DOSH Chapter 296-32 WAC Safety Standards for Telecommunications

DOSH Chapter 296-32 WAC Safety Standards for Telecommunications

DOSH Chapter 296-32 WAC Safety Standards for Telecommunications Background The rulemaking was a result of the department receiving a petition formally requesting the department to update and modify the current Chapter 296-32 WAC . This chapter was originally created in 1975. Although there have been partial rule changes over the years (1976 through 2002), a full review of this chapter, in its

entirety, had not taken place. Since inception of Chapter 32 WAC, over 40 years ago, wireless and laser technology in the area of telecommunications has rapidly advanced. Background contd The department held several stakeholder meetings in 2009 with representatives of the Landline and Wireless Industries which included directional boring manufacturers, communication tower industries, line workers, industry safety representatives and others.

The department and stakeholders developed a draft rule, however, on November 17, 2010 Executive Order 10-06 was issued suspending all non-critical rulemaking. The Executive Order expired on December 31, 2012. Background contd A CR-101 (Preproposal) was filed on August 6, 2013. The department scheduled additional stakeholder meetings starting back in May, 2015. There was a total of five stakeholder meetings, the last one was on

September 20, 2016. Stakeholders provided a great deal of input and changes were made to the proposal throughout the rule drafting process. Rule Some of the changes include: WAC 296-32-22511 Host employer/contractor responsibilities this section was created for host employers and contract employers to exchange safety-related information.

WAC 296-32-22520 this section was added to address remote communication sites. WAC 296-32-22555 Fall protection current requirements located in Chapter 296-155 WAC, Part C-1 were placed in this section and tailored. Rule - contd WAC 296-32-22560 Ladders add language requiring that ladders must be equipped with locking levelers when working on uneven ground. WAC 296-32-22572 & 296-32-22574 these sections

were added to address microwave transmission/radio frequency radiation (RFR & Electromagnetic). WAC 296-32-22576 this section was added to address optical communications systems (lasers). Rule - contd WAC 296-32-22578 Control of Hazardous Energy this section establishes protection for employees who work directly in the hazardous vicinity of telecommunication facilities, sites or towers having the following energy:

RFR (30-300 mhz and UHF Broadcast Bands) Laser Microwave AM or FM High intensity electromagnetic fields Rule - contd WAC 296-32-24014 Work during hours of darkness this section requires the employer to do a job hazard assessment before working during hours of darkness. WAC 296-32-24018 this section establishes

requirements for emergency response and rescue. Rule - contd WAC 296-32-24020 thru 296-32-24034 were added to be consistent with current Wireless Industry Consensus Standards. For example: Rigging Plan Gin Poles Base Mounted Hoists used for Overhead Material and Personnel Lifting Personnel Lifting

Helicopters used for Lifting Loads (SOW Telecom) Contact Information: Rod Julian Telecommunications Safety and Health Specialist 509.770.5499 (Cell) [email protected] 3001 West Broadway Ave. Moses Lake, WA 98837 Links (WAC 32 PDF) (LRB) (Comm Tower Safety) Operations) (Comm Tower

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