Automated MonthEnd Close Process (AMCP) Alfredo Pantaleon Professional

Automated MonthEnd Close Process (AMCP) Alfredo Pantaleon Professional Services Chris Martin Regional Sales Manager Confidential & Proprietary January 24th, 2006 Agenda Challenges Benefits

Feature Summary Solution Overview Solution Demonstration and Review Q&A Confidential & Proprietary Challenges Complexity Numerous Modules (INV,OM,PO,AP,AR,GL)

Numerous Inter-Dependencies Interface Table Processing Personnel and Coordination Timing Compressed Coordinated Critical Path Processing SEC/SOX Contemporaneous Audit Timeliness of Reporting

Confidential & Proprietary Typical Month end Close Frenetic Confusing Frustrating Labor Intensive Lengthy/Delayed Non-deterministic Difficult to Audit Confidential & Proprietary Risks and Ramifications Financial Reporting Accuracy is Compromised

Manual Processes are error prone Stuck transactions are forced/dropped No time or process for parallel audit Unclosed periods allowing back transactions Financial Reporting is Delayed Confidential & Proprietary Can you Benefit? Do you have adequate time to properly review interface table rejects? Is there a lengthy delay between the close and issuing statements?

Does your close process span many days? Are there a large number of manual journal entries to record transactions or make adjustments? Is there a high dependency on spreadsheets to record accounting transactions or support manual journal entries? Are you subject to compliance legislation such as SOX? Is there a history of restatements? Limited time for financial and operational analysis? Confidential & Proprietary Key Advantages

Quick Time-to-value Configuration vs. customization Seeded processes leverage Oracle best practices Seamless deployment into Oracle 11i E-business Suite Leverages Oracle supported extensions and APIs Flexible and Extensible Processing Steps can be added, removed, modified, and rearranged Robust Support Multiple Operating Units

Supports Multiple Inventory Organizations Confidential & Proprietary Solution Definition and Objective An automated month-end close process (AMCP) leveraging the GUIbased configurability of the LogicalApps Suite and supporting Oracle technology, e.g., workflow. Objective: Streamline the close process through automation Reduce the effort Reduce the time/duration

Improve accuracy and consistency Improve visibility Support contemporaneous audit Confidential & Proprietary Feature Summary Activity notification Task Approvals Interface checking Re-submittal of interface errors Automatic period open and closing

Parallel processes Confidential & Proprietary Define notification recipients Automatic Reporting Expandable Configurable Multi-Org Modular design Main Process Global Workflow Started

Distribution Pre Close Inventory Pre Close Rpts Inventory Close Inventory Post Close Receivables Close OM Close AR Close Rpts General Ledger Close

General Ledger Close Rpts Confidential & Proprietary Payables Close Purchasing Close PO Close Reports General Ledger Close Reports General Ledger Close Reports

Trial Balance - Detail General Ledger - (180 Char) Confidential & Proprietary Standard GL closing reports Inventory Pre Close Reports Inventory Pre Close Rpts All Inventory Value Reports Intransit Value Reports

Confidential & Proprietary Process runs reports necessary for beginning the close process. For companies with many organizations this process runs the report for each organization Payables Close Payables Close Payables Accounting Process Payables Pre-Transfer Review Payables Transfer to General Ledger

Unposted Invoice Sweep- Notification Manage AP Periods Run AP Trial Balance Expense Period End Accruals Complete Receipts Accrual Confidential & Proprietary Validate distributions Transfer to GL Complete Accruals Automatically close AP period and open the next period

Inventory Close Inventory Close Close Inventory Periods Confidential & Proprietary Closes open inventory Periods for each organization Opens the next inventory Period for each organization Inventory Post Close Inventory Post Close

Intransit Inventory Reports Period close value summary Inventory Value Report Subinventory Account Value Confidential & Proprietary Runs Post close reporting for inventory valuations for each organization OM Close OM Close Confidential & Proprietary

Process for adding any company specific Month End Sales reporting Purchasing Close Purchasing Close Uninvoiced Receipts Report Purchase Price Variance Report Approve PO Period Close Manage PO Periods Check that PO Period is Closed Accrual Rebuild Reconciliation Report Confidential & Proprietary

Process runs task for receiving and Purchasing. Accruals Purchase price Variance Invoice price Variance Closes the Purchasing period and opens next period. Purchasing Close Reports PO Close Reports Confidential & Proprietary

Process is defined so that additional reports may be added here. This process will run the report once per Organization Solution Overview Configuration form to determine owners of business areas Launch close process for the GL periods form Confidential & Proprietary Cont

Close process will only launch for eligible periods Process initiates an Oracle Workflow where all processes are visible Confidential & Proprietary Cont.. Workflow notification begin sending to inform recipients of interface records in error, reports that have run, approval for period close or open. Confidential & Proprietary Q&A Presentation Requests:

[email protected] 949-453-9101 Solution information: Daryl Geryol Director of Professional Services [email protected] Confidential & Proprietary

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