iDAS / oDAS Services Statement of Quality Professional

iDAS / oDAS Services Statement of Quality Professional

iDAS / oDAS Services Statement of Quality Professional Teleconcepts, Inc. is dedicated to the goal of being a premier provider of high quality engineering, furnishing and installation services to the telecommunications and MSO markets. We accomplish this through our commitment to customer requirements and our devotion to the concepts of customer and employee satisfaction, continual improvement and regular review of our Quality Management System and its objectives. Eric Burrell President and Chief Executive Officer About Us

Pro-Tel specializes in solutions for all inside plant environments; including but not limited to: central offices, MSCs, MSOs, data centers, cell sites and customer premises. 30+ Years of providing E,F&I Services on a national basis. TL9000 Certified Sarbanes-Oxley Compliant Certified PMP Management Full Line of Engineering Products and Services

Union and Non-Union Installation Services Warehousing and Logistical Services Visit Pro-Tels website at iDAS/oDAS Design and Implementation iBwave Design Both Passive and Active DAS Systems. Our designs include but are not limited to: Data collected on site during RF Site Survey, RSSI, Ec/Io, & Mobile Tx for each floor of each location Proposed antenna locations Proposed cable pathways Proposed fiber pathways

RF Link budget for the proposed system RF Coverage plots Detailed parts list of materials to be used to complete the design Any Venue. Sports Authority Field Aspen Meadows Arapahoe Basin Challenging Locations iDAS/oDAS Construction and

Installation Capabilities

Shelter cable racking and superstructure Equipment relay racks Shelter grounding system Remote grounding system Outdoor fiber pulls including excavation Battery Installations PDF w/Rectifiers DAS Racks Andrew, TE, etc. Remote Radio Heads Base Transceiver Stations DAS Trays - including cabling SIAD Installation LTE BBU installation Fiber cross connect panel

Telco Board DAS Remotes - includes cabling to antennas Remote Antenna to tripod Remote Antenna to custom mount

Custom Antenna Mount Heavy duty tripod Remote battery backup systems Remote UPS Units w/cabling Demolition Site Work Masonry

Framing Electrical Drywall Paint Floor Covering Fire Suppression Doors and Hardware HVAC/Mech. Landscaping Install Antennas and Coax Sweep Antennas and Coax Fiber Services Green Lighting Warehousing and Logistic Services Pro-Tel Net: Real time project management

From macro to micro visibility Customized reports Warehousing Management System: Barcoding Tracking from receipt to delivery Material - Inventory: We stock 70% of project material Customer Equipment 3rd Party Material Facilities: Fully Insured, climate controlled, alarmed, video surveillance Transportation: Pro-Tel fleet National carrier contracts Warehousing and Logistic Services

Contact Us Professional Teleconcepts, LLC 5132 State Highway 12 Norwich, NY 13815 Toll Free (800) 443-6277 Website

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