Visit of Smt. Ritu Pande Director Department of

Visit of Smt. Ritu Pande Director Department of

Visit of Smt. Ritu Pande Director Department of Heavy Industries on June 14, 2016 2/9/20 1 Type of Machinery & Auxiliary: - Injection Moulding - Extrusion - Blow Moulding - Roto Moulding - Thermoforming - Auxiliaries 2/9/20 2 Products Manufactured on Plastics Machinery: Product Categories Industrial Injection Moulding, Household Injection Moulding and Thermo-ware/ Moulded luggage, Houseware Films & Sheets, Fibre & Filament Pipes, Conduits & profiles, Miscellaneous application Bottles, Containers, & Toys Large circular tanks such as water tank Machine

Injection Moulding Extrusion Blow Moulding Roto Moulding Plastics Processing Machine Auxiliaries are integral and important segment. They improve efficiency and productivity by way of either supporting machines system or process automation 2/9/20 3 Different Plastics for different needs PE-LLD wire cables PP car bumpers Most yoghurt pots are made of PS PE-LD reusable bags PVC boots Film for food packaging PVC window

frames PS plastic cups PUR sponges Office/school PP folders PP flowerpot PE-HD milk bottles PV C PELD, PELLD P P PUR insulation panels PS glasses frames PS, PS-E PU R Polycarbonate fridge trays

ABS bricks PE-HD toys PEHD PET bottles PE T Other s PTFE (Teflon coated) pans European plastics demand* by polymer type 2013 Source: PlasticsEurope (PEMRG) / Consultic / ECEBD * EU-27+NO/CH 4 Plastics Machinery Global Growth : Plastics Machinery is globally growing at double the rate of GDP World Plastics Production 2012 World Plastics Material Production 288 Mtonne 2/9/20 5

Plastics Machinery Global Growth : TOP 5 in World Production for Core Machinery Year World Production * Million Euro Share of Particular Countries (%) China Germany Italy USA Japan 2010 23,704 28.9 20.7 9.5 5.4 5.4 2011

28,462 30.2 21.8 8.7 6.5 5.5 2012 29,867 28.8 21.9 8.3 6.4 6.0 2013 30,802 30.2 22.1

8.1 7.1 4.4 2014 32,536 33.4 20.5 7.8 7.1 4.2 CAGR 8.2% * Estimate Plastics Machinery Growth is more than GDP growth of these countries 2/9/20 6 10 Plastics Facts:

1. Plastics allow us to do more with less. Plastic is a lightweight and versatile material. It takes just a little bit of plastic to do a lot. 2. Plastics make a significant contribution to sustainable development. When evaluating the contribution plastics make to sustainable development, consider their impact on sustainability from a social, economic and environmental perspective. 3. Plastics account for a very small percentage of the world's natural gas and oil. Just think about it. Only four percent of the worlds oil reserve is used to make plastics. 4. Plastics reduce our consumption of oil. Estimates suggest that the 100 kg of plastic material used in modern cars replace between 200 and 300 kg of other materials. 5. Plastics are valuable even at the end of their lifecycle. After fulfilling the useful purpose that they were designed for, plastics can be recycled or reused as an alternative fuel. 2/9/20 7 10 Plastics Facts: 6. Plastics are essential to renewable energy technologies. Much of todays focus on renewable energy technologies would not be possible without the use of plastics. 7. Plastics help preserve our precious resources. Over one billion people in the world lack access to safe water. Plastics can preserve and distribute water economically, reliably and safely. 8. Plastics are technological champions. From the thin sutures used in medical applications to the strong, resilient panels used in the aerospace industry, plastics are capable of taking on many forms and characteristics. 9. Plastics help reduce. Without plastics packaging, the weight of packaging would increase four-fold, production costs and energy consumption would double and waste volume would increase by 150 percent.

10. Plastics help keep us safe. Plastics protect us in many different areas of our lives. 2/9/20 8 Plastics Processing Machinery Credentials Plastics Machinery Market is Approx Rs. 3,600 Crores. Domestic production is Approx Rs. 2,500 Crores 15 manufacturers in organized sector. Approx 200+ manufacturers in small & medium sector. Sector employs approx 1.20 Lakh (Direct + Indirect) people Plastics machinery sector has potential to become significant part of our manufacturing economy as in industrialized countries Germany, Italy, France, USA, Canada, Japan, China, Taiwan and South Korea Machinery produced in India are of current technologies of global leading brands, hence holds high potential for the sector to be a global player Plastics machineries are exported to Africa, Middle East, South East Asia, North & South America and Russia. Exports value Approx Rs. 600 Crores June 14th, 2016 India Polymer Demand:30 million Tonnes by 2021 Polymer Consumption Growth in 2015-16 was 15.0% Expected to Growth till 2021 at 12.0% CAGR 35000 30000

25000 20000 15000 10000 5000 Source: CPMA 2/9/20 10 Major Machinery Manufacturers: Manufacturer Year of Establishment Products Windsor Machinery Limited 1965 Extrusion & Injection Molding Kabra Extrusiontechnik Ltd 1970

Extrusion Lohia Corp Limited 1975 Weaving Looms Rajoo Engineers Limited 1986 Extrusion J.P. Extrusiontech Pvt.Ltd 1987 Extrusion Toshiba Machines Limited (Formerly Larsen & Toubro Machines Limited) Electronica Plastic machines Limited 1992 Injection Molding 1992 Injection Molding Steer Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

1993 Compounding Extrusion Ferromatik Milacron India Pvt. Ltd 1995 ASB International Pvt. Ltd 2000 Injection Molding, Blow Molding & Extrusion Blow Molding Sidel India Pvt. Ltd 2001 Blow Molding Negri Bossi 2009 Injection Molding 2/9/20 11

Global Machinery Manufacturers in India: Most Global machinery & Auxiliary manufacturers have manufacturing presence in India through fully owned subsidiaries, Joint Ventures or Technology License. 2/9/20 12 Global Machinery Manufacturers in India: Countries America Europe Japan China Taiwan 2/9/20 Name of Machinery Manufacturers Milacron, Maplan, , Gloucester, Commodore, Brampton Battenfeld, Cincinnati, Sidel, Negri Bossi, Penta, Hosokawa Alpine, Bausano, Figli, Ital Tech, Ferromatik, Uniloy, Magplastics, Rollepaal Toshiba, Nissei (ASB International) Haitian, Yizumi, JH Welltec

Tedric 13 Global Auxiliary Manufacturers in India: Countries Name of Machinery Manufacturers America Europe Nu Vu Conair, Bry Air, Husky, Mold Masters, DME Koch Technik, GWK, Wemo, Crizaf, Moditec, Rapid, Wittmann, Motan, Klockner Mitsui Shini Japan Taiwan 2/9/20 14 Indian Multinationals in Plastics Machienry: Countries Name of Machinery Manufacturers America Europe

Mamata Machinery Windsor Italtech Patents Held by Indian Machinery Manufacturers 1. Toshiba: 08 Patents on Injection Molding Machinery 2. Steer: 12 Patents on Compounding Technology & Machinery 3. Rajoo: 03 Patents on Thermoforming Machines 2/9/20 15 Plastics Machinery Growth: 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14 2014-15 2015-16 CAGR % No of Machines Domestic Production Imports Export India Market Manufacturing Capacity 4,200 3,800 700 7,300 6,000 3,250 2,730 500 5,480 8,000

3,650 2,500 600 5,550 8,000 4,200 3,000 750 6,450 8,000 4,900 3,150 750 7,300 8,000 3.9% -4.6% 1.7% 0.0% Value in Rupees Crores Domestic Production Imports Export India Market 2,060 1,940 350 3,650

1,625 1,400 400 2,625 1,900 1,400 500 2,800 2,170 1,420 550 3,040 2,500 1,620 570 3,550 5.0% -4.4% 13.0% -0.7% Years of low demand for Capital Goods Plastics Machinery Growth forecast: 12% CAGR up to 2020-21 2/9/20 16

Used Machinery Imports Used Machines are 30% of total Plastics Processing Machinery imports Used machinery will make Plastics Processors inefficient to face global competition Imports (Nos.) 4000 3500 3000 1040 2500 796 2000 731 871 593 1500 1000 2501 1789 1617 1815

1884 2012- 13 2013- 14 2014- 15 2015- 16 500 0 2011- 12 New June 14th, 2016 Used Plastics Machinery Issues: Cost Competitiveness: Machinery uses technology components which are presently imported from Europe, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, which add upto 20-30% of material cost. These imports attract 7.5% customs duty thus inflate the cost. We have represented for duty reduction on these items (one of the officials from Commerce Secretariat said that our request is under consideration). Used machinery imports to be discouraged: Advancement in processing machinery for enhancing the energy efficiency and productivity has happened in recent past. Under the compulsions to reduce the carbon footprint processors in the developed world are replacing the older machines with new technology machines. Thus used machinery from developed

world is finding a way to developing world with an attractive price tag. Used aged machinery population if allowed to increase will render the domestic processing industry inefficient to face global competition in long term. 2/9/20 18 Plastics Machinery Issues: Need to review the duty structure in FTAs & CEPA: Duty reductions to 5% for Extrusion and ZERO for IMM in FTAs with South Korea and ASEAN, CEPA with Japan have put domestic machinery at disadvantage on price. Need to review and restore normal customs duties for Plastics machineries. Skill Development: Plastics machinery manufacturing is a labor intensive industry, Availability of skill manpower is major issue for Industry. Industry shall form partnership with Academia to facilitate Skill Development amongst operatives, Engineers and Managers. 2/9/20 19 Plastics Machinery Growth Initiatives (Self & with GOI Support) : Market Growth: Preference to Domestic machinery manufacturers in Purchase by PSU and Government institutes. Development of Supplier Cluster: Quality and reliability of the product is decided by the quality of components put into its construction and the cost of the product is decided by cost of parts from supplier. Industry needs to pay attention to develop efficient supply chain for costqualitydelivery leveraging the cluster approach. Development of Standard for Plastics Machinery : Standards for bringing uniformity in Specs, performance measurement similar

to Euromap for Plastics Machinery Regulatory standards for Safety , Health and Environment similar to CE, EN 201, ANSI ) Necessary for raising image for participation in Global Market, also for guaranteeing delivery of safe to work with machinery to domestic users 2/9/20 20 Plastics Machinery Growth Initiatives (Self & with GOI Support) : Technology Development Fund: To create technology development fund for processing sector (user industry) for plant modernization with new energy efficient machines. This will help Plastics processors to invest in modern energy saving machines, thus they become competitive in global market. Most of the processors are SMEs To create technology development fund for Machinery manufacturers for plant modernization with new energy efficient machines. Government support for participation in International and national Exhibitions Research & Development with Industry-Academia participation: We need to work on 2/9/20 21 PMMAI Issues to be Taken up with Inter Ministerial Co-ordination Committee : Preference to Domestic machinery in procurement by PSU and Government Institutions Discourage used machinery imports Customs duty reductions for Technology parts imports [Customs duties were reduced to 2.5% from 7.5% for CNC Systems (HS Code 8537 1000), Ball Screws (HS Code 8483 4000) & Linear Motion Guides (HS Code 8466 9390) for CNC Lathe

& Machining center in 2015-16 budget. This duty reduction should be applicable to all machinery types] Facilitate domestic manufacturing of Technology parts (Servo Motors & Drives, Control, Drive & Motion Elements, Wear Resistant Bushes, Large Castings, Alloy Steel, Lubrication System) by utilizing Sick PSU infrastructure Plastics & other solid waste recycling machinery needs to be developed Plastics machinery should be kept in negative list in RCEP negotiations Revamp the education system/ curriculum Industry training of 3-6 months is to be made compulsory to ensure students graduating from institutions are near industry ready. 2/9/20 22

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