CRISP Health Information Exchange Spring 2012 What is

CRISP Health Information Exchange Spring 2012 What is CRISP? CRISP (Chesapeake Regional Information System for our Patients) is Marylands statewide health information exchange (HIE) and Regional Extension Center (REC) Health information exchange (HIE) allows clinical information to move electronically among disparate health information systems. The goal of

HIE is to deliver the right health information to the right place at the right timeproviding safer, more timely, efficient, effective, equitable, patientcentered care. Regional Extension Center (REC) is a program created by the ONC that is funded through the stimulus bill. RECs will offer technical, implementation, and educational assistance to facilitate providers adoption and meaningful use of electronic medical records (EMRs). 2 Health Information Exchange

3 Technology Approach Optum Insight: Core Infrastructure Solution

Company located in Silicon Valley, California Elysium exchange solutions are used by nearly 30,000 physicians, 100,000 healthcare professionals, over 200 hospitals, 20 RHIOs, 3 Statewide HIEs Demonstrated ability to facilitate a rapid roll-out of the core infrastructure Distributed, hybrid-federated architecture

Initiate: MPI Solution An IBM company Most sophisticated MPI solution on market Probabilistic matching proven in a range of geographies

4 Connectivity Progress to DateKey Numbers Progress Metric Result Live Hospitals

48 All Hospitals Live Labs and Radiology Centers (Non-Hospitals) 5 Live Hopital Clinical Data Feeds 61 (lab, rad, a clinical document feeds)

Identities in MPI ~3.3M Queries (past 30 days) 1500 ADT Available

~47M Lab Results Available ~11.7M Radiology Report Available ~ 3.3M

Clinical Documents Available ~ 1.5M As of May 31, 2012 5 Opt-Out and Protecting Privacy

CRISP will operate patient consent based on an opt-out model Opt-out will be controlled centrally by the HIE, not at the provider sites Opt-out will be available through website, mail, fax, and phone CRISP will provide hospital registrars with patient education materials, opt-out forms, and training sessions on how to talk about HIE with patients

6 Master Patient Indexing Challenge: accurately and consistently linking identities across multiple facilities to create a single view of a patient. A zero or near-zero tolerance of a false positive match with a low tolerance of a false negative

match. Approach: Get the best technology: Probabilistic vs. Deterministic Single threshold vs. dual threshold and managing the gap with constrained resources Portal Summary Page

8 Portal Lab Result 9 Portal Radiology Report 10

Portal Transcription Report 11 Portal Medication History 12 Direct

13 Technology Approach

Secure Exchange Solutions: Direct Secure Messaging Secure Point to Point Health Information Exchange Email Portal, Attachment to Folder, Services Enables Provider Directory PKI Certificate Infrastructure 14 CRISP Direct Login Page

15 CRISP Direct Care Manager 16 CRISP Direct Referral 17

CRISP Direct Cardiology Group 18 HealthVault Connection 19 HealthVault Message


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