Rethinking Junior IT Kevork Krozian, Forest Hill College

Rethinking Junior IT Kevork Krozian, Forest Hill College

Rethinking Junior IT Kevork Krozian, Forest Hill College [email protected] 1 Session Objectives To stimulate thinking to audit current junior IT courses To look for options and new directions To keep VELS in mind as required To consider delivery models -- dedicated ICT vs across Key Learning Areas Any other ideas 2 Primary School snapshot Multiple feeder schools about 100 120 students Course

Details Powerpoint Quite skilled and confident Publisher Some knowledge . Eg. Why cant I type straight away ? Because you need a text box to type into Kahootz Quite skilled and confident Word Generally used to type up stories with little other skill Comments/Rationale Apart from Powerpoint and Kahootz generally students need to learn from scratch and it is best to assume they havent used other software ( apart from a browser, chat ) to any appreciable level prior to Year 7. 3 Current Year 7 Dedicated ICT subject full year 4 x (72min) periods per 3 week cycle Acknowledgments: Jillian ONeill, Karly Horton - Forest Hill College Course

Details Comments/Rationale Word : 4 6 weeks Focus on skills, alignment, tabs, columns, layout, spell and grammar check. Assessed with Students do not possess these skills therefore seen to be Journal online (Moodle) for reflection on a final task to complete valuable across all areas each topic Word counts, accuracy, technique Students enjoy the competition and challenging themselves and each other Touch typing - 4 weeks Graded skills acquisition. Project to analyse restaurant menus and produce a tri-fold Ties in with Health and Physical education nutrition unit brochure of their own menu. Use Visio to create Final result placed in a time capsule for collection in Yr 12 Publisher map of restaurant location Visio : 4 - 6 weeks Graded skill acquisition. Current project Final project used in English as part of oral presentation with the selected for completion (eg Olympics) use of Que cards for prompting Powerpoint : 6 weeks Excel : 4- 6 weeks Digital Porfolio : 4 6 weeks Graded skill acquisition. Data sourced from any Qualitative and quantitative data used. Surveys of favourite food media outlet or class survey. Results recorded of students in class and graphed with the use of simple formulas Recent implementation of EdCube to create Levels 4 and 5 of VELS ICT domain requires evidence of digital digital portfolio on any topic of choice eg my first portfolio (or bank of digital evidence ) under ICT for visualising

year at Forest Hill College, my friends, social thinking and ICT for creating me, thinking me Graded tasks directly from Kahootz site following teaching resources Allows a self paced approach to acquiring a range of skills from Kahootz : 4 weeks Introduction to Gamemaker, web authoring Introduction to Year 8 : 2 weeks Establishing links with the next phase of learning and orientation for Year 8. 4 Current Year 8 Dedicated ICT subject full year 4 x (72min) periods per 3 week cycle Acknowledgments: Simon Brown- Forest Hill College Course Gamemaker: Term 1 Journal online (Moodle) for reflection on each topic Details Comments/Rationale Graded skill acquisition, stepping through a number of tutorials, completing a project followed by an open book assessment tasks modelled on the project principles.

Game programming provides a context for a wide range of cross domain learning. Drag and drop tools means kids do not get bogged down in programming syntax. Games require graphics and sound so the links to the domains of music and art are obvious. Sound and graphics creation See and editing through a variety of software options. for a comprehensive discussion of the benefits See games programming, and specifically worked game.doc for a multidisciplinary game making project (based on a media examples of application of Gamemaker project by Keith Richardson and Tony Forster) Also Tony Forster is a leader in the use of Gamemaker. Search Edulists archives. Games have a narrative or storyline, though branching, get kids to or see develop game storylines as a literacy activity. See also Tim Rylands and Brock Dubbels Game making can be a good way to learn kinematics: speed, acceleration and gravity, a few ideas at Quest style games which have lots of narrative could be made in a 2nd language, see for how to set up dialogue in a quest game with foreign character sets Excel, Access and Word : Term 2 3 Organising a party. Excellent set of activities that engage students readily. Varied and Acquisition of spreadsheet skills for managing a specialised skills acquired. Use of validation in Access, querying with budget, organising supplies, shopping online for Boolean operators, Use of formulas in Excel and the mastery of provisions. Database skills for gathering guest spreadsheet functions for budget and guest list creation and data, special dietary and musical needs, forms, management. Peer evaluated with scope for student input into querying and reporting, creating name tags, mail the direction of the overall task. merge and more. RSVP through web site to store in a file or email.

5 Current Year 8 continued Course Details Comments/Rationale Web authoring with Dreamweaver and Fireworks Term 3 Graded exercises covering layout, graphics, Quite a robust activity that engages students fully. Excellent skill colours, fonts, naming conventions, styles, development in .. evaluate the integrity of the located information based attention to copyright and intellectual property, on its accuracy and the reliability of the web host ( VELS level 4 ) as provision of feedback, peer evaluation, students gather data for inclusion on their personal web site. disclaimer. Completion of a personal website as a final product. Digital Portfolio 6 weeks Recent implementation of EdCube to create digital portfolio on any topic of choice eg my schoo, my friends, social me, thinking me, sporting me, healthy me, mathematical me, IT me Levels 4 and 5 of VELS ICT domain requires evidence of digital portfolio (or bank of digital evidence ) under ICT for visualising thinking and ICT for creating

Flash Animation A set of 5 graded exercises covering basic animation skills for addition to web site as swf files Planning, storyboards, visualising thinking. Tasks include motion and shape tweening, path orientation, sound, video, mask layer and more depending on student ability and interest. 6 Current Year 9 Dedicated ICT subject - 1 semester only 4 x (72min) periods per 3 week cycle Acknowledgments: Simon Brown- Forest Hill College Course Creation of a DVD Software/Hardware used Journal online (Moodle) for reflection Details Comments/Rationale Through the use of a wide range of software Very engaging and exciting for students with the freedom to choose types students create a DVD as a final product. almost any topic as the subject of their DVD. Research into multimedia file types and quality Research into alternate multimedia file types, conversion options, quality Research classification system and proposed and size implications content

Research classification system and classify the DVD product Animation with Flash and Actionscript High level of autonomy and ability to direct learning. Eg. Foreign Sound content with Acid Pro language text inclusion, alternate designs for navigation, page background music or manually load on clicking, file format types, data Image content with digital camera, scanner or gathering, team work, peer review and feedback. internet Video content with video camera or internet Validation and testing by extracting ONLY DVD files and checking all links on another machine Voice recording with audacity Creating interface and pages with Dreamweaver and Fireworks Consideration of consistency in design and layout requirements across pages Video conversion for web ready deployment Planning, storyboards, visualising thinking for animation and web Photoshop for DVD label and DVD case cover interface. Peer evaluation and input. Rubrics for assessment. Publish DVD to active web site for testing Burn DVD and present to class Based on current software DVD will only play on a computer and not a DVD player. To play on a DVD player need to use other software such as Adobe Encore or Sony Vegas ( cost vs benefit issue ) 7 Current Year 10 Programming Elective 1 semester only 4 x (72min) periods per week Course

Flash and Actionscript Details Up to 20 graded learning activities covering layout, graphics, colours, fonts, naming conventions, use of Actionscript 2.0 and 3.0: Refresher activities from Yr 9 Adding sounds to movies Path orientation Drawing in Flash Buttons and movies Compositing or Nesting 3D Effects in Flash A runner in Flash First Actionscript Mouse control ( AS 2.0 and 3.0) Keyboard control, screen wrapping Collision detection Jigsaw puzzle ( can be Quiz type ) Colouring car parts Scrolling space background Saving the Earth shooting game Comments/Rationale Very engaging Students rarely off task Individual discussion and tailoring extension work Excellent skill development at VELS Level 6 as .. students apply a range of techniques, equipment and procedures that minimise the cost, effort and time of processing ICT solutions and maximise the accuracy, clarity and completeness of the information. Their products demonstrate a clear sense of purpose and respect for the audience Aim is to gain confidence in taking on challenges rather than racing to finish a product Process of learning is the focus rather than the answer to a problem though we celebrate discovery of a solution

Debugging competitions first to find error gets a chocolate Deliberate bugs introduced as challenges bases on actual errors in class Web deployment aspect very attractive as choice of language to teach Journal online (Moodle) for reflection and record keeping A choice of projects such as a poker machine or billiards game or car racing game or other Planning, storyboards, visualising thinking, reflection, self assessment VELS ICT Level 6 students compare their own solutions with others and justify suggestions to improve quality Journal required as part of the reflection Peer evaluation required on any improvements after task completion 8 Delivery Structure - Yr 9 MyFHC Intranet Course Outline Task list Course individual tasks worksheet Assessment Task list with rubrics for assessment Reporting rubrics descriptors transfer to report and VELS level 9 Review what in junior IT ??

Focus on the Thinking Curriculum Learning centred vs teacher ( teaching ) centred Process driven vs content driven Students setting own questions vs students answering only others questions Shared experiences and learning vs private thought processes Developing independent, critical, creative and caring learners More just in time vs just in case learning Mistakes to be learned from vs mistakes to be avoided or feared Teacher fellow learner/collaborator vs expert source Focus on the constructionists model students learn by creating more meaningful and transferable learning will result when students are given opportunities to construct knowledge from their own point of view Different options for selecting project topics Training students Collecting information Scaffolding process Organising Evaluation Synthesis ( one groups project linked to another groups project ) Assessment source 10 Review what in junior IT ??

Teaching to, and awareness of, multiple intelligences Linguistic intelligence ("word smart"): Logical-mathematical intelligence ("number/reasoning smart") Spatial intelligence (picture smart") Musical intelligence (music smart") Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence ("body smart") Interpersonal intelligence ("people smart") Intrapersonal intelligence ("self smart") Naturalist intelligence ("nature smart") source Enhancing cross-curricular learning, content and coordination Why teach something twice if once will serve your purpose ? Learning in Science with the enquiry based approach no different to learning in and with ICT aligning teaching Excel skills with Maths Petrol vs LPG vs Diesel consumption project aligning DVD production in ICT with Media aligning Oral presentation in English with presentation in ICT aligning LOTE with Gamemaker allowing other language instructions aligning Heart Rate monitor use in HPE with uploading and analysing in Excel Use of a database for the creation of a dating game perhaps in Human Development Use of research skills to locate and verify Australian Standards in Technology Kahootz type environments in ICT and Arts cross teaching and collaboration Kahootz and animated LOTE story books Music and sound editing in DVD production 11

Review what in junior IT ?? Dedicated junior ICT vs non dedicated junior ICT classes Local solutions will vary across the spectrum from one end to the other At Forest Hill in mid 90s all junior ICT removed and then replaced 5 years later Data on school models would be interesting and informative Problem of non ICT qualified teachers assessing ICT skills, knowledge and content ?? At University of Washington efforts underway to make Computer Science a compulsory component of any Science degree Content and options and new directions Not necessarily cramming more into less space and time Why all of Word, Powerpoint, Publisher, Web authoring in depth ? Can we focus on one here and create time/space if we are using WYSIWYG ? Alice - 3D programming Blender 3D animation and programming with Python Scratch programming Programming using mobile devices or PDAs Quicktime VR - Virtual reality programming Robotics - Does it have a place in junior IT , even at a simple level ? Data Visualisation links -- Teacher Tube with extensive tutorials 12 Review what in junior IT ?? Stronger links with the feeder Primary schools

Can we work with the Primary schools and define a minimum skill set to achieve by Grade 6? Can some of these skills be taught as visits beyond the annual 45 mins Grade 5 orientation ? Consider an ICT skills audit for new Year 7s Support Primary teachers in delivery of ICT skills . Can we build bridges and collaborate ? Projects eg. Kahootz learning activity for Grade 4 or 5 prepared by Year 7, 8 ? Stronger links with VCE ICT Any vertical streaming ? Can a Yr 10 do a VCE subject ? What about a Year 9 ? Why not insist on a minimum skill set before a student can do Yr 11 or 12 IT ? Consider closer links between junior and VCE ICT teachers Consider clearly communicating pathways for junior IT students towards VCE . Eg. How many of you would do Yr 10 programming and then Yr 11 IT if it had the following content ? 13 Rethinking Junior IT where to now ? To imagine the possibilities, to excite the staff and students To join the journey of discovery and share the rewards of achievement and learning I will be working on Alice and Blender for inclusion in junior IT for 2009 or 2010. Join me and others on this and similar journeys on the lists Invitation to join and participate on mailing lists Specific Junior IT list has colleagues and resources for sharing. Many ideas in this presentation came from this and related lists 14

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