YOUTH ENCOURAGING SUCCESS (Y.E.S) Speaker : Vantasia Joe Dr. Lena Hatchett History The Proviso Action Committee is a community coalition designed to promote positive youth development through local policy change in Proviso Township.

Youth-led : independent arm of the Proviso Action Committee Established in 2008 Dr. Lena Hatchett, Barbra Cole and two youth who wanted to empower youth to succeed in their life MISSION The mission of YES is to encourage young adults ages 14 to 18, who are disenfranchised socially and politically to achieve their goals Empower young adults to change their lives and

empower themselves. Implement change in the lives of individuals by increasing awareness of self image. Goal 2011 For youth to realize that they are defined through character and not the opinion of others.

youth -led peer education program designed to increase awareness of selfidentity encourage self-development among disenfranchised high school youth aged 14-18. Community: Maywood-Broadview- Bellwood (Illinois) Challenges

Violence, Gangs, Crime Drug & Alcohol usage Inadequate Village Services Only one local Boys and Girls Club Limited youth activities Opportunities

Men Women and Youth mentoring program Vegetable Garden in which youth can participate Famers Market Proviso United with Loyola Students for Education Enrichment (PULSE) Y.E.S Identity

The issue of Identity in the context of race, class, age, and gender. What does Identity means to you? Y.E.S goal is for youth to recognize who they are in society and that A Person debating what

their identity means to them. Source : Can you define Identity ? A persons true character. Who you are when no one is looking. Our identity is our distinct voice within a crowd.

Shapes the society we live in and our culture. Various characteristics which makes up an individual. Advertisement s Goal Drug and Alcohols Year 20092010 Y.E.S Flyers for promotin g events

We the generation: impact 2010 1. 2. 3. Drugs & Alcohol 2009-2010 Youth Summit Presenters Speakers Open Mic Spoken Word

1. 2. 3. Group Discussion Speaker discussed their life dealing with drugs and alcohol Encourage students through Rap, Poetry and spoken word Communicate and

connect with the youth in the community Members Youth Encouraging Success Members in 2011 and youth in the community Youth Encouraging Success (Y.E.S) Website : outh-encouraging-success Sponsors 2011

Broadview Park District Proviso Action Committee Stritch School of Medicine, Loyola University Chicago Proviso Mathematics and Science Academy Current Events

Where Audience Response Christ King High school Location : South side of Chicago, IL Perform a Skit Typical Barbie Objectives : Open Youth minds, grasp their

Shared what identity represented to themselves Informed us about their community How identity impacted their school Felt a lack of identity expression

Y.E.S Projects I. I. Just Healing Conference Walking for The Answers YES team walked to raise funds for autism and developmental disorder awareness Broadview Park District Build Day Help build a park with volunteers in the community.

Future Projects Camping trips Help Building a park One on one conversation youth -led peer education program groups Taking youth out of their comfort zone

Allowing them to find themselves Gain Youth Connecting with them on a personal level Communicating effectively Relating life events to their personal lives youth -led peer education program Self Development Contact Information

Website Youth Encouraging Success (Y.E.S) s/youth-encouraging-success Vantasia Joe [email protected] Dr. Lena Hatchett [email protected] THANKS Any Questions

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