Environmental policy and integrated delivery: opportunities and barriers

Environmental policy and integrated delivery: opportunities and barriers

Environmental policy and integrated delivery: opportunities and barriers Chris Short Countryside and Community Research Institute Jenny Phelps Gloucestershire Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group

Outline Developments in Environmental Policy Attractions of Integrated Delivery

Upper Thames Pilot Catchment Things we have learned so far Discussion Current policy initiatives Natural Environment WP and Lawton more, better and joined up. Localism Bill and big society.

Water Framework Directive: good ecological status in water bodies by 2027. Climate change Current policy drivers Integration integral to policy direction. NIAs, LNPs, LEPs

WFD is major driver, similar to PSA target for SSSIs Catchment, landscape-scale approaches and PES have been opened up to NGOs Attractions of integrated delivery Sharing the burden (State and society) Localism and Big Society (always been there)

Smaller Government More from less (sum of the parts argument) Reducing duplication and isolated work Systems (not issue) approach to delivery Increased awareness More and wider range of groups/individuals involved

WFD and River Basin Planning WFD is designed to improve and integrate the way water bodies are managed throughout Europe (Defra); establishes a strategic framework for managing the water environment. (Defra)

Focus on river basins, subdivided into catchments NGOs to host pilots Taking up the WFD invitation

5 river trusts 2 water companies 3 partnerships 2 wildlife trusts Regional park National park

FWAG SW & CCRI Cotswolds Catchment Predominantly rural in character. Two AONBs Cotswolds AONB (North) North Wessex Downs (south) Principal towns:

Swindon and Cirencester Smaller market towns (Lechlade, Fairford) throughout Cotswolds Scarp Western edge is Cotswold Scarp and

behind is Thames catchment Defining the area Ground water Current Ecological Status (WFD)

Approach to collaborative working Integrated Local Delivery (ILD) framework Integrate existing related work/interests with WFD Value local & national expertise Reconnect communities with farmed and water environment All partners working together (sharing data, delivery and developing projects)

Cirencester applied to market towns - wards Scoping of partners needs facilitation to join it up The SE Environment Agency Environmental Mngmt & Planning, Biodiversity, Fisheries and Flooding

Natural England AES, FATI, ETIP, CSF, SSSIs Forestry Commission EWGS Business West FISS, REG, SWARM, R 4 F, S 4 P The Rural Payments Agency underpinning Cross compliance and GAEC Parish Councils through GRCC and Parish Plans District Councils Resilience planning, development, conservation, waste etc County Councils SIDP, SUDS, Highways, Education, Right of Way/

Archaeology/ Ecology District Councils - Conservation, Waste, Planning Borough/ Town Councils Parks, Landscape, Green infrastructure, Great Western Community Forest, Save Water Swindon NGOs: Cotswold River Trust, Glos WT, CLA, NFU, CPRE, Agronomists, Land Agents, Cotswold AONB, Cotswold Water Park etc Media Cross

boundary working at local authority level Merging priorities Multiple initiatives

to be overlaid (WFD and CSF) EU Directives to deliver a integrated spatial strategy

http://ec.europa.eu/environment/pubs/ factsheets.htm What we have learned so far? There is a clear need for join up Determining the area has been interesting! There is overlap, duplication and single issue delivery within the catchment

The multiple voices means mixed messages for farmers, landowners and communities Role for an Integrated Catchment Plan? What can be achieved in a year? Starting point for long-term change. Testing the benefits of integration Supports the delivery of strategic objectives?

Partners linked to identified assets and expertise. Inspiring and enabling local communities? as a resource for delivery Assess behaviour change among stakeholders Views on different way of working? Does integration lead to better outcomes?

Early days, time will tell Chris Short, CCRI [email protected] Jenny Phelps, Gloucestershire FWAG ( [email protected])

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