CROSS-COMPLIANCE ASSESSMENT TOOL Specific Targeted Research Project (STREP) EC contract number 44423-CCAT Project duration: January 2007-December 2009 EC SIXTH FRAMEWORK PROGRAMME Priority 8.1 Policy - oriented research - Scientific support to policies SSP Programme end-user meeting 13:00-13:05 Welcome (Berien Elbersen (Coordinator) Chair Roel Jongeneel) 13:05-13:10 General introduction to project (Project officer, Daniele Tissot, DG Research) 13:10-13:20 Introduction and policy context (Roel Jongeneel) 13:20-13:50 CCAT tool, Main results and conclusions (Berien Elbersen & Janneke Roos-KleinLankhorst)

13:50-14:15 Discussion 14:15-14:30 Break 14:30-16:00 Break-out in separate groups: 1) Economics and Animal Welfare (Chair Roel Jongeneel, Presenter Markus Kempen) 2) Environment, Landscape and Biodiversity (Chair Jrg Schramek; Presenters: Wim de Vries, Nadja Kasperczyk, Juan Onate) 16:00-17:00 Subgroup reporting (Markus Kempen, Jrg Schramek) Discussion on conclusions and recommendations Wrap-up and follow-up (Berien Elbersen); Jrg, Berien) 17:00 End Cross Compliance Assessment Tool

Partners Alterra, The Netherlands CEET, Estonia IfLS, Germany JRC-Ispra (IES-RWER-CC Units) LEI, The Netherlands UBonn-ILR, Germany UAM, Spain Cross Compliance Assessment Tool Objective In the CCAT project an integrated assessment is made of the effects of CCstandards on agricultural markets, producers income, consumers welfare, land use, soil, water, air, climate, biodiversity and landscapes, as well as animal welfare and public health. The main objective of this project is to develop

an analytical tool that enables the assessment of the impact of (a selection of) all Statutory Management Requirements (SMRs) and Good Environmental and Agricultural Condition standards falling under the EU CCpolicy at regional level. Cross Compliance Assessment Tool CCAT project in policy context Current policy debate Health Check 2008: modulation, new challenges The future of CAP (after 2013, new budget, rethinking expenditure over and within pillars) Provision of public goods by agriculture (IEEP, vTI) Relevance of CCAT project Focuses on cross compliance standards Provides info on costs of compliance, degree of compliance and reference situation Provides information on (physical) benefits of broad range of standards (XC and beyond) Offers assessment-tool that can be used interactively

Cross Compliance Assessment Tool Compliance-language degree of compliance compliance gap voluntary compliance levels Full compliance 100% 90% 80% Simulated level of compliance 75% 60% Baseline estimates of

compliance 30% 0% A arable B dairy C pigs D poultry Activity # of farms Cross Compliance Assessment Tool

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