Coordinators Meeting October 2006 New York, NY National

Coordinators Meeting  October 2006 New York, NY National

Coordinators Meeting October 2006 New York, NY National Space Grant Foundation 101 Constitution Avenue NW, Suite 650 East Washington, DC 20001 202-536-3030 202-536-3089 (Fax) [email protected] October 2006 Questions From Coordinators 1. Longitudinal tracking service How many states are participating? 11 If lots of states participate, do you expect the cost to come down? Yes 2. Foundation funds Can you give us some details on the procedure(s) for using Foundation funds?

October 2006 Use of NSGF State Funds Each State Has Two Accounts Expendable Endowment Interest Bearing Interest Split Between Accounts October 2006 Sub-Account Balances as of 30 September 2006 Accoun t Endowment Expendable NSGF

5,379.53 42,052.54 NCSGD 5,069.47 EA - Endowment Expendable NV 1,271.11 1,562.06 1,533.42 NY 1,472.74 1,253.18

1,405.81 1,776.28 OH 1,869.15 1,952.19 KY 1,073.10 1,212.91 OK 774.51 1,225.90 Accoun t Account Endowment

Expendable IN 1,311.80 13,251.74 KS 26,274.59 AL 1,633.30 2,026.21 LA 1,260.70 2,008.34 OR 1,156.01 497.91

AK 872.28 6,510.22 MA 1,809.46 1,870.07 PA 1,594.07 10,948.67 AR 1,305.53 1,941.03 MD 1,402.44

12,925.45 PR 1,388.14 1,899.30 AZ 1,667.63 1,754.85 ME 1,357.39 1,770.83 RI 1,950.98 10,468.30 CA 3,072.41

96,051.95 MI 1,852.85 9,078.81 SC 1,640.29 151.57 CO 1,275.38 878.21 MN 1,651.23 2,729.81 SD

1,242.40 2,046.09 CT 1,162.44 1,517.08 MO 1,394.18 1,750.86 TN 1,686.07 991.29 DC 709.77 4,816.00 MS

1,610.07 5,952.88 TX 4,301.56 47,292.77 DE 961.60 1,495.46 MT 1,565.87 13,964.38 UT 1,555.55 1,840.70

FL 2,049.44 1,696.97 NC 947.07 2,258.78 VA 1,830.31 16,368.49 GA 1,389.64 1,174.17 ND 1,140.11 7,321.67

VT 844.96 1,293.55 HI 1,016.74 9,522.34 NE 1,557.95 3,935.11 WA 1,686.10 878.73 IA 39,447.16

21,344.33 NH 1,144.66 1,465.52 WI 1,816.02 18,214.42 ID 1,607.38 1,958.93 NJ 1,401.61 2,045.31 WV 1,164.75

1,693.19 IL 1,361.27 2,066.45 NM 1,332.23 1,747.78 WY 1,778.68 2,393.08 126,222.90 434,652.67 Totals October 2006 Use of NSGF State Funds Expenses Authorized By Director (email, letter, other written request) Allowable Vendors Universities Non-Profits Commercial Vendors Unallowable Vendors NSGA (Dues) For Any Items Unallowable for Non-Profit Organizations October 2006 Expense Examples Computers

Scholarship Payments Award Recipients Travel Reimbursements Project Expenses October 2006 Topics NSGF General Info SG Uses for NSGF Services Program National Web Listserves Longitudinal Tracking Credit Card Payments CMIS Forms Websites/emails Other October 2006 NSGF Facts

Established in 2001 by National Council 501(c)(3) Governed by Board of Directors Current Board Keith Hudson (AR) President Mike Wiskerchen (CA) Secretary Dick Henry (MD) Treasurer Jaydeep Mukherjee (FL) Vacancy Executive Director Mark Fischer October 2006 Purpose 1. To support and enhance the Space Grant Consortia in every state 2. To carry out education, research, and public outreach activities related to space, aeronautics, aviation, and Earth system science October 2006 Ways NSGF Supports Space Grant Represent Space Grant Nationally (USRP, EAP, NSIP, NSTA, ASP, Space Week) Serve as Contracting Entity (EAP, NSIP) Proposal Submission National/Regional/Local (STSP, NSIP, MUST) Accepts Donations On Behalf of State Consortia (HI, NC, OR, TX) Bank Accounts Interest Bearing and Endowment (Each State, Council)

Meeting Registrations (SmallSat 2006, Regional Meetings) October 2006 Ways NSGF Supports Space Grant Equipment Purchases (RI, TN) Web Site Hosting (National SG, Coordinators) Mailing Lists (sgDirectors, sgCoordinators, sgExec, sgSatellites)

Distinguished Service Award Services Program (AR, FL, KS, IA, MD, MN, MS, NC, NM, OR, PA, TN, TX, WA) Other (Penny Machines, Shopping, TiViTz, PathevoTM, Others) October 2006 Services Program Purpose Serve Space Grant Network Determine What Services are Desired Increase NSGFs Value to SG Network Share Programs/Systems Within Network Provide Economies of Scale October 2006

Service Program Key Features PI: Jaydeep Mukherjee (FL) Implementer: Mark Fischer Voluntary Participation Customer Focused Possible Spin-offs to External Contracts October 2006 Service Program New Services [email protected] National Affiliate Listserves (Academic, Industry, Non-Profit, and Government)

National Website Credit Card Processing Longitudinal Tracking CMIS Forms Others on Request October 2006 User Name: nsgf Password: nsgf October 2006 Service Program Credit Card Processing Process

SG Contacts NSGF SG Determines Items and Costs NSGF Creates Shopping Cart Participant Registers With SG Participant Pays NSGF NSGF Deposits Funds in SG Expendable Account Costs 2.75% per Transaction Plus Plus $0.30 per Transaction Minimum Monthly Transaction Charges and Monthly Service Charges Covered by NSGF October 2006 Service Program Credit Card Processing SmallSat 2006 Registration 62% of Attendees Paid By Credit Card $4,410 Collected $4,269 to NSGF IA Expendable Account $ 141 to NSGF $210.71 paid to service providers SE Regional Registration

Spring National Meeting Registration October 2006 Service Program Longitudinal Tracking Based Upon System Developed for TX and NC Web Base System Relies of End User Input Mimics SG Website October 2006 October 2006 October 2006 October 2006

October 2006 Service Program Longitudinal Tracking Data Ported From Existing Sources CMIS, SG Databases or Files, Other Customer Determines What Data to Include Years, Programs, Award level Standardized Forms With Some Customization Data Resides on NSGF Server Data Ownership Resides in SG Not NSGF October 2006 Longitudinal Tracking Data Fields

Contact Information Educational History Employment History NASA Program Involvement History Anecdotal Data October 2006 October 2006 October 2006 October 2006 Longitudinal Tracking Responsibilities Space Grant Initial Data

Address Verification (Optional) Yearly Evaluation Feedback NSGF System As Described Assistance in Acquiring Initial Data All NASA Requested Longitudinal Tracking Reports (Budget Call, 20th Year Review, Others) Data Security and Confidentiality Summaries of Data Complete Data Files Upon Request Hard Copy Mail outs to Verified Addresses Comparison Data to All Participating States Keep the Customer Happy October 2006 Longitudinal Tracking Data

11 States Involved As of 30 September (AR, FL, MD, MN, MS, NC, OR, PA, TN, TX, WA) ~5,000 Former Participants Employer Sampling Boeing Aerospace Defense Information Systems Agency GE Aircraft Engines Gulfstream Aerospace Lockheed Martin NASA Ames NASA Goddard NASA JPL NASA JSC NASA Langley NASA Marshal October 2006 National Center for Atmospheric Research NOAA Northrop Grumman Oak Ridge National Lab Orbital Sciences Corporation Raytheon Science Applications International Corp Scripps Institution of Oceanography SpaceWorks Engineering, Inc.

United Space Alliance Longitudinal Tracking Anecdotal Data provided me with leadership opportunities that have helped me greatly during my education and now in my professional life. (1998 Scholar: currently working for the Naval Air Systems Command & pursuing a PhD) The space grant helped capture my interest in research and kindled my passion for science. (2003 Scholar: currently in graduate school) It gave me a good experience using new analytical software and opened my eyes to how different people specializing in different areas can all contribute to a scientific project. (1998 Scholar: currently working in industry) The program was especially important because it was my first experience with an independent research project overseen by a faculty

member. It helped prepare me for the work involved with my graduate studies in plant pathology. (2002 Scholar: currently in graduate school) October 2006 Longitudinal Tracking Response Rate Participant Response Rate as a Function of Their Last Year of Involvement in Space Grant Programs 70.0% 64% 60.0% 50% Response Rate 50.0% 45% 38% 40.0% 34% 29%

30.0% 20.0% 9% 10.0% 0% 0.0% 1994-2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 1994-2005 Total 5 Year Total Last Year of Involvement In Space Grant Program

October 2006 Longitudinal Tracking Financial Information Allowable Expense on Federal Grant Contacting Mechanisms Standard Purchase Purchase Order Sole Source Purchase Order Cost Reimbursable Subcontract NSGF State Expendable Funds Costs Based Upon Number of Participating States Actual Costs

$5,500 First Year Maximum $4,000 Out Year Maximum October 2006 Service Program CMIS Forms Features On-line CMIS Based Forms Available Year Round Available w/o Username/Password Reports Formatted for Quick CMIS Entry State CMIS Contact is Notified of Submission What it Does Not Do Enter Data Into CMIS Once Submitted Data Can Not be Edited October 2006 CMIS Forms Example Jean Page, Fred DeJarnette has submitted a CMIS Higher Education form for "Advanced Design Challenge." You may view this form at http://localhost/cgi-bin/cmis/a.cgi

Your username is the email address to which this message was sent. If you do not know your password or wish to be reminded of your password please use the "Password Reminder" link on the login page. Please note, this submission did NOT enter the data into CMIS but rather stored a copy of the form for your review and entry into CMIS. If you have any questions about the information in this form please contact Fred DeJarnette at [email protected] If you have any questions about this NSGF provide service please contact Mark Fischer . -------Mark Fischer National Space Grant Foundation 202-536-3030 202-536-3089 (fax) October 2006 Questions/Comments? URL: Contact: [email protected] Phone: 202-536-3030 Internal Site User Name: nsgf Password: nsgf October 2006

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