Pokmon Soul Silver Review Genre: Role-Playing Tyler Odom

Pokmon Soul Silver Review Genre: Role-Playing Tyler Odom

Pokmon Soul Silver Review Genre: Role-Playing Tyler Odom Developed by : Publishers: Director(s) : Shigeki Morimoto

Price : $39.99 Requirements (one of the following): DS DS lite DSi DS XL 3DS

3DS XL Overview To be the very best, like no one ever was. Got to Catch them All! Storyline Your trainer journey begins in New Bark Town,

where you select one of three starter Pokmon from Professor Elm. After completing a task for the Professor, he lets you keep the Pokmon you chose at the start. Your trainer then is set off in to Johto region, travelling city to city catching Pokmon and

collecting badges. After collecting badges, you then face the Elite Four While travelling, you are faced with battles from other trainers in the world. Throughout your game, you have two Opponents

Team Rocket Rival Players Role Your role in the game is to catch and train Pokmon to be able to win battles against Team Rocket, Rival, and the Elite Four. Installation

Insert the game into your DS system User Interface Gameplay Open World Lots of Puzzles

Storyline follows a general path throughout the game, exception in some areas Experience System Winning Battles increases experience towards Pokmon that were part of the battle Pokmon has 4 slots for moves that are chosen by the trainer Moves availability by leveling, breeding, direct training

Health Bar Management of the Pokemon Artwork Digital Sprites / Cartoon Each Pokmon is different / 493! Sound and Music

Music is constant throughout game. Every town has their unique music. Battles have music based on Importance of battle Each Pokmon has their unique call Special Features Pokewalker, a pedometer that

resembles a Poke Ball. Level up a pokemon by walking Access Routes that can catch certain pokemon Able to catch Rare Pokemon Pokemon follows you in game All other games, all pokemon stayed in their poke ball.

Exception of Yellow:Pikachu was only one able to follow Manual Instructions on Controls How to select Instructions on Pokewalker How to connect How to use

Troubleshooting Bugs After receiving the Rising Badge from Clair in Dragons Den, players do not receive TM59 from Clair on their way out as they normally would, if they use Dig Teleport or an Escape Rope to leave.

-bulbapedia. Game Review GOOD Music/Sound was best between previous games Replay-ability Most out of previous games

Kept true to the original Best graphics compared to previous games Able to transfer from past games to keep favorite Pokmon continue with you. Longest Story Game Review BAD

Still hard to level to 100 Every Pokmon game so not bad If no access to internet/other players, you will miss out on catching Pokemon/access to events Compare Soul Silver is a remake of the original for the

Gameboy Color Updates on Battle style, Abilities, and more from the previous games Has both Johto and Kanto regions. Better or Worse? Soul Silver is a major improvement from the previous games.

Has lots more to offer Leveling is not as annoying More Replay value then past versions Appropriate Audience 8+. Lots of young adults continue to play No blood, cursing, or violent experiences.

Pokemon faint, not killed Design Mistakes None I found Strength/Weakness Strengths Best Replay value compared to past versions

Music is major improvement/enjoyable New additions with the Pokewalker Weaknesses Still annoying to level to 100 Improvements Still needs to be a faster way to level to 100.

Pokewalker is easily lost in clothes, washed, and then wont work Game worth it? The game is a buy. If you like Pokemon, or want a new Role Playing game.

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