Towards a New Professionalism the role of the

Towards a New Professionalism the role of the

Towards a New Professionalism the role of the Institute for Learning in the professionalisation reform agenda Presentation Outline Welcome and introductions Context setting CPD What is professional formation & how to get Q / ATLS General summing up / future planning / questions???? Membership M Level or Equivalent Fellow QTLS ATLS Member Associate Professional Formation Teaching Qualification Affiliate Registration CPD and regulations For teachers who qualified pre - Sept 2007 Register with the Institute for Learning

Demonstrate commitment to CPD Choose whether or not to apply for A / QTLS For teachers who qualified post - Sept 2007 Register with the IfL within 6 months of appointment Complete PTLLS within 1 year Complete Certificate or Diploma within 5 years Achieve A / QTLS within 5 years of appointment Demonstrate commitment to CPD IfL Definition of CPD Continuing professional development means maintaining, improving and broadening relevant subject knowledge and skills in your subject specialism and your teaching so that it has a positive impact on practice and the learner experience IfL guidelines for CPD (2007) CPD that counts Any activity undertaken for the purposes of updating knowledge of the subject taught and developing teaching/training skills.. have you reflected on your learning from this activity? has it made a difference to your practice? has there been an impact on learners and others? If so, you can count this towards your CPD and include it

as evidence in your CPD record A model for planning Emerging Technology Professional Knowledge Curriculum Networks t c e bj lism u S ia Dual c e Sp Prof Professional Body Membership Awarding Bodies CPD P1 Te ac Le hing arn

ing & P2 SSCs Self Assessment Context Emerging Technology Professional Body Membership Support Agencies Organisational Priorities Appraisal or Review External Inspection Policy Initiatives Professional Knowledge LEARNER Peer External Networks A model for reflection

Step 6 reflect on the impact of what you have achieved in your Step 6 Reflect on professional impact on professional development record Step 1 using the model as Step 1 Reflect on a prompt, reflect on professional your role, subject practice specialism and known priorities practice Step 5 Complete professional development record Step 5 create your professional development record from the evidence in your log

Step 2 analyse your goals and needs using Step 2 your personal Analyse and identify reflection, reviews development and appraisals needs Step 4 carryStep out4 your Undertake planned activities professional and log outcomes development activities and reflections on progress Step 3 Create professional using development plan Step 3 this analysis, create a structured professional development plan for the coming year Submitting CPD records Declarations submitted online by 31 August every year Member returns monitored for completion of CPD (September) Some members are asked to produce evidence for a sample audit (October) A report on the audit published (December) Renewals of membership (April) Challenges or opportunities? Developing an understanding of reflective practice and impact assessment: advice on organisational support? capacity building for peer support? online guidance/use of Reflect? case-study exemplars? How to contact the Institute Frequently Asked Questions - Registration - CPD - Professional Formation - Employer FAQs Visit Visit

Membership team: 0844 815 3202 (option 1) Email: [email protected] CPD team: 0844 815 3202 (option 2) Email: [email protected] [email protected] Visit our website: Numeracy & Teaching & Self Learning Evaluation aan numeracy an an completion self-declaration reflection account the individual ILPendorsement detailing and of on ofanalysis the the literacy

anthe of candidates impact approved fitness of actions of the skills the ofto Literacy qualification professional ability candidates completed expertise practice theatcandidate or to above use made in application (or development learning their effectively equivalent) will against level subject: take 2:

needs by the to the on aat skills and person address Institutes ateaching level goals and deemed appropriate the knowledge for practice, criteria goals next to 12 satisfy set identified learners to acquired months: out QTLS the in and (level the

through communities Institutes Declaration 5) or through self ATLS assessment: criteria ITT: (level ofSuitability practice: 3direct orof, 4) scanned could include, certificates orof be aorfor mix status: claims for Statement: of notification could asupporting personal include, from reflection or the

be awarding a mix onDeclaration of, Qualification Subject professional formation: Suitability body, could asubject personal other include, related evidence reflection or be skills asuch mix on or of, as scanned aa expertise, a numeracy personal apersonal teaching completed PDP within certificates reflection, peer or

reflection practice declaration literacy REfLECT, observation using orpeer on skills direct the aofor scanned notification aREfLECT impact within learner peer from suitability review the of PDP, a observation (or suitable CPD, teachers from other of reference statement peer the theexpert

reflective complete awarding subject review, from to the a Supporting candidates method), witness, application suitable learner scanned evidence expert observations, body area reflective following witness, copies of journal needs theof Professional authenticated or observation professional Institutes analysis observation coming of qualifications template

teaching development (OTL), from forandin Reflective Development learning, supporting collaborative appraisal the subject micro log testimonies or working review teaching area Practice Testimony Planning Sue Colquhoun CPD Strategic Adviser [email protected] Mobile: 07500 6680 846

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