The insider Automation: threat you didnt know Cyber

The insider Automation: threat  you didnt know Cyber

The insider Automation: threat

you didnt know Cyber Wars Day 2 (Technical) 2018

John Gleason DevOps Engineer you had

About ISE Perspective White box Analysts Hackers; Cryptographers; RE Exploits iPhone; Android; Ford; Exxon; Diebold

Research Routers; NAS; Healthcare Customers Companies with high value assets About Me ISE for 6 months

Previously with Accenture I write lots of PowerShell Spend lots of time designing, building, and maintaining cloud environments Introduction Automation is everywhere

I leveraged my experience scripting games to automate IT systems My experience comes from: Automated compliance audit tools Automated orchestration systems CI/CD systems leveraging industry standard toolchains

Goals Describe common automation patterns / problems Classify these issues Pose questions for use in audits Development Automation

GIT Subversion TFVC

Source and Version control systems automate the Business Logic of maintaining source code Source control through a telescope Central system tracks all changes or modifications Keeps full history of changes Allows for simultaneous edits, coordinates conflict resolution

Source code copied to developer machines for edit Secrets in Source If you dont have ANY go get yourself some refreshment But, for the rest of us Whats the Threat?

One compromised development machine = Credentials to production systems exposed Which credentials? 1. 2. 3.

4. Database Admin/Debug functionality Encryption JWT Secrets, etc

Questions Does the problem exist in your organization? Do you know how to fix it if it does occur?* *Each system has their own way of handling this, I have included links to official documentation in the references

IT Operations Example Architecture Web Tier App Tier

Example Architecture Web Tier App Tier

Example Architecture Web Tier App Tier IT Operations

Automated Process 1. Identify Patch Levels Example Assumptions 1. Infrastructure in place

2. Download Patches 3. Remove from load balancer 4. Maintain Proper sequence 5. Patch and Reboot 6. Test for Success 7. Return to load balancer

2. Actions require elevated rights Approach Web Tier

App Tier Approach Approach ?

Whats the threat? Hard to maintain Hard to teach Application account with admin creds Sustained or Recurring Outages

Resolution? Separate Application and Admin Identities Questions Are independent systems within the application stack running with unique credentials, which

only have the necessary rights to perform that systems tasks? Are there any accounts being used to programmatically manage or manipulate multiple layers of the application stack? Infrastructure Automation

Automation tools can cause outages But as systems scale, tools are necessary Example Tool Server1

Server3 Server2 Server4 Web Tier

App Tier Needs tools at scale! Example Tool Fixed

Tenants Always commit to source control Always peer review Always test in non-production environments Questions Are scripts and tools, as well as the processes and procedures to leverage them, maintained in a

version control system? Are scripts and tools, as well as the management processes, peer reviewed and each capability tested before it is implemented and used against production systems? Security Auditing

? Security Auditing Application scanning tool reported source code disclosure of JavaScript files.

Code runs on the client What happened? Maybe a default configuration? The report wasnt reviewed Auditing Tools

Required component of security audits Must be interpreted by a human Otherwise, potential for disillusionment that could let vulnerabilities to go unresolved Questions Were you involved in the process of interpreting

results of an application security assessment to vet and corroborate issues discovered, and were any issues and their respective resolutions documented Wrap Up Automation systems are software too

Even small scripts count Defensive coding Teams and Tools Our Links Contact Me Twitter: @johnnygtech Email: [email protected]

Resources -as-easy-as-searching-github/ Proprietary Icons T H A N K YO U !

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