Introduction Lsn 1 Syllabus Review Objective Texts Grading

Introduction Lsn 1 Syllabus Review Objective Texts Grading

Introduction Lsn 1 Syllabus Review Objective Texts Grading Schedule Blocks 1 through 5

Office hours Academic honesty Classroom conduct ID & SIG Identify and state the significance of Should be three sentences with an emphasis on the significance portion Example: equal-field system The equal-field system governed the allocation of agricultural land in China during the Tang Dynasty. Land was allotted to individuals and their families based on the lands fertility and the recipients needs. The system ensured an equitable distribution of land and helped avoid the concentration of landed property

that had caused social problems during the Han Dynasty. Writing Requirement 700 to 1,000 word analytical paper Analytical writing Thesis Analytical Writing GRE Analytical Writing Measure assesses the applicant's ability to articulate complex ideas clearly and effectively examine claims and accompanying evidence support ideas with relevant reasons and examples sustain a well-focused, coherent discussion

control the elements of standard written English Thesis a position or proposition that a person ... advances and offers to maintain by argument Websters Dictionary Writing Style Put the thesis and proofs -- the bottom line -- in the first paragraph (BLUF = Bottom line up front). Each paragraph addresses one main idea and that idea is clearly stated in the topic sentence. Write paragraphs that average about 7 sentences in length.

Document using MLA or APA. Use college-level sources. If your main source is wikipedia or some other .org source, youre probably not using appropriate sources. Do not use contractions. Writing Style Use quotations for impact (to cite an authority, to get exact wording, or to connect an important person with a particular thought). Put them in context. Do not have a whole sentence be a quotation. Avoid the first person. If you feel compelled to use them at all, use rhetorical questions sparingly. Use the active voice.

Write for your audience, but, in general, keep it simple Use short sentences (an average of 15 or fewer words). Understand the words you use. Use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Organization: M1A1 Paper Intro tell them what youre going to tell them Body tell them Conclusion tell them what you told them Example Introduction The University of Southern Mississippi is the best allaround university in the state. It has a diversity of majors that allows students to explore a range of

academic disciplines. Its central location facilitates easy trips home for the weekend as well as opportunities to visit some of the Gulf Souths most culturally significant locations. It has a richness of student life where every student can find an extracurricular activity that meets his interest. These attributes make the University of Southern Mississippi the ideal choice for a wide variety of students. Example Para 2 Majors Para 3 Location

Para 4 Student life Example Conclusion There is something for everyone at USM. Whether a student wants to major in dance or polymer science, he can get a quality education here. Hattiesburg is truly the Hub City, and USMs location provides easy access to such places as the Gulf Coast, New Orleans, and Jackson. Finally, USM offers abundant student life opportunities ranging from fraternities and sororities to intercollegiate athletics to clubs. USM is the total package. It is the best all-around university

in the state. How to Succeed Plan ahead/Prioritize Come to class Do the reading

Print out the slides (using handouts option; 6 per page) Highlight the ID & SIGs on the slides Take your class notes directly on the slides Use the exam study guides to prepare for exams Use me and the History Writing Lab for help with your papers Use the backward planning process to help focus your paper preparation Backward Planning Process

Due Finalize Writing lab draft Works Cited Paras 4 and 5 Paras 2 and 3 Prep Day/Obtain all sources/Make outline Workshop/Finalize introduction Write draft

introduction Determine proofs Write thesis Initial research Pick a subject Today August 2008 Sun Mon 3 Tue

4 Wed 5 Intro para due 10 Thu 6 No class

Go to library and get sources 11 12 Fri 7 Make outline Sat 1

2 8 9 Finish para 2 13 14 15 16

20 21 22 23 29 30 Finish para 3

17 18 Finish para 4 24 31 Finish para 5 25 Take draft to Writing Lab

19 Finish works cited page 26 27 Finalize Paper Have friend proofread paper 28 Paper Due

Sample Notebook

A. Syllabus (key dates and info highlighted) B. Calendar (key dates and your plan to accomplish the requirements) C. Grade sheet and all graded work D. Slides (printed six per page in handouts style, ID & SIGs highlighted, notes in the margins) E. ID & SIGs (each lessons terms on notebook paper, your best effort at answering them done the night before with a couple lines left blank to fill in additional info during class) F. Map study guide G. Paper (first para, drafts, writing lab info, outline) H. Subjective quiz study guide H. Mid term study guide I. Final exam study guide J. World Civ Film Series Extra Credits K. Miscellaneous

Other Tips for Success Keep up with your notebook Sit in the front 1/3 of the class Attend every class

Show me your first para and paper drafts before theyre due Show me your mid term and final exam study guides before the exam Take notes in class on the slides Give yourself a practice exam under game day conditions Go to the Writing Lab Have a buddy grade your first para and paper using the rubrics in the syllabus Follow the following daily routine: Study the ID & SIGs from the previous lesson (15 minutes) Read the assigned pages (15 minutes) Print out the slides and review them, highlight the ID & SIGs, and answer the ID & SIGs as homework (30 minutes) Civilization The highest cultural grouping of people and the

broadest level of cultural identity people have short of that which distinguishes humans from other species. Defined both by common objective elements, such as language, history, religion, customs, institutions, and by the subjective selfidentification of people. Samuel Huntington, The Clash of Civilizations? Characteristics of a Civilization

Intensive agricultural techniques Specialization of labor Cities A social hierarchy Organized religion and education Development of complex forms of economic exchange Development of new technologies Advanced development of the arts. (This can include writing.) rivers agriculture

populations cities specialization hierarchy Agriculture Inca terrace farming Egyptian Shaduf

Specialization of Labor African baskets Egyptian Vasemaker Cities Cahokia Mounds Timbuktu Social Hierarchy Ancient Egypt

Medieval Serfs Religion 14th Century Mosque at Kilwa Mosaic icon of Christ from Hagia Sophia Economic Exchange The Silk Road

New Technologies Bronze Age Metallurgy Greek Fire Art Music and dance depicted on a Greek drinking cup Mona Lisa

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