Looking Back and Moving Forward: RENEW LA County

Looking Back and Moving Forward: RENEW LA County

Looking Back and Moving Forward: RENEW LA County & Choose Health LA Michael Leighs, MPP RENEW LA County/LA County DPH Made possible by funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention through the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health. RENEW LA County 2 year obesity prevention initiative (March 2010- March

2012) Supported by stimulus funds administered through the CDC 8 intervention areas focused on policy, systems, environment change Healthy eating strategies 10 Cities have implemented healthy vending standards: South El Monte

Baldwin Park La Puente Pasadena El Monte Pico Rivera Huntington Park San Fernando Bell Gardens

Long Beach Healthy Food Procurement March 2011 motion by Supervisor Ridley-Thomas promoting healthy food procurement in County departments Department of Public Works Probation Department Department of Health Services

Built environment/physical activity promotion Healthy Design Ordinance County Bike Master Plan South Bay Bicycle Master Plan Complete Streets policies in Baldwin Park and Azusa Lancaster Bike and Trails Master Plan LA City Transit Oriented Development (TOD)

Seizing the Momentum: Choose Health LA Community Transformation Grants CDC funded through the Prevention and Public Health Fund Time Frame: 5 years, beginning fall 2011 $102 million nationwide for first year funding (future years contingent upon available funding)

Los Angeles County received the second largest award in the nation ($9.48 million in year 1) 7 CTG Strategy Areas Five Strategy Areas 1) Tobacco-free living 2) Healthy eating and active living

3) Clinical preventive services 4) Social and emotional wellness 5) Healthy and safe environments 8 Opportunities for Cities RFP opportunity to expand healthier food environments and promote active living RFP will be released in 2012 to support these efforts ($1 million annually to

support 8 city, school, and/or community partnerships) Technical assistance available for high need cities interested in pursuing healthy eating/active living strategies Healthy food procurement initiative Technical assistance to expand acceptance of CalFresh benefits at farmer's markets 9

For More Information Michael Leighs 213-351-1901 or [email protected] www.choosehealthla.com

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