2013 Calendar Year Customer Survey Results Background Open

2013 Calendar Year Customer Survey Results Background  Open

2013 Calendar Year Customer Survey Results Background Open for comment February 11, 2014 through March 14, 2014 for evaluation of prior year 21 close ended questions, increase of 4 questions from last year 2 ratings for each close ended questions; rated on both importance and performance 2 multiple choice questions 2 open ended questions Multiple choice and open ended questions compare PacifiCorp Transmission to other

transmission providers and request feedback on areas for improvement 3 questions requesting feedback on the monthly Transmission Customer meeting 1 question requesting that customers indicate the different ways they interact with PacifiCorp. Invoicing, Long-Term Transmission Service, Short-Term Transmission Service, Large Generation Interconnection Request, Small Generation Interconnection Request, NonTariff Customer Request, Energy Imbalance Market Web Based Survey Web based survey allows for a larger audience, greater customer flexibility to participate in the survey Survey link posted to OATI/OASIS

Survey viewed total of 120 times. 57% increase in viewership from 2012 survey with 69 total views at that time. A total of 44 respondents completed the entire survey for a 73% completion rate against those that started the survey. Increase of 2 respondents over 2012 survey. 18 of 44 respondents provided contact information. Compared to 2012 this is a 15% decrease in anonymous responses. 2013 Overall Score The methodology for calculating the weighted average for the overall score has been refined. The prior year has been recalculated to be able to better

compare the results. The weighted average score for calendar year 2012 was 8.05 The weighted average score for calendar year 2013 was 8.02 Overall Service During the past year, how do you believe the overall service you have received from PacifiCorp transmission has changed? Comparison to Others How would you rate PacifiCorp transmission's

overall customer service compared to the service provided to your company by other transmission providers? Quality of Service 1. PacifiCorp transmission representatives know their own business and apply that knowledge to help resolve your business issues. 2. PacifiCorp transmission provides your company with the assistance it requires in scheduling its transmission service. 3. Your key PacifiCorp transmission contacts are accessible on an as-needed basis.

4. PacifiCorp transmission resolves issues within a timeframe that meets your business requirements. 5. PacifiCorp transmission provides accurate responses to your questions and requests. Quality of Operations & Planning 6. PacifiCorp provides adequate levels of transmission system reliability from its system to serve your business needs. 7. PacifiCorp provides timely and accurate communications regarding outages. 8. PacifiCorp provides timely and accurate communications regarding emergency and/or forced

outages. 9. PacifiCorp considers and incorporates the input you provide on scheduling long-term outages where feasible or provides adequate explanation when input does not result in an outage plan adjustment. Product Related Services 10. PacifiCorp transmission provides updates on system modifications/enhancements and user support for the OATI OASIS system. 11. PacifiCorp transmission's OATI OASIS system meets your requirements for conducting your transmission business.

12. PacifiCorp transmission effectively balances the need to meet tariff requirements while providing the flexibility to meet your service needs. 13. PacifiCorp transmission provides meaningful forums for customer input into its expansion plans. 14. PacifiCorp transmission provides transparent results of expansion plan input. Product Related Services contd 15. PacifiCorp transmission understands and communicates any impacts to customers related to FERC, NAESB, NERC and WECC compliance requirements.

16. PacifiCorp transmission provides timely invoices. 17. PacifiCorp transmission provides accurate invoices. 18. Considering the service you receive, PacifiCorp transmission's rates represent good value. Product Related Services contd 19. PacifiCorp provided information about the Energy Imbalance Market (EIM) through its stakeholder process which kept me adequately informed as to the status of the project and key dates for stakeholders.

20. PacifiCorps stakeholder process for EIM was informative and helped me understand what the EIM is and how I will be affected. 21. PacifiCorps stakeholder process provided adequate opportunities for stakeholder feedback on PacifiCorps EIM proposals. Comment Question & Answers Several comments provided in the customer survey requested direction to where information is posted or available to customers. The answers to these comments are provided here. Customer request to post a diagram that identifies transmission lines in each state so that customer may learn of needed information directly via OASIS

knowing transmission path. Available diagrams are posted in the following folder on OATI OASIS: Transmission System Information PacifiCorp Transmission One-Line Map PacifiCorp Path Map Or at the following links: http://www.oasis.oati.com/PPW/PPWdocs/Transmission_Network_Diagram.pdf http://www.oasis.oati.com/PPW/PPWdocs/PacifiCorp_Scheduling_System.pdf Comment Question & Answers Contd

Customer request for when dealing with TOT 4a/4b curves, if there are consistent issues oasis is never updated to show ATC properly. A nomogram is used to control the ATC on this path. This nomogram is the best place to identify the ATC for this path and is located at the following place on OATI/OASIS: Real Time Data System Real-Time Data- TOT4 and Bridger Flows Or at the following link: https://www.oasis.oati.com/cgi-bin/webplus.dll?script=/woa/RealTimeData.wml

Customer request for tag curtailments to be issued in a timely matter (before :40) leaving an opportunity to be retagged. Late tags are very rarely (if ever) accepted. Customers have the right to submit e-Tags up to 20 minutes prior to the scheduling interval. Limits are then assessed and curtailments occur as needed. We cannot curtail prior to this timeframe. Comment Question & Answers Contd Customer request for comments made on Business Practices to be posted for 90 days. : Comments made to Business Practices are posted to PacifiCorps OASIS within

7 days of receipt. Comments will be posted until the earliest of 1) the Business Practice effective date, if draft Business Practice is open for public comment or 2) 90 days from comment posting date. Comments received undergo internal coordination and review prior to posting. If the Customer comments are not customer specific and directly related to a Business Practice those comments are posted to PacifiCorps OASIS site at the following folder: Business Practices Public Comments Made Action Plan Key Items OATI/OASIS improvements NITS Module

Possibility of RSS feed Outage Planning/Communications Continue work towards resolving issue between OATI/OASIS and Legacy OASIS. Review customer contact information Development of coordinated communication plans with for Network and Long-Term Firm customers Including areas of specific customer concern and improve general communications. Invoice Accuracy

Continue discussions with individual customers regarding their specific billing concerns. Any Questions ?

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