Nineteenth Century Collections Online Ray Abruzzi, Associate Publisher

Nineteenth Century Collections Online Ray Abruzzi, Associate Publisher

Nineteenth Century Collections Online Ray Abruzzi, Associate Publisher [email protected] 917-763-1477 The Books of the Future Pall Mall Gazette 15 Sept 1869 19th Century British Library Newspapers The Books of the Future The human mind will despair, perhaps of power to deal with the illimitable mass. May we hope that when things come to such a crisis, human labour of the literary sort may be in part superseded by machinery? Machinery has done wonders, and when we think of what literature is becoming it is certainly to be wished that we could read it by machinery, and by machinery digest it. ------The Pall Mall Gazette, 15 Sept 1869 What is Nineteenth Century Collections Online? Features multiple content types, including

Monographs (books) Newspapers Photographs Maps -- Manuscripts -- Ephemera -- Statistics Features content from the long (long) 19th century Built incrementally, over a period years Sourced internationally from regions including Africa East & South Asia The Middle East -- Continental Europe -- Latin America -- South Asia Includes content in original, non-Western languages

Features cutting-edge technologies that serve the needs of todays digitally native users Published in thematic Archives containing various Collections NCCO Archive 1 Archive 2 Archive 3 Archive 4 Collection Collection AA Collection Collection AA Collection Collection AA Collection

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Collection Collection D D Collection Collection D D Collection Collection EE Collection Collection EE Collection Collection FF Collection Collection G G Publishes Four Thematic Archives Each Year from 2012 to 2014 or Possibly Longer History of Science, Technology,

and British Politics Medicine and Society Photography: The World through the Lens British Theatre, Music & Literature: High & Popular Culture Four archives each year based on Customer Input NCCO 2013 2014

Asia & the West: Democracy & 2012 Cultural Exchange Europe and Africa Corvey Collection of European Literature Women: 1790-1840 Transnational Networks NCCO Advisory Board John Merriman, Charles Seymour Professor of History, Yale University Jerome (Jerry) McGann, Professor of English, Founder of NINES, University of Virginia H.K. Kaul, Director, DELNET (ad hoc role, not regular member of the Advisory Board)

Hilary Fraser, Geoffrey Tillotson Professor in NineteenthCentury Studies, Birkbeck University of London Dominique Kalifa, Professor at the University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne, Head of the Doctoral School of History and Director of the Centre of 19th Century History Tatiana Holway, Independent Scholar, Author, Researcher, and Editor, specializing in 19th-century social sciences NCCO Advisory Board (3 new members!) Joris Van Eijnatten, Professor of Cultural History, Chair of the section History of Culture, Mentalities and Ideas since 1500, Utrecht University, Department of History and Art History Kathleen Banks Nutter, Archivist, Smith College John Wright, Director, Arts & Culture, Libraries and Cultural Resources, University of Calgary William Miller, Dean of University Libraries, Florida Atlantic University Damon Jaggars, Associate University Librarian, Columbia University NCCO Partner Institutions and Sources (thus far)

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Incorporate new major content type Photographs Display photos in a separate results bucket Photographs will be browseable in a Gallery view Use of NCCO research tools with photos (tagging, annotating, save, Zotero, etc) See photographical illustrations in books both as individual photos and within the context of the original monograph/periodical Improvements to Term Clusters for better analysis Improvements to the Graphing Tool to allow for more targeted searching (limit to collection/archive/subsets) Improvements in search to include more metadata and optimization of NCCOs search algorithm Usability enhancements Archives for 2012 Asia and the West British Politics and Society NCCO British Theatre,

Music, and Literature European Literature 1790-1840 NCCO: Asia and the West: Diplomacy and Cultural Exchange Approximately 1.4M pages Major themes around the consular and diplomatic exchanges between the U.S., U.K. and many Asian nations, including: Gunboat Diplomacy Opium Philippines War Missionary activities Unequal treaties Expansion of international spheres of influence beyond the British

Germany in the Shantung French intrusions in Shanghai Russia in north China Sino-Japanese war Expansion of the railways in north and central China Americas Open Door policy The Boxer Rebellion Rise of Bolshevism Expansion of warlord-ism 28 NCCO: Asia and the West - List of Collections (contd to next slide) Multiple Regions Missionary and Socio-Economic Journals Missionary Files: Methodist Episcopal Church Missionary Correspondence, 1846-1949 (China, Japan, Korea) Records Relating to the United States Surveying Expedition to the North Pacific Ocean, 1852-1863. Japan British Foreign Office: Japan Correspondence,

1856-1923 Despatches from U.S. Consuls in Japan (Hakodate, Kanagawa, Nagasaki, Osaka, Kobe, and Yokohama), 1856-1906 Despatches from U.S. Ministers to Japan, 18551906 Minutes of Treaty Conferences between U.S. and Japanese Representatives, and Treaty Drafts, 1872 Notes from the Japanese Legation in the United States to the Department of State, 1858-1906 Selected Records of the U.S. Legation in Japan, 1855-1912 China Despatches from U.S. Consuls in China (Amoy, Antung, Canton, Chefoo, Chinkiang, Chunking, Foochow, Hangchow, Hankow, Hong Kong, Macao, Mukden, Nanking, Newchwang, Ningpo, Shanghai, Swatow, and Tientsin), 1790-1906 Despatches from U.S. Ministers to China, 18431906 Notes from the Chinese Legation in the United States to the Department of State, 1868-1906 Selected Records of the U.S. Legation in China, 1849-1931

Korea Despatches from U.S. Consuls in Seoul, Korea, 1886-1906 Despatches from U.S. Ministers to Korea, 18831905 Notes from the Korean Legation in the United States to the Department of State, 1883-1906 NCCO: Asia and the West - List of Collections (contd) Thailand Despatches from U.S. Consuls in Bangkok, Siam, 1856-1906 Despatches from U.S. Ministers to Siam, 18821906 Notes from the Siamese Legation in the United States to the Department of State, 1876-1906 Selected Records of the U.S. Consulate in Bangkok, Siam, 1856-1912 Singapore Despatches from U.S. Consuls in Singapore, Straits Settlements, 1833-1906 History of the Philippine Insurrection Against the United States, 1899-1903, and Documents Relating to the War Department Project for Publishing of History, 1899-1903

Despatches from U.S. Consuls in Philippine Islands (Manila, Iloilo), 1817-1899 Vietnam Despatches from U.S. Consuls in Saigon, Vietnam, 1889-1906 Indonesia Despatches from U.S. Consuls in Netherlands East Indies (Batavia, Padang) 1818-1906 The Philippines A sketch of the U.S. Consul in Manila, 1894 NCCO: British Politics and Society Approximately 1.1M pages Major themes around the domestic history of Britain, as seen from the inside, including: Popular radicalism Corresponding Societies of the 1790s Trade union and Luddite disturbances of the 1800s and 1810s End of the Napoleonic Wars Hampden Club movement Spa Fields Riots Suspension of habeas corpus March of the Blanketeers

Pentrich insurrectionists march on Nottingham Peterloo Massacre Cato Street Conspiracy Queen Caroline Affair Growing calls for political reform, met with Swing Riots state resistance and marked a crisis of Reform Crisis of 1832 legitimacy for both the government and the reform movements. 31 NCCO: British Politics and Society - List of Collections Papers of Great British Statesmen and Politicians Radicalism, Anti-Radicalism and Reform in England, 1769-1861, Original Papers and Minute Books Radical Politics and the Working Man in England Home Office: Domestic Correspondence from 1773 to 1861 Home Office: Domestic Entry Books Home Office Papers and Records Home Office: Judges' Reports on Criminals Home Office: Post Office Correspondence

Ordnance Surveyors' Drawings, 1789-1840 Working Class Movement Card Catalogue People's History: Working Class Autobiographies British Trade Union History Collection Rare Radical and Labour Periodicals of Great Britain Diaries of Sir Frederic Madden Radicals and Reformers in Britain: The Papers of John Cam Hobhouse, 1809-1869 Home Office: Disturbances Entry Books Discontent and Authority, 18201840 Public Order, Discontent, and Protest in Nineteenth Century England, 18201850 Hue and Cry and Police Gazette The Oxford Movement: Tractarian Pamphlets at Pusey House--The Halifax and Church SubCollections Series Two: The Papers of Sir Robert Peel (Prime Minister, 1834-1835, 1841-1845 and 1845-1846) Home Office: Registered Papers Civil Disturbance, Chartism and Riots in NineteenthCentury England British Cabinet Papers, 18801916 British Labour History Ephemera Colonial Defence Commission under Lord Carnarvon The Whitechapel Murders Papers: Letters Relating

to the 'Jack the Ripper' Killings Economic and Social Investigations in England since 1833: Transactions of the Manchester Statistical Society Rare Freethought Militant 19thC Books NCCO: British Theatre, Music, and Literature: High and Popular Culture Approximately 1M pages An examination of the full spectrum of British cultural sensibilities, told through plays, musical compositions, fiction, novels, penny Dreadfuls and opera. Public concerts became big business in the nineteenth century as new concert halls were built to accommodate a burgeoning middle class interested in the arts as a form of self-improvement.

This series of unique archival collections will provide an insight into Victorian musical and theatrical tastes by documenting what was performed and when, as well as casting light on the behind the scenes business and practical aspects of concert promotion, by making available related archival material such as minute books and correspondence alongside the printed concert programmes. 33 NCCO: British Theatre, Music, and Literature - List of Collections (ongoing)

English Stage After the Restoration, 1733-1822 Receipts - Drury Lane Drury Lane Under Sheridan, 17761812Manuscript Plays and Correspondence Archives of the Royal Literary Fund Drury Lane Theatre Archive King's Theatre Haymarket Archive Oratorio Concert Programmes Royal Philharmonic Society Archive Royal Philharmonic Society Music Manuscripts Lord Chamberlain's Plays J.W. Davison Papers

Crystal Palace Handel Triennial St James Hall Monday/Saturday Popular Concerts Wandering Minstrels Archive Crystal Palace Saturday Concerts Royal Albert Hall Queen's Hall Programmes Konzert Programm Austausch Popular Literature in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Britain, Parts Three-Ten: The Barry Ono Collection of Bloods and Penny Dreadfuls Popular Literature in Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Britain, Part Two: The Sabine BaringGould and Thomas Crampton Collections Sir George Smart Papers Sir George Smart Programmes NCCO: Corvey Collection of European Literature: 1790-1840 One of the most important literary discoveries of the second half of the 20th century was the recovery of the spectacular library of Victor Amadeus, the Landgrave of Hess-Rotenberg (1779-1834) collected during the first half of the nineteenth

century by and housed at his castle (Castle Corvey) near Paderborn, Germany. NCCO: Corvey includes more than 10,200 titles from this important literary collection, comprising 17,600+ volumes of literary works in English, German and French, many of which are found only in this unique private collection. 35 NCCO: Corvey Collection Importance of the Collection As a collection and archive of writing representative of British Romantic and early-Victorian writing and of Continental Romanticism, the Corvey Collection is unmatched. A substantial number of titles in the collection are unrecorded even in the catalogues of the British Library and the Bibliothque nationale de France. While well-known authors are of course represented in the collection, their numbers are far outweighed by the great numbers of works by historically neglected and marginalized authors whose lives and works have become the subjects of scholarly recovery during recent decades, a recovery process that has in turn transformed the nature and direction of modern scholarship in British and Continental Romanticism. The primary textual and archival research which the Corvey Collection makes possible in the area of fiction in particular will fuel Romantic studies for decades to come, and will have a direct and dramatic bearing on the shape and significance of the ongoing reassessment of Romantic writing generally, in all the major literary genres.

Stephen C. Behrendt University Professor and George Holmes Distinguished Professor of English University of Nebraska Lincoln Content Load Schedule (as of January 2013) Asia and the West: 100% of the content is available British Politics and Society: 100% of the content is available Corvey Collection: 100% of the content is available British Theatre, Music, and Literature All but Lord Chamberlains Plays will be complete by 5/1/2013; the remaining content to be complete by mid-2013 * * The remaining content for British Theatre, Music, and Literature is undergoing conservation work being done on the materials at the British Library

* MARC has now released for 2012 Archives Archives for 2013 Photography: Science, Technology, and Warning!! The World through the Lens Medicine, 1780-1925 The 2013 Archives are still in progress and the information presented here NCCO may differ in details from the finished product please check for updates Europe and Africa: Commerce, Christianity, Civilization and Conquest Women: Transnational Networks

NCCO: Science, Technology, and Medicine, 1780-1925 (approx 5M pages) Captures both journals and monographs and allows researchers to trace the emergence and dissemination of scientific ideas. Create an archive that is both wide and deep and to navigate the borders between the hard and social sciences. Major episodes in the development of science in our period include: The Theory of Evolution and the Global Reception of Darwin The History of Electricity The History of Mathematics Color and Color Theory American Civil Engineering Social History of American Medicine Periodical literature in biology, botany, chemistry, ecology, entomology, zoology, and general science NCCO: Science, Technology, and Medicine, 1780-1925 Advisor

Daniel Lewis Dibner Senior Curator of the History of Science & Technology The Huntington Library San Marino, California Research Associate Professor of History School of Arts and Humanities, History Claremont Graduate University Books by Daniel Lewis: Iron Horse Imperialism: The Southern Pacific of Mexico, 1880-1951 (University of Arizona Press) The Feathery Tribe: Robert Ridgway and Modern Study of Birds (Yale University Press) NCCO: Science, Technology, and Medicine, 1780-1925 Source Institutions The Huntington Library Volumes previously housed at the Burndy Library and Dibner Institute at M.I.T. Topics include: Evolution and the Global reception of Darwin; History of Mathematics; History of Electricity; Civil Engineering ; and Color and Color Theory.

The British Library Scientific publications from 1780 to 1925, drawing on many early periodicals from the beginning of printing into the early 20th century. U.S. National Library of Medicine The U.S. National Library of Medicine (NLM) is the worlds largest biomedical library. The NLM is the source of American Medical Periodicals, 1797-1900. Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University The Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia is contributing two film archives : Scientific & Technical Periodicals from the Royal Society of Londons Catalogue of Scientific Papers, 1800-1900, and Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, 1812-1924, Minutes and Correspondence. NCCO: History of Science, Technology, and Medicine, 1780-1925 A closer look at the Huntington Librarys collection Theory of Evolution and the Global Reception of Darwin The William Mohr collection at the Huntington is one of the great personal collections of Darwinania. Consisting of 1,600 books, along with caricatures, engravings, and photographs, it includes over 1,000 different editions of Darwin's writings and over 500 supporting volumes by his

contemporaries and followers. The Huntingtons other substantial collection is the 171-volume John A. Moore Gift, which collects volumes dealing with the reception of Darwin's views in Europe and the U.S. Civil Engineering Victor Darnell assembled a collection documenting the practice of structural and civil engineering in 19th-century America. The collection is rich in both primary and secondary books, including such essential resources as a nearly complete run of Engineering News. The collections main focus is on American bridges and engineering, and there is a substantial amount of material from Great Britain and continental Europe. The Huntington holds copies of nearly all American bridge patents through 1900, with a calendar and index of patentees. NCCO: History of Science, Technology, and Medicine, 1780-1925 A closer look at the Huntington Librarys collection Color and color theory These holdings probably constitute the largest grouping of books on color and color theory available today in North America. The material takes in all aspects of the questions of color, ranging from high theoretical matters of the nature of light to practical guides to the mixing of colors and color nomenclature. Approximately 430 of those works date to between 1870 and 1920.

History of Electricity The Burndy holdings include one of the major collections in the history of electricity in North America. The history of electricity printed collections include the theoretical literature that preceded the invention of the light bulb, including technical journals such as the Transactions of the Illuminating Engineering Society; popular literature such as Park Benjamin's The Age of Electricity (1886); as well as trade publications such as Juice (1909-1913). History of Mathematics The long nineteenth century is represented by 713 works. NCCO: Science, Technology, and Medicine, 1780-1925 Collections New scanning of monographs from the Huntington Library, ~2M pages American Medical Periodicals, 1797-1900, originally from the National Library of Medicine and other major institutions

S cientific and Technical Periodicals from the Royal Society of Londons Catalogue of S cientific Papers, 1800-1900 (300K+ pages) Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, 1812-1924, Minutes and Corresponde nce (50K+ pages) Largest NCCO Archive in 2013, approx. 5M+ pages NCCO: Photography: The World through the Lens (approx. 1.5M pages) travel death street life

portraits technology crime sport anthropology architecture medicine NCCO: Photography: The World through the Lens The invention of photography initiated a mania for documenting our surroundings. Numerous explorers, artists, scientists and ordinary people set out to document in photographs local and oriental lands. The result was a vast collection of images of remote places, the landscapes of the American West, scientific records of archaeological digs and anthropological studies, architectural records, police photography, images of war, and images of the

urban and rural poor - to name a few. NCCO: Photography: The World through the Lens This NCCO archive will contain collections of these photographic images captured by people in all walks of life: images which became such a fundamental part of 19th-century life professional and manual work, and private and public leisure and family life. It serves multiple departments and several inter-connecting areas of research and study: 19th-Century Studies, Victorian Studies: visual documentation of life Colonialism: visual documentation of the wests exploration of, trade with, and settlement in foreign lands Anthropology and Ethnology: early visual records from field trips Cultural Studies: researchers of photographys impact on social culture Science, Theory of Evolution Forensic Science, Medicine, Criminology NCCO: Photography: The World through the Lens Aim - a research resource not just a picture library Photography as record Visual documentation of our heritage Art works, architecture Exploration and topographical record Daily life

Significant events Press photography People and portraiture cartes des visites Photography as evidence, identification Press photography, photographs used in science, criminology, personal identification Photography as reproduction Illustrations in newspapers, books, magazines Photography as an art form Early photographers were painters Photography as Science Early photographers were opticians or scientists NCCO: Photography: The World through the Lens Advisor Professor Elizabeth Edwards Research Professor and Director of the Photographic History Research Centre De Montfort University, UK Vice-President of the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland Project leader for PhotoCLEC Working on photography and historical imagination in late nineteenth and early twentieth century England. NCCO: Photography: The World through the Lens Collections British Admiralty Office Photographs Nineteenth-Century Photographs from the Royal Archives, Windsor Records of the Copyright Office of the Stationers' Company: Photographs The Hill and Adamson Albums: photographs by David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson, 1843-1848 Photographic Collection of the Royal Asiatic Society Portraits of Modern Japanese Historical Figures and Meiji and Taisho Eras in Photographs from the National Diet Library, Japan Japanese Old Photographs in Bakumatsu-Meiji Period Bauduin Collection Photographs from the Wellcome Library NCCO: Photography: The World through the Lens Collections British Colonial Office: Photographic Collection British Journal of Photography and Annual, 1854-1914 Early Rare Photographic Books from Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, UK Early Rare Photographs from the Victoria and Albert Museum, London

The Photographic News, 1859-1908 and a digitisation of the extraordinary "History of Photography" microfilm collection which contains rare journals and early printed manuals, treatises, and catalogues of photography sourced from 28 institutions including George Eastman House library, Rochester, Columbia University, New York Public Library, Yale University and the Science Museum, London - every work you can imagine is included. Photographic Collection of the Royal Asiatic Society NCCO: Europe and Africa: Commerce, Christianity, Civilization, and Conquest (approx 1.2M pages) 1893. Village market in Afrique Occidentale Franaise Henry Stanley meeting Dr. Livingstone Dr. Livingstone, I presume Dividing up Africa by Chancellor Bismarck, 1884-1885 1881. Cecil Rhodes King Leopold II of Belgium 1900. Restoration and defense of British liberty in

South Africa 52 NCCO: Europe and Africa: Commerce, Christianity, Civilization, and Conquest The Scramble for Africa began with the arrival of missionaries and explorers in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Over the course of the next 100 years, Africa would be Christianized by European missionaries; commercialized as an outlet for European-produced consumer goods and source for raw materials; and civilized by the establishment of European political institutions and the arrival of European settlers. This Archive comprises two themes: Exploration, military, and missionary activities Economic and political imperialism in the last quarter of the 19th century Researchers will be able to trace the development of missionary work and glory and gold-seeking explorers in Africa through essential monographs, manuscripts, and newspaper accounts. This theme revolves around the notions of economics, world politics, and international strategy. Through a variety of official government documents, political papers of prominent individuals, and the press, researchers can trace the development of British strategic imperatives, French and Belgian desire for the expansion of trade and raw materials, and Germany and Italys late entrance onto the imperial stage. NCCO: Europe and Africa: Commerce, Christianity, Civilization, and Conquest

Advisors Richard N. Price Professor of History and Chair of the History Department; formerly Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of History, University of Maryland, College Park Recently published: Making Empire: Colonial Encounters and the Creation of Imperial Rule in Nineteenth-Century Africa (Cambridge, 2008) Albion Prize Award by the North American Conference on British Studies Charles V. Reed Assistant Professor, History & Political Science , Elizabeth City State University Dr. Reed is working on a book project titled "Royal Subjects, Imperial Citizens: The Royal Tour and the Making of British Imperial Culture, 1860-1911." 55 NCCO: Europe and Africa: Commerce, Christianity, Civilization, and Conquest Key Areas of Research/Events The Flag follows the Bible and the Primer: Christianity and Civilization Establishment of Foreign

Missions Missionary Societies Religion as an extension of Imperialism Colonial Education and Native culture From the Boers Great Trek to the Fashoda Incident Partition of West Africa Cecil Rhodes & Cape-to-Cairo hegemony Carl Peters and German Treaty-Making African response to colonial administration The East India Company in Africa Congress of Berlin, 1884-1885 Adventures in Equatorial Africa: Explorers & Exploration Mapping the sources of rivers Government expeditions to plant the flag Search for natural resources and gold Commerce and Politics Did Henry Stanleys explorations cause the Age of Exploration in Africa?

King Leopold and the Congo Expeditions Boer War to World War I South African war Influence of empire on European society, culture & politics European Geopolitics and Africa Colonial federation movement Invasion of German colonies NCCO: Europe and Africa: Commerce, Christianity, Civilization, and Conquest Collections Despatches from U.S. Consuls in Grand Bassa, Liberia, 1868-1882 Despatches from U.S. Consuls in Zanzibar, British Africa, 1836-1906 Despatches from U.S. Consuls in Lourenco Marques, Mozambique, Portuguese Africa, 1854-1906 Despatches from U.S. Consuls in Cape Town, Cape Colony, 1800-1906 Yale Divinity Library Missionary Periodicals Exploration Narratives from the Library of Congress , 1836-1913

The African Mail, 1903-1917 Colonial Africa Newspapers from the British Library Deutsche Kolonialzeitung, 1884-1922 General Commission of the Methodist Church Africa missionary records Die Deutsche Kolonialgesellschaft -- Kolonialbibliothek (Colonial Africa Society Library), University of Frankfurt International Population Census: Africa, 1820-1919 The Papers of Joseph Chamberlain, Colonial Secretary Files Universittsbibliothek Johann Christian Senckenberg Frankfurt: German Colonial Society, Kolonialbibliothek Colonial Office Papers (examples): Foreign Office Papers: (examples) Africa, Equatorial & Central: Maps and Plans AFRICA: Reports. Dr. Baikie's Niger Expedition, 1855 War in South Africa British Cabinet Papers (example) CAB 37/28/44L: Draft Agreement respecting territorial proposed to the Portuguese Government India Office Records and Personal Papers (example)

Immigration from India to British Central Africa British influence north of the Zambezi Native races in German East Africa British Library Western Manuscripts on Africa Expedition d'Etudes du Haut Congo Correspondence of Sir Campbell-Bannerman Letters from Leopold II, King of the Belgians Bodleian Library of Commonwealth and African Studies at Rhodes House, University of Oxford Selected Collections relating to Africa National Library of Scotland, Maps Division Bartholomew Archive (selections) NCCO: Women: Transnational Networks (approx 3M pages) Highlights and explores issues at the intersection of gender and class, from the late 18th century to the era of suffrage in the early 20th century. Further deepens NCCOs coverage of European movements in the nineteenth century with sources from the United States and other regions Focuses on key 19th century trends, topics, and events through the gender lens: Social reform movements and groups High and low culture Literature and the arts Immigration

Daily life Religion NCCO: Women: Transnational Networks Advisor Kathleen Banks Nutter, Ph.D. Manuscripts Archivist, Sophia Smith Collection Library Research Interests: United States, late 19th and 20th centuries; women, labor, culture, and politics; public history. Courses (formerly) taught included the US History Since 1877 survey, Women and Work in Twentieth-Century America, and The Long Decade: America in the 1960s Scholarly Works: The Necessity of Organization: Mary Kenney O'Sullivan and Trade Unionism for Women, 1892-1912 (Garland Publishing, 2000) NCCO: Women: Transnational Networks Collections

The Diaries of Elizabeth Fry, 1797-1845 Quaker Womens Diaries: 18th -19th Centuries Our Corner (periodical for women) The Journal of the American National Womens Trade Union League The Women Worker 1908-1910 British Birth Control Material at the British Library of Political and Economic Sciences: 1800-1947

Mary Braddon Archives and Personal Papers History of Women Collection Policy on Overlap Gale is working with our partner libraries and archives to ensure that the content in the NCCO Archives is not already available digitally through other means, privately, commercially, or publicly. There may be instances where individual documents or portions of collections included in the NCCO Archives are--or become-- available electronically, elsewhere. Gale seeks to keep that to an absolute minimum. It is Gales intent to provide valuable and unique content to our students and researchers in a way that fits the needs and outcomes of libraries, students, and

researchers. Questions? 62

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