Q1 FY17 Investor Update Promoted by the LIC

Q1 FY17 Investor Update Promoted by the LIC of India in 1989 IPO in1994, GDR in 2004 Listed on BSE, NSE & Luxembourg SE Profit making & dividend paying since 1990 Highest ratings (AAA) since 2002 More than 20 lakh customers serviced till date Market capitalization more than Rs. 25000 cr Total loan assets more Rs. 1,27,000 cr Cumulative Disbursements Rs.2.10 lakh cr since inception

Shareholding Pattern 2 A Journey of 26 Years Best HFC by ABP News 2016 Business TodayBest CEO Award 2014 2015 Business World Crosses Rs 1 -Most Respected lakh cr in Crossed Rs. 1000 cr profit Co Award portfolio & Rs 75,000 Cr assets Outlook MoneyBest Housing 2013 Best HFC Finance Co. Best HFC by ABP by BFSI Best HFC by CNBC TV 18 News Awards 2012 Construction Industry Best Data Best data Award quality in HFC by Quality by CIBIL

CIBIL 2011 Asia Pacific Crossed Rs. 50,000 Cr loan portfolio Entrepreneurship 2009 Crossed Rs. 500 crs profit Award 2004 Power Brands GDR Issue Awards by 2002 Franchise India AAA Rating 1994 1989 IPO Incorporated 3 Executive Summary Q1/FY17 Q1 FY17 PAT at Rs 407.84 cr as against Rs 382.13 cr up 7 % Q1 FY17 Revenue from operations up by 14 % to Rs 3326 cr Outstanding Loan portfolio up by 15 % to Rs. 127437 cr

Individual Loan Portfolio up by 15 % to Rs 123681 cr Q1FY17 Disbursements Rs 7542 cr against Rs 6124 cr up by 23% Individual Loan Disbursements Rs 7064 cr against Rs 5942 cr, up by 19% Net Interest Income Rs 825 cr up by 25% Net Interest Margins Gross NPAs at 0.59% as against Net NPAs 2.61% for Q1 FY17 as against 2.41% for Q1FY16 0.60 % as on 30.6.2015 0.28% as against 0.33% on corresponding dates Individual Loans Gross NPAs 0.35% down from 0.36% as on 30.6.2015 Total Provisions at Rs 935 cr as against total Gross NPAs of 757 cr

4 Update last 5 years Disbursement (Rs. Cr) CAGR 16% Loan Portfolio (Rs.cr) CAGR 19% Income (Rs. cr) CAGR Profit After Tax (Rs. cr) CAGR 16% 19% 5 Update last 5 years Gross & Net NPAs Total Provisions* (Rs cr) Operating Expense to Total Income Profit per employee (Rs. lacs) * Provisions Including Provisions on Std. Assets & Teaser Loans 6 Update last 5 years EPS (Rs) (Rs 2 pd up) Book Value (Rs)(Rs 2 pd up) Return on Avg Equity

Return on Avg Loan Assets 7 Geographic Presence 7 Regional Corporate office Regional offices Jalandhar Amritsar Back offices Operating offices Shimla Ludhiana Chandigarh Dehradun Noida Meerut Haldwani Gurgaon New Delhi Faridabad Ghaziabad Bareilly Bikaner Bhatinda Ambala Patiala

Hisar Karnal Kota Jodhpur Udaipur Jaipur Agra Ajmer Ahmedabad Gandhidham Rajkot Indore Surat Vapi Nasik Mumbai Vashi Kanpur Gwalior Allahabad Bhopal Kalyan Jogeshwari Thane Pune Kolhapur Satara Belgaum Panjim Hubli

Bengaluru Mangalore Kannur Thrissur Siliguri Gorakhpur Malda Patna Varanasi Dhanbad Behrampur Ranchi Durgapur Jamshedpur Kolkata Rourkela Bilaspur Raipur Jalgaon Durg-Bhilai Cuttack Nagpur Bhubaneshwar Aurangabad Vadodara Nallasopara Lucknow Gangtok Jabalpur Silchar

Warangal Visakapatnam Hyderabad Rajahmundry Gulburga Vijayawada Kurnoo Kakinada l Anantapur Guntur Bellary Tirupati Nellore Mysore Chennai Hosur Vellore Hassan Salem Coimbatore Erode Jorhat Guwahati Offices 19 Back Offices 245 Marketing Offices Rep offices in Dubai & Kuwait

Coverage of more than 450 centres 1705 Employees Kozhikode Tiruchirapalli Pondicherry Palghat Thanjavur Ernakulam Madurai Kottayam Thiruvanantha Tiruma puram ngalam K Nagercoil ollam 8 Distribution Network HOME LOAN AGENTS (HLAs) (Agents of LIC) 245 DIRECT SALES AGENTS Marketing Offices

(Small Firms/Companies etc) (DSAs) CUSTOMER RELATIONS ASSOCIATES (CRAs) (Individual Agents) 39 branches of LICHFL Financial Services (100% subsidiary of LICHFL) 9 Origination Pattern & Average Ticket Size 10 Loan Book Composition O/s Portfolio Rs. 127437 cr 11 Individual Loans Portfolio Stats Pure Floating Rate Loans* Loan To Value Ratio To Outstanding Portfolio (See Note below) On Incremental Sanctions As of FY 14

For FY 14 54.52% For FY15 50.94% As of FY15 42% 37% As of FY16 47% For FY16 46.61% As of Q1FY17 56% For Q1FY17 46.75% Prepayment Lump Sum/ opening book For FY 14 For FY15 For FY16 For Q1FY17

9.3% 8.4% 11.9% 11.5% Installment to Net Income Ratio On Incremental Sanctions For FY 14 34.72% For FY15 33.86% For FY16 33.25% For Q1FY17 31.72% *Excludes floating rate products like Advantage -5, Super 3, Super Choice, Bhagyalakshmi etc which are floating rate products with initial fixed rate 12 Executive Summary-Q1/FY17 Var Q1FY17 Income Interest income on Individual loans Interest income on Project loans

Total 14% 29% 14% 3212.03 2829.10 114.30 88.30 3326.33 2917.40 Processing Fees & other fees 17% 33.35 28.48 Other Income 3% 20.17 19.56 Gross Income 14% 3379.85 2965.44 Interest Expenses 11% 2501.81 2258.53

Net Interest Income 25% 824.52 658.87 Salary & Other Establishment Exp 65% 138.16 83.55 159% 115.10 44.35 Profit before Tax 8% 623.43 579.02 Income Tax Provision including Deferred Tax 9% 215.58 196.89

Net Profit 7% 407.84 13 382.13 Net Provisions Q1FY1 6 Executive Summary-Q1/FY17 Var Disbursements Individual Project Total Outstanding Portfolio Individual Project Total Net Interest margins(%) Borrowings during the Qtr (Rs.cr) Incremental Cost(i.e for the year to date) Incremental Yield(overall, annualised) Incremental Spreads 19% 164% 22% Q1FY17 Q1FY16 7064 478

7542 5942 181 6124 15% 123681 3756 39% 15% 127437 2.61% 9804 107704 2708 110411 2.41% 7413 8.70% 8.96% 10.68% 1.98% 10.80% 1.74% 32% Financial Highlights Q1 FY2017 Q1FY 2016 Return on Average Equity (%) 18% 19% Return on Average Assets (%)

1.4%* 1.5% Earnings per share (on Rs 2 pd 8.08 7.57 up) Capital Adequacy Ratio March 2016 March 2015 Tier 13.86 11.82 I 3.18 3.48 Tier 17.04 15.30 II * Adjusted Total 15 Liability Profile as on 30.6.2016 Source Banks Non Convertible Debenture LIC- Term Loan National Housing Bank FCNRB Loans Sub. Bonds & Upper Tier II Commercial Paper Deposits

Total Wt d Avg Cos t (%) 9.92% 8.98% Outstanding Borrowings Rs.112960 cr 6.82% 8.59% 9.66% 9.18% 7.90% 8.90% 9.08% During Q1FY17, Borrowings were Rs 9804 cr 16 Change in Liability Mix- last 5 yrs Bank Funding Bank funding has down from 32% reduced from in FY12 to

32%10.8% in FY12intoQ1FY17. 25%Retail in FY14. Deposits have Retailalso Deposits increased in increased to 2.2% the same period Wtd. Avg. cost of Funds 9.08% 9.14% 9.48 9.75% 9.76% 9.77% 17 Yield Funds on portfolio & Cost of 18 NIMs

19 Gross & Net NPAs Gross NPA (Rs. cr) Gross NPA (%) Provisions for NPA (Rs. cr)* Net NPA(%) Provisions incl teaser loan prov & std asset prov. Provisions cover incl teaser loan prov & std asset prov. 30.6.2016 30.6.2015 757 659 0.59% 0.60% 401 299 0.28% 0.33% 935 748

124% 114% *Excluding provisions on standard assets/teaser loans 20 Gross & Net NPAs 21 Thank you DISCLAIMER This presentation is made purely for information. We have attempted to provide relevant information which we believe will help in knowing the Company. The users may use their own judgment and are advised to make their own calculations before deciding on any matter based on the information given herein. While every care is taken to verify the accuracy of the information given in this presentation, neither the Company nor its officials would in any way be liable for any action taken or not taken by the viewers or the users of this presentation or for any claims, losses etc. 22

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