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CERN European Organization for Nuclear Research IT Department e-Business Section JAXB JAXB XML XML Afonin Alexey, Derek Mathieson e-Business section, IT department CERN Geneva, Switzerland JAXB

JAXB JAXB: The Java Architecture for XML Binding 8 2003 : SUN, Java Web Services Developer Pack Apache JAXME JAXB JAXB : : XML XML

1001 2005-01-01 First Order 10 1002 2005-01-02 Second Order 20.2 : : XML XML Schema Schema

: : Java Java : %jwsdp.home%\jaxb\bin\xjc.bat -p generated -d src simple-order.xsd Ant:

: : Java Java public interface OrdersListType { java.util.List getOrder(); } public interface OrderType { double getAmount(); void setAmount(double value); java.lang.String getDescription(); void setDescription(java.lang.String value); java.util.Calendar getDate(); void setDate(java.util.Calendar value); long getNumber();

void setNumber(long value); } : : JAXB JAXB XML JAXBContext jaxbCtx = JAXBContext.newInstance("generated"); Unmarshaller unmarshaller = jaxbCtx.createUnmarshaller(); OrdersListType orders = (OrdersListType)unmarshaller.unmarshal( new File("simple-order.xml")); List ordersList = orders.getOrder(); for (int i = 0; i < ordersList.size(); i++) { OrderType order = (OrderType)ordersList.get(i); System.out.println("Number = " + order.getNumber() + ", amount = " + order.getAmount()); }

... : : JAXB JAXB XML ... ObjectFactory objectFactory = new ObjectFactory(); Order newOrder = objectFactory.createOrder(); newOrder.setNumber(2006); newOrder.setDate(Calendar.getInstance()); newOrder.setDescription("New Order"); newOrder.setAmount(100); orders.getOrder().add(newOrder); Marshaller marshaller = jaxbCtx.createMarshaller(); marshaller.marshal(orders, new FileOutputStream(new File("simple-order.xml")));

Binding Framework : (marshalling)marshalling) (marshalling)unmarshalling) (marshalling)validation) javax.xml.bind.JAXBContext - " " JAXB API " " JAXB API JAXB API public abstract class JAXBContext { static JAXBContext newInstance(String contextPath) static JAXBContext newInstance(String contextPath, ClassLoader contextPathCL) abstract Unmarshaller createUnmarshaller(); abstract Marshaller createMarshaller(); abstract Validator createValidator(); }

XML XML JAXB XML : (marshalling)unmarshall-time validation) (marshalling)on-demand validation) " " JAXB API " " JAXB API (marshalling)fail-fast validation) Validator public interface Validator { ValidationEventHandler getEventHandler() void setEventHandler(ValidationEventHandler handler) boolean validate(java.lang.Object subrootObject) boolean validateRoot(java.lang.Object rootObject) }

Unmarshaller XML , public interface Unmarshaller { boolean isValidating() throws JAXBException; void setValidating(boolean b) throws JAXBException; ValidationEventHandler getEventHandler() throws JAXBException; void setEventHandler(ValidationEventHandler handler) throws JAXBException; Object Object Object Object Object Object } unmarshal(File file) throws JAXBException;

unmarshal(InputStream is) throws JAXBException; unmarshal(URL url) throws JAXBException; unmarshal(Source source) throws JAXBException; unmarshal(Node node) throws JAXBException; unmarshal(InputSource is) throws JAXBException; Marshaller XML public interface Marshaller { ValidationEventHandler getEventHandler() throws JAXBException; void setEventHandler(ValidationEventHandler handler) throws JAXBException; void void void void void Node

marshal(Object marshal(Object marshal(Object marshal(Object marshal(Object getNode(Object o, o, o, o, o, o) OutputStream os) throws JAXBException; Writer writer) throws JAXBException; Result result) throws JAXBException; Node node) throws JAXBException;

ContentHandler ch) throws JAXBException; throws JAXBException; Object getProperty(String s) throws PropertyException; void setProperty(String s, Object o) throws PropertyException; String JAXB_ENCODING = "jaxb.encoding"; String JAXB_FORMATTED_OUTPUT = "jaxb.formatted.output"; } XML Java Binding XML Schema to Java Classes : : XML XML Java Java

XML MixedCaseName getMixedCaseName MIXED_CASE_NAME Answer42 getAnswer42 ANSWER_42

name-with-dashes NameWithDashes getNameWithDashes NAME_WITH_DASHES other_punct-chars OtherPunctChars getOtherPunctChars OTHER_PUNCT_CHARS mixedCaseName

Answer42 XML Java public interface PersonType { long getDepartmentId(); void setDepartmentId(long value);

java.lang.String getName(); void setName(java.lang.String value); long getId(); void setId(long value); } P (marshalling)(marshalling)Properties) Properties) Properties) roperties) XML Java (marshalling)Simple Property) java.lang.String getName(); void setName(java.lang.String value);

(marshalling)Collection Property) java.util.List getItem(); TType (marshalling)(marshalling)Type Safe Enumeration Enumeration)) Type ype Safe (marshalling)Type Type Safe Enumeration)

public class CountryType { private final String value; protected CountryType(String v) { value = v; } public final static CountryType FRANCE = new CountryType("FRANCE"); public final static CountryType SWITZERLAND = new generated.CountryType("SWITZERLAND"); ... }

(marshalling)Simple Built-in Types) XML Java xsd:string java.lang.String xsd:integer java.math.BigInteger xsd:int int xsd:long

long xsd:decimal java.math.BigDecimal xsd:float float xsd:double double xsd:boolean boolean xsd:byte

byte xsd:dateTime java.util.Calendar xsd:anySimpleType java.lang.String XML (marshalling)restriction restriction) (marshalling)extension) Java

XML (marshalling)restriction restriction)

(marshalling)extension) Java public interface Address { java.lang.String getCity(); void setCity(java.lang.String value); java.lang.String getStreet(); void setStreet(java.lang.String value); java.lang.String getName(); void setName(java.lang.String value); } public interface USAddress extends Address { java.lang.String getState(); void setState(java.lang.String value); long getZip(); void setZip(long value); }

Customizing JAXB Bindings ? ? (marshalling)Default Default Binding) : (marshalling)Javadoc Javadoc) /


xjc b Ant [ collectionType = "collectionType" ] [ generateIsSetMethod= "true" | "false" | "1" | "0" ] [ enableFailFastCheck = "true" | "false" | "1" | "0" ] [ underscoreBinding = "asWordSeparator" | "asCharInWord" ] [ typesafeEnumBase = "typesafeEnumBase" ]

[ ... ]* [ package ] [ ... ]* ... ] [ ] [ ]

[ ... ] ... ]

[ ... ] ... Java XML


... : :

cern.edh.cxml.objects.Money cern.edh.cxml.objects.MoneyType : :

package cern.edh.cxml; public class DateConverter { public static java.util.Date parseDateTz(String lexicalDate) throws ParseException {...} public static String printDateTz(java.util.Date date) {...} } : :

... public interface CXMLType { ... java.util.Date getTimestamp(); void setTimestamp(java.util.Date value); } ...

: : public class DeploymentModeValue { public final static DeploymentModeValue PRODUCTION = new DeploymentModeValue(_PRODUCTION); public final static DeploymentModeValue TEST = new DeploymentModeValue(_TEST); ... }


(marshalling)EDH EDH) B2B: cXML ~ 100 ~ 100 ! ! XML XML XML Java (marshalling)Complex

Complex type definition): ... public interface PersonType { ... } public interface Person extends javax.xml.bind.Element, PersonType { } XML XML XML Java (marshalling)Simple

Simple type definition): public interface Name extends javax.xml.bind.Element { java.lang.String getValue(); void setValue(java.lang.String value); }


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