Welcome to the Terrapin Team Open House! Mill

Welcome to the Terrapin Team Open House! Mill

Welcome to the Terrapin Team Open House! Mill Pond School Welcome! Before we begin, please take a moment to find your childs desk and read through the materials we have provided for you. In addition, your child has left you a brief note that you may respond to. Students love seeing your comments in the morning when they arrive. We will begin shortly. Thank you so much for coming this evening. Sincerely, Mrs. Pittorino This Evenings Agenda

6:30 7:00 Parent arrival Homeroom presentation, class routines, curriculum review and information session. Explore your childs classroom work and respond to his/her postcard. 7:00 7:15 Meet other classroom teachers on the team (Mrs. Mercer-Math and Ms. Gowen-Social Studies) TerrapinsTeam Members

Karen Gowen Angela Mercer Joan Doherty Rebecca Pittorino Kristen Kilpatrick (self-contained) Mrs. Pittorinos Homeroom Schedule 8:00 8:24 8:25 9:08 9:09 9:53 9:53-10:21 10:21-11:21

11:22 12:05 12:06 12:49 12:50 2:18 Monday & Wednesday Homeroom Science Special Science Math Activity Period Recess/Lunch ELA

Tuesday & Thursday Homeroom Social Studies Special Social Studies Math Activity Period Recess/Lunch ELA Friday (A/B Week) Homeroom Soc. St./Sci.-Flex Special

Soc. St./Sci.-Flex Math Activity Period Recess/Lunch ELA Monday: P.E Tuesday: Music Wednesday: Art Thursday: P.E. Friday: Tech/Library Note: Orchestra, Band and Chorus are during Activity Period. Lessons are throughout the week and can be during class time. Your child must follow up with classroom teacher for missing work Science Units of Study: Plant Structures/Ecosystems

Rocks and Minerals Simple Machines Motion and Design Science Continued Inquiry-based Approach Hands-on Experiments Cooperative Learning Science Showcase is scheduled for early spring

Social Studies Social Studies Alive! Americas Past TCI Online Program Topics Covered: History and Geography of U.S. Age of Discovery Colonial Period (1607-1775) American Revolution Constitution & Early Republic Social Studies Continued

Text/Online Text On-line Challenges/Review Interactive Student Notebook Group Discussion Study Guides Projects and Research Nonfiction Reading Strategies

Daily Geography Reading Guided Reading whole group, small group, partner Independent Just Right Reading Responding to Text Comprehension Strategy Instruction Fiction and Nonfiction Texts

Language Arts Writing Using and understanding the writing process Grammar Vocabulary Building Spelling-Word Theirs Way Math

Everyday Mathematics/On Core Cooperative Learning Family Letters Math Facts Practice Student Reference Books Team Communication Open Communication = Success Means of Communication: Assignment Book Notes Website www.mrspittorinosclassroom.com Notes Phone Email

Virtual Backpack Assignment Book: Don't leave school or home without it! Parents should check assignment books to help build responsibility and organization. Students are responsible for writing assignments into their assignment book. Assignments are written on the board and updated daily. Look for both short and long term assignments. Miscellaneous Homework expectations 45- 75 minutes

- Math daily - Independent reading (20 min. guideline) - Various short and long term projects Daily Geography Assigned weekly Spelling High Frequency Words Literacy-Reading/Writing TCI Social Studies reading/interactive notebook Read and Relax 4th Friday of every month beginning September

27th Mugs Donations welcome Conferences Priority will be given to those students whom we feel would benefit from early intervention and contact between home and school. You may request a conference with the team at any time and we will do our best to accommodate you promptly. We look forward to working with you and your child this school year.

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