CPAC Presentation Craig Bewley Chairman, CPAC CEO, Prodigy

CPAC Presentation Craig Bewley Chairman, CPAC CEO, Prodigy Learning IT Learning Company - One Stop Shop for IT Learning Platinum Solution Provider UK & Ireland GPS 2011 Awards MOS Outstanding Achievemen t Award Microsoft Learning MTA Outstandin g Product Launch

Microsoft Learning Platinum Partner Outstandin g Revenue Growth Certiport Platinum Partner Platinum Solution Provider Award Certiport

Certiport Partner Advisory CPAC Council Committee Malcolm Knox Andrew Flood Pankaj Rai Eduardo Valencia Nuccio Certo Richard Gordon CPACs Role Represent

Partners best You! INTERESTS Guidance & Improve Processes and Advice Procedures New Products & Work with Certiport Executive Strategies Team GPS 2011..What Have We Done? CPAC

To Do List Charter CyberLearnin 4 g Joined Quarterly CPAC Conferenc e Calls CPACs Achievements #1 Technology Supportin g Customer s Activations

Passwords Uploads Problem Challenge Partner Now Has Tools Solution #2 - New Partners Appointin g New Partners

Problem Clear Policies And Guidelines Challenge Certiport Created New Partner Strategy Document Solution #3 Marketing Materials Marketing

Materials Too Product Focused and Not Sales Focused Certiport to Consult their Sales Team and CPAC Problem Challenge Solution

#4 Partner Communications Partner Not Regular Communication Enough s Problem Challenge Fortnightly Product and Monthly Partner Updates Solution

#5 New Products & Beta Testing New Products And Beta Testing Problem Not Enough Partner Involvemen t Challenge CPAC Now Involved Solution

#6 Certiport Worldwide Competition on Microsoft Office Name of Certiport Worldwide Competition on Microsoft Office Problem Promoting and Building MOS Brand Awareness Challenge

2013 Microsoft Office Specialist World Championshi p Solution CPACs Concerns Terminal Services MOS 2010 MTA Commercial Pilot MOS/MTA Volume Licensing Localisation

MDF MDF CPAC 2012/2013 Lots Done 6 Achievements in 2012 More to Work with Certiport & New Owners to CPAC Representative in your Region Member Company

Name Name Prodigy Andrew Flood Learning Roberto Tesi Mosca Automazione Richard Gordon IC Central Paulo Protasio ETC Brazil Malcolm Knox CCI Learning Email Address [email protected] m

[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] om [email protected] Regio n EUROPE MEA APAC LATAM NOAM Thank You! Q&A

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    CCRS for Writing in K - 5

    CCRS for Writingin K - 5. Alabama Reading Initiative ... shifts in implementing the CCSS will be in the proportion of class time and student writing being devoted to various types of writing in ELA as well as the content...
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    Chapter 4 Chemical Quantities and Aqueous Reactions

    Write balanced chemical equation. Convert quantities of known substances into moles. Use coefficients in balanced equation to calculate the number of moles of the sought quantity. Convert moles of sought quantity into desired units. Amounts of Reactants and Products
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    Pollution, Aerosols and Climate Change

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    Wordly Wise 1 - Moore Public Schools

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  • Copyright & the Internet

    Copyright & the Internet

    NewsScan abstracts used with permission of the authors) U.S. District Judge Jed Rakoff . . . [said] is using "indefensible" and "frivolous" arguments in its defense against charges of copyright violations brought by the Recording Industry Association of America.
  • Adjusting (decomposition of) the gender pay gap using ...

    Adjusting (decomposition of) the gender pay gap using ...

    The unadjusted GPG indicator, together with the explained gap and its explanatory factors, allow for a better identification and interpretation of the causes of the gender pay gap . As a consequence, policy actions can be better targeted.
  • Diapositive 1

    Diapositive 1

    Laskar, B. Levrard, J. Mustard, " Orbital forcing of the martian layered deposits", Nature, 26 septembre 2002 La Terre seule dans l'Univers avec le Soleil possèderait une orbite képlérienne fixe : orbite coplanaire elliptique, etc. Les principales perturbations sont dues...