great Managerial Skills Related to outstanding education and literacy* *as compared with the rest of the world

Factors leading to industrialization America avoids any foreign war (1865-1898) Very little is spent on national defense.

**All these factors come together at the right time leading to an explosion in national economic output!

Writing prompt: Describe the most interesting person, event or thing from your research project:

Present your Poem. When we finish, start reading 169-175. take notes, feel free to annotate in the book! Open notes quiz over reading and notes

tomorrow. Open Notes Quiz-reading pp. 169-175 Zinn

1. Identify 4 inventions or innovations that occurred during this time period. (list) 2. What happened in Rock Springs Wyoming in 1885? (short intelligent sentence)

3. Why were efficient businessmen of the late nineteenth century sometimes called Robber Barons? (short intelligent sentence)

NEW YEAR RESOLUTION? Do you believe in them? Why or why not?

Did you make one? Case Studies:

1. Cornelius Vanderbilt 2. Gustavus Swift

3. James Duke 4. F.W. Woolworth 5. Gail Borden

Why Is Vanderbilt Significant?

1. Rags to Riches Story 2. ShippingShips and Railroads

3. minimize costs, maximize profits 4. Monopoly Foreshadows new business ethic Undersell, buy out, raise prices

5.Established Vanderbilt University, 1877 SPLIT TODAY


Why is Gustavus Swift Significant?

1. Meat Packing genius 2. Railroad

3. Industrialized meat packing 4. Known for 3 important trends: Uniformity Specialization

Integrated large scale industry economy of scale Why is Gail Borden Significant?

1. Recognizes the need for portable foodstuff Meat Biscuit #nastynasty

2. Condensing Borden Condensed Milk Company Infant mortality

3. Mobility James Duke? 1. 1880s- American Tobacco Co.

2. Cigarette Ideal industrialized society vice 3. Advertising

Cigarette cards Green Stamps F.W. WOOLWORTH

1. 1890S-5 and Dime Store 2. Display, Impulse, quantity over quality 3. 1913-builds the tallest building in the world!

4. Creates the model for modern stores: JC Penny's, Sears, Wal-mart Significance of Industrialization

1. Redefines supply and demand. Excessive market power by corporations. Monopolies (horizontal, vertical, bi-lateral)

2. Destroys classical American Individualism. Individual is deemphasized Harder to break out of poverty

Significance, continued 3. Creates new trends toward discipline and order. Decrease in:

Leisure time, traditions, creativity, Pride in work, quality of products. Increase in:

Discipline, Order, Inculcation education, Boredom, Alcoholism, Savings (economical and emotional), Middle Class* John Harvey Kellogg

Sylvanus Stall (18 October 1847 6 November 1915) was a United States Lutheran pastor, most famous for his 1897 sex education and anti-masturbation book What A Young Boy Ought To Know and its many sequels. Stall was born in Ellisville, New York.

What a Young Woman, Young Man, Young Wife, Young Man and a Man of 45 Ought to Know!

Significance continued 3. (continued)new trends toward discipline and order. This emphasis on saving, both economically and

emotionally creates a middle class! Families have fewer kids, can afford a home & college 4. The Populist and Progressive movements

Organized labor movement Push back on Industry.. Video

Start compiling a list of the following: 1. Why famous and or infamous 2. Characteristics

Open Notes Quiz. Create a poem, rap or song which identifies the significance of at least four of the nine

factors which led to American Industrialization (1865-1900). Work with the people at your table. Use YOUR notesno electronic devices

You have 10 minutes.Go. Everyone will present on Thursday Open Notes Quiz- *Identify 2 reasons why each of the following people

are Significant to our study of industrialization: 1. Cornelius Vanderbilt 2. Gustuvus Swift 3. Gail Borden

4. James Duke Why Did Industrialization lead to an increase in Discipline and Order? Identify and explain two ways

this effected people negatively and 2 ways it effected people positively.

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