December 07 2013 Session Utilizing Web 2.0 Tools

December 07 2013 Session Utilizing Web 2.0 Tools

December 07 2013 Session Utilizing Web 2.0 Tools 4 Spicing Up Your Classroom Evrim Uysal & Sibel Takn imek Say hi to everyone in the session & Be ready to win in the pop-quiz

Ready? 1. Who Owns the Internet? No one actually Organizations that oversee and standardize

what happens on the Internet & assign IP addresses & domain names e.g. the National Science Foundation the Internet Engineering Task Force the Internet Architecture Board

2. CABIR ?? The first known cell phone virus which appeared in 2004

97 3. 160 billion emails are sent daily, ______% of which are spam. 4. twillionaire

a twitterer with a million or more followers 5. What was the first computer

game released? "Spacewar! by Steve Russell & first released in February 1962 References

gy/ 01007.htm

WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH TODAYSMEET as a quick feedback tool

How to create your room google search todaysmeet How to invite users

Step 1- Create your room & send/share the link with your audience Step 2- The audience needs to

type up their name enter their message & clicksay so that their entries can be visible in the Listen area on the left handside ;)

So TodaysMeet allows you to talk, listen connect with your audience in realtime

allows live stream to make comments ask questions

& You can use that feedback to tailor your presentation & address audience needs + an alternative to survey monkey

More Ideas-TodaysMeet 1) A practical tool to collect feedback during end of course/level meetings (copy-paste the log & create your meeting notes)

2) Can be used as a quiz tool in class, makes it easier to detect the first person to type up the answer/win the prize 3) Can be used to let the audience participate in the session especially during team-teaching, allows for a more

professional & silent disruption (2 laptops needed so that one of the teaching partners can monitor the TodaysMeet discussion & post relevant questions as & when needed)


instant simple Capture an Image OR Make a Video

Capture what you see by clicking Jing's happy always- ready "sun" icon Emphasize or explain by marking up your screenshot using the edit tools available

Send screenshots / videos to favorite sites flickr, twitter, facebook Save, Copy or Share Your Capture to hyperlink is placed on your clipboard Paste the link into an IM, e-mail, anywhere

A sample screenshot Another sample screenshot

Video/screencasts Jing videos 5 mins Screencast edit tools

How to capture a video save / share the link / URL / embed options Feedback Samples Jing

Instructor Feedback to Written work Asking for learners feedback on a youtube video

More Ideas-Jing 1) Record your learners discussion (moviemaker). Then make a feedback video focusing on a particular students performance.

You can also keep the assessment criteria open on your screen & refer to it as you are preparing the jing video. 2) Share a photo or a video with learners & ask them to record their reactions/ideas/feedback,


record & share voice As simple as that, yes

Click ALLOW Flashing = Recording

2 options How to share or archive a speaking portfolio of your learners

E-mail options SLTEP 2013 June 28, Evrim Uysal Thunderbird Mozilla

If you go for the default e-mail, expect to receive Why Vocaroo?

No login No registration No limit on recordings or messages Most probably the easiest recording tool

Makes sharing of feedback easier More Ideas-Vocaroo

1) Provide oral feedback to your learners Speaking Portfolio work using Vocaroo. 2) Ask learners to record feedback to a blog entry by their peers, instructors, etc.

An online poster that allows students to add images, texts, sound and video files and Glogster tutorial : hyperlinks. WHAT YOU CAN DO WITH GLOGSTER.EDU? Save feedback in poster form & recycle Professional Development Workshops

Brainstorming sessions Contributions from everyone in the team TEACHING IDEAS

1.About Me activities (selfexpression, creative writing, etc). m/example-glog/ 2. Students can record themselves, post to their glogs or to one class

glog & analyse them using the assessment criteria. Teachers to post summaries/ideas of a training session/ after a conference.


sion / 4. Students can make up their own news

stories in pairs & post them. paper/ Students can prepare posters for content

check after each unit. 5. 6. Students can do a graded reader task

using blogs Benefits A fun learning experience

A new way to express creativity Private, secure, safe virtual classroom monitored by teachers Adds needed audiovisual aspects to

traditionally text-oriented subjects Fosters teamwork & collaboration Increases drive to be independently creative Unlimited shelf life

ERASMUS TSM, FINLAND, 14-18 October , 2013, Sibel TS ERASMUS TSM, FINLAND, 14-18 October , 2013, Sibel TS

ERASMUS TSM, FINLAND, 14-18 October , 2013, Sibel TS ERASMUS TSM, FINLAND, 14-18 October ,

2013, Sibel TS ERASMUS TSM, FINLAND, 14-18 October , 2013, Sibel TS

ERASMUS TSM, FINLAND, 14-18 October , 2013, Sibel TS ERASMUS TSM, FINLAND, 14-18 October , 2013, Sibel TS

ERASMUS TSM, FINLAND, 14-18 October , 2013, Sibel TS ERASMUS TSM, FINLAND, 14-18 October ,

2013, Sibel TS Ready to have fun??? USEFUL EXTRAs

Youblisher Grammar Movies Zamzar &

Who To Follow for Updates Youblisher: To turn all pdf documents into

publications with flippable pages Register for free & start creating

Browse your document Grammar Movies: A series of movie segments and

activities to assess or practice grammar points through fun, challenging exercises http:// Zamzar: Free online file conversion Who to follow for updates? Nik Peachey

Russell Stannard http:// Lindsay Clandfield

Nicky Hockly Also It may be useful to add these educators to your

professional network David Mearns Eva Byksimkeyan

Il Boy SU-SL Online Learning Support Project Team Evrim Uysal, Sibel Takn imek, Okan Blkba

Task: Could you please use one of the feedback tools presented in this session

& provide feedback to the presenter on relevance of content to the audience, delivery, the usefulness of the session,

Presenters performance, suggestions for improvement, etc. in

[email protected] & [email protected]

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