E4 Quarterly Update Q1 E4 Highlights E4 saw

E4 Quarterly Update Q1 E4 Highlights E4 saw

E4 Quarterly Update Q1 E4 Highlights E4 saw a 5.4% share of 16-34s in Q1, taking a higher share than ITV2, Channel 5, and Comedy Central. E4 continued its growth QoQ, with adult share up 7%, and 16-34 Share up 12% vs. 2017 Q4 E4 took a higher average peak Share (6.0%) for 16-34s, than ITV2 (4.3%). In peak time, E4 had an average weekly reach of 25.0% or 16-34s (3.6m), which is up 5.7% on QoQ. E4 has more than double (1.9m) the amount of likes on Facebook than ITV 2 (441K) and more than 10 times more than ITVBe (98K) For 16-34s, E4 indexes much higher than Disney Channel, ITV2, ITV Be, Sky One, Sky Atlantic and Sky Living E4 reaches 49% of 16-34s a month (7.1M) and 44% of ABC1 1634s (3.5M) Sources: BARB/TechEdge Q1 2018 (peak share 1700-2300), *1+ reach, 3 mins continuous

E4 is young and upmarket upmarket 60 16+ audience profile (%): 55 50 %ABC1 45 40 35 30 0 10 20 30 40 downmark older %16et Source: BARB/TechEdge, Q1 2018, base: all adults, all time, size based on adult 34 50 avg. audience

60 younge r E4 has strong 16-34 reach Avg. monthly reach 16-34 (%) 74.9 70.5 55.5 51.4 53.1 45.3 30.1 28.0 48.7 29.0 31.8 13.6 ITV Avg. weekly reach 16-34 (%) CH4 CHANNEL 5ITV2

E4 29.3 11.6 27.8 14.8 DAVE MORE4 SKY 1 24.9 25.8 10.4 12.8 14.3 6.2 Film4 CCentral ITVBe 13.7 1.5 8.9 5.3 3.1 4.7 ITV3 Sky AtlanticSky 2 Source: BARB/TechEdge, Q1 2018, reach condition = minimum 3 consecutive mins viewing. ITV includes

Breakfast + HD E4 reaches more 16-34s than competing media By month vs. E4 (000s) 7,108 978 746 Source: *BARB/TechEdge, Q12018 Average Monthly reach 16-34s. minimum 3 mins consecutive viewing. *GB TGI, 01/17 12/17, 16-34s. AIR of magazines. Base = All Adults. Audience Insight Top 10 biggest programmes for 16-34s on E4 Programme title Average 000s 1 THE BIG BANG THEORY 991 2


7 8 9 10 Source: BARB/TechEdge, Q1 2018, highest occurrence. Top 10 converting for 16-34s on programmes E4 Programme title Index 1 FILM: THE RUGRATS MOVIE (1998) 259 2 STREETMATE 244 HOLLYOAKS: GAY DADS FOREVER BABY DADDY FILM: STUART LITTLE 2 NEW GIRL HOLLYOAKS

RUDE(ISH) TUBE BROOKLYN NINE NINE CELEBS GO DATING 243 227 218 210 208 199 199 193 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Source: BARB/TechEdge, Q1 2018, highest occurrence E4 viewers are ambitious, image conscious & commercially receptive E4 Viewers Are highly connected and feel the need to check social networking sites every day (i=154) and couldnt live without the internet on their mobile phone (i=150)

They are ambitious and want to get to the very top in their career (i=175) and many would like to set up their own business one day (i=147) Like to go out to trendy places to eat and drink (i=161), spend a lot on clothes (i=173), keep up with the latest fashions (i=157) like to listen to new bands (i= 129) and cant resist expensive perfume or aftershave (i= 153) Theyre early adopters and love buying new gadgets (i=142) and tend to buy the latest products before their friends (i=154) and like to stand out from the crowd (i=134) Celebrities influence their purchase decisions (i=167), they are commercially receptive, saying they often notice product/brands on TV shows (i=147), are tempted to buy products theyve seen advertised (i=157) and search for products theyve seen advertised while watching TV (i=156) Source: GB TGI, 01/17-12/17, base = All Adults.. E4 viewer defined as 1 st Fav Channel is E4; definitely agree/tend to agree with

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