Architectu re Romanesque vs. Gothic Design your notes

Architectu re Romanesque vs. Gothic Design your notes

Architectu re Romanesque vs. Gothic Design your notes like this:

Romanesque -Characteristic 1 -Characteristic 2

Gothic -Characteristic 1 -Characteristic 2

Romanesque Gothic Romanesque

Gothic Horizontal vs. Vertical Romanesque

Gothic Sculptural Design Simple and severe

vs. Rich and elaborate

St. Denis: first Gothic Cathedral Romanesque vs. Gothic Structure

rounded vs. pointed arch Romanesque: Dark vs. Gothic:

Light Filled Portals tell a story to all who come Cathedral of Ferrara:

Late Romanesque shows the Last Judgement Archbishop Suger: The Father

of Gothic Architecture Abbot Suger wanted to flood his church with light, which came from

God. The conventional round arches used in churches created great outward pressure and required exceptionally thick walls for support.

Suger did not want walls weakened by very large windows.

Abbot Sugers masons experimented with pointed arches that created a more vertical thrust, which did not require massive walls.

Interior of Chartres Flying Buttresses: supporting the walls so that windows can let in Gods light.

Flying buttresses

Buttresses support the enormous weight of the walls. They transfer the weight out to the side

so that the building will not collapse. The buttresses make higher walls and ceilings possible.

Creation of stained glass

Earliest windows are from around 1,000 AD The only colors available

in were yellow, purplishred, green, blue and copper-red Glass was fitted in lead frames to form a scene Glass pictures were fitted in masonry and

filled with mortar. Stained glass instructs

Jonah is being forced into the whale. This story is told to re-inforce the message that the resurrection

occurred three days after Jesus was in the earth. The scene is surrounded by arabesques Windows were

expensive Adam and Eve are

shown being tempted by Satan. The wealthy couple who gave the money for the window are at the bottom of the picture

praying. Rose Windows are the apex of stained glass development

Circular mandalas radiate with sacred medieval imagery.

The primary subject of the great roses is the Virgin and Child. Many other themes are featured: the life of Christ and the apostles and tales from the Bible. Less common features are medieval heraldry

and symbols of the seasons or the astrological zodiac. Interior of Sainte Chapelle Interior of Chartres

Gargoyles Originally these sculptures were designed as elaborate waterspouts directing the

rains away from the fragile architecture therefore avoiding damage to the masonry. Superstition held that the gargoyle

frightened away evil spirits by appearing more hideous and foreboding than any creature that would dare to enter the building.

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