What is CAFE? Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence

What is CAFE? Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence

What is CAFE? Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence January 22nd, 2018 CAFE Mission The Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence promotes the success of Missouri S&T faculty as teachingscholars at all stages of their careers Overview

Personnel & location History Activities Professional development events Early Career Faculty programs and resources Funding for travel, educational research minigrants, eFellows grants Research and scholarship resources Teaching and pedagogy resources

Service and leadership resources CAFE Personnel Chair Larry Gragg Curators Distinguished Teaching Professor, History & Political Science Diane

Hagni Office Support Assistant III Co-Chair Wayne Huebner Professor, Materials Science and Engineering Abby Bigg CERTI Coordinator Location: 207 Norwood Hall

History / Focus Created in the Spring of 2017 by Provost Robert Marley to provide a focal point for faculty development from hire to retire. Initial goals: #1 - determine what the specific challenges are for faculty development at S&T #2 - determine how best to use center resources to address identified challenges #3 perform an exhaustive review of faculty development literature and best practices at other universities History / Focus

The final product of this extensive effort will be a comprehensive report to the provost on conditions at Missouri S&T and recommendations on how best to enhance faculty development at all stages of careers. CAFE will direct a year-long forum with sessions devoted to teaching, research, and campus culture for not just our newest faculty members, but all probationary faculty. Initially-Defined Duties: CAFE Chair Perform gap analysis of campus contributions to faculty education and development Coordinate with existing faculty development and support offices

Work with deans and associate deans to apply cross campus and college-specific faculty development opportunities Assume responsibilities of the freshman faculty forum head Identify new opportunities for faculty education and development, including external funding. Initially-Defined Duties: Co-Chair Coordinate existing faculty development offerings

Early faculty development Teaching and learning programs (including e-Fellows) New Faculty Orientation Early Career Faculty Forums NTT faculty development CERTI EdTech Instructional Services Serve as co-chair for 18 months, then as chair for 18 months

Perform literature review of best practices Interviews Those who assess faculty performance President Mun Choi, Chancellor Chris Maples Provost Robert Marley , Dean Steve Roberts, Interim Dean Richard Brow, Dean Richard Wlezien Associate Deans Kate Drowne, Yinfa Ma, Bruce McMillin, and John Myers Chairs of Campus P&T Committees, 2013-2017: Jerry Cohen, Cihan Dagli, John McManus, and Daniel Forciniti Chairs: Daryl Beetner, Matt OKeefe, Suzy Long, David Duvernell, George Markowsky, Joel Burken, David Borrok, Muthanna Al-Dahan, Braden Lusk, Jim Drallmeier, Shannon Fogg, Susan Murray, Keng Siau, Kris Swenson, Audra Merfeld-Langston, Greg Hilmas, and Steve

Clark First-Year Faculty Next Steps Continue interviews with first-year faculty Begin interviewing faculty at additional levels: post-3rd-year review, post-mandatory tenure year, associate professors and professors at least 5 years in rank. Best Practices / Literature Getting the Word Out Meetings with key individuals & groups (e.g. Department Chairs Council)

Interviews with key stakeholders Early Career Faculty Forums Postcard and article through the marketing and communications department Monthly quad charts for the provost to present to the Faculty Senate Providing boilerplate faculty development sections for upcoming ABET self studies / HLC accreditation Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence CAFE December 2017 Update Major Accomplishments

Early Career Faculty Forums: November 15th: Setting Clear Expectations for Your Class (7 faculty) November 20th: Walking Through Tenure and Promotion at S&T (16 faculty from 11 depts) Major Accomplishments CAFE website up and running (http://cafe.mst.edu) Completed interviews with individuals who assess faculty performance; literature review. Travel grants: 19 applications received by December 1st deadline; decisions on 12/13/17 Immediate Plans

Interviews with faculty who underwent 3 rd year reviews last spring; continued literature review Issues / Concerns Nothing major; activities designed to continue building momentum and awareness of CAFE December 6th: The A, B, Cs of Distance Education (11 faculty) November 14th presentation to the Department Chairs Council November 28th presentation to the CArEE junior

faculty December 4th: Review Meeting with the CAFE Steering Committee Upcoming Events December 15th : meeting with K. Erickson to discuss New Faculty Teaching Scholars December 21st: tele-presence meeting with UM VP Steve Graham to discuss system-wide efforts; midcareer faculty January 22nd: What is CAFE? CERTI joined CAFE effective Nov. 1, 2017

Major Accomplishments to Date Interviews of those who assess faculty performance (31) Interviews of new faculty (ongoing) New Faculty Orientation Early Career Faculty Forums (9) $17,700 in professional development travel funds awarded to 18 probationary faculty Promotion and tenure event Literature review (ongoing) CAFE website launched cafe.mst.edu Online seminar about faculty mentoring

Fall 2017 Early Career Faculty Forums Meeting August 23 September 6 September 20 September 20 October 4 October 18 November 1 November 15 November 20 December 6

Location Library 204 Library 204 Topic Finding a Mentor University of Missouri Research Board Advising 101 The Basics of Advising Library 204 Students Chancellors New Faculty Reception with the Chancellor Residence

at 5:30 p.m. Scholarly Communications: Spreading the Library 204 Word Library 204 Proposal Budgeting and Cost Sharing Library 204 Grant Award Management Library 204 Setting Clear Expectations for Your Class Havener Carver/ Walking Through Tenure and Promotion at Turner S&T, 10 a.m.-2:30 p.m.

Library 204 The A, B, Cs of Distance Education CAFE Website Launched: cafe.mst.edu Walking Through Promotion and Tenure Workshop November 2017 New Faculty Orientation Missouri University of Scienceand Technology 2017-2018 Early Career Faculty Handbook

Larry Gragg, Chair Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence [email protected] Welcome Faculty!! Magna Online Seminar and Discussion: Faculty Mentoring Upcoming Events Early Career Faculty Forums (11 in the Spring) Educational Research Mini-Grants available Spring

2018 CERTI Workshops Student Engagement at a Distance Feb 1 Faculty Response to Student Mental Health Feb 6 Conversations at Work: Conference Connections Part 2 Feb 14 Encouraging Student Entrepreneurship: A KEEN Sharing Event Feb 28 Spring 2018 Early Career Faculty Forums Meeting Date Jan. 11 Jan. 24

Feb. 7 Feb. 21 March 7 March 15 March 21 April 4 April 18 May 2 May 15 Location 203 Library

Topic Building Blocks Workshop with How Students Learn presentation 204 Library Tech Transfer, Intellectual Property, Entrepreneurship 204 Library The Role of Research Centers on Campus 204 Library Faculty Ethics in Research and Teaching 204 Library Managing Classroom Challenges Butler-Carlton Proposal Writing Workshop Matts

History of MSM, UMR and S&T with Dinner Steakhouse 204 Library What Can Marketing and Communications Do For You? 204 Library Whats Important in Service? 204 Library Promotion and Tenure at Missouri S&T 103 Library Getting Started with Canvas Potential Funding Sources Many faculty development programs at other

universities: are named after an individual or corporate donor have substantial external grants supporting various activities of the center CAFE will pursue these funding sources, and leverage the existing budget to match external grants A white paper was developed for review by University Advancement Identify foundations / agencies that fund faculty development programs Current Investments Professional development travel grants to visit with

program directors and/or attend a conference ($17,700) Participation in workshops to develop technology roadmaps e-Fellows awards ($30,000) Educational research mini-grants CAFE staff professional development Magna Online Seminar: Creating and maintaining a robust faculty mentoring program (held January 18th) Faculty Resources: Scholarly Activities / Research Potential Investments Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) meetings Bringing key program managers to S&T

Publication / subvention costs Faculty Resources: Teaching Potential Investments Travel to teaching workshops Bringing directors of successful faculty development centers to campus Mini-sabbaticals (e.g. summer to develop teaching materials or learn new technologies) Classroom mini-grants (e.g. field trips; external guest-lecturers, honoraria, materials) Faculty Resources: Service

Potential Investments Travel to professional society meetings Organizing symposia, sessions, and workshops (national and at Missouri S&T) Question For You Should CERTI remain distinct from CAFE, or should CERTI be embedded as the teaching support arm of CAFE? Questions? Comments from

Provost Robert Marley

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