Coordinating with Project Managers Cassie Reiter, P.E., ENV

Coordinating with Project Managers Cassie Reiter, P.E., ENV

Coordinating with Project Managers Cassie Reiter, P.E., ENV SP Utility Coordinator/Project Manager CMT Engineers and Consultants June 2016 Coordination The organization of the different elements of a complex body or activity so as to enable them to work together effectively

Different Elements Work Together Effectively Objective 1. Understand soft skills needed for utility coordination 2. Discuss the Utility Risk Report and Project Funding to give an understanding of how these

tools are used by the Utility Coordinator (UC) and PM to ensure project success. Soft Skills Writing Effective

Communication Creative Thinking Flexibility Collaboration Listening Leadership Taking Initiative Agenda

Effective communication Organization On-Point attitude Coordinating with others Utility Risk Reports Project funding Conclusion Effective Communication Effective Communication Effective Communication Effective Communication

Effective Communication Organization A multi-tasking requirement

Different utility companies Project schedule Project design elements Files Documentation To-do Lists Status reports Utility schedules On-Point Attitude

Customer Focused Positive Solutions Minded Responsiveness Follow Through Timely Ready to resolve office or field situations Coordinating with Others Not Just the Project Manager

Utility company representatives INDOT Utility Oversight Agent Consultants Contractor Designers Everyone knows where everyone goes Coordinating with Others

Understanding Manhole vs. vault A checklist is just a checklist you need to know how to use it Do you need to get depths and when? A line on a drawing or ductbank

What can we do to mitigate risk? Know what you can know when you need to know it Utility Risk Report Project Information Goals Risk Evaluation Critical Right-ofWay Parcels Funding by FY PM Goals for Utility Coordination Meet with PM

Design Manager Project Team Example Goals:

Have all utilities relocated ahead of construction Transmission Poles ordered by x date Use SUE data to avoid relocation of fiber optics Other PM Goals for Utility Coordination What do I as a PM need from the UC?

I do not want to be surprised I need the risks identified so that we can make appropriate project decisions I need to know utility needs for construction I need to know utility needs for Right of Way I need to understand utility needs for working area, tolerances, easements? I need to be able to convey this information to the designers and other project team members

Risk Evaluation Step 1: Risk Identification List factors that could adversely impact the project schedule or budget Be Specific What could go wrong? Name the utility and the problem Examples:

Duke Material Acquisition/Delay (i.e. steel poles) AT&T Work Plans not approved Time Warner representative unresponsive Risk Evaluation Step 2: Risk Mitigation Strategy For each risk identified, develop one or two strategies to eliminate or minimize

the risk Examples Let the project with a Utility Impact Note re: Duke Keep reminding AT&T that the Work Plan is due

Send letter to Time Warner Accelerate a parcel for right-of-way acquisition Develop design exception Change MOT Risk Evaluation Step 3: Tactics For each strategy, list specific action items (tactics) that can implement the

strategy Examples (i.e. who, what, when): UC will obtain schedule from Duke, Lee Nicholson by x date. UC will submit impact note to PM by x date UC will send a letter to ATT Craig Adams, and then follow up weekly by e-mail or phone call UC will draft letter to Forrest & Time Warner by x date INDOT Utility Oversight Agent to sign Escalate to Director if not resolved by x date Risk Evaluation Summary

Step 1: Identify Risk Step 2: Develop 1 or 2 Strategies to eliminate or mitigate the risk Step 3: Assign Action Items to implement strategies Step 4: Communicate this to all parties Risk Evaluation Summary

As the Utility Coordinator: You cannot just document everything You must communicate the results Funding by Fiscal Year INDOT Fiscal Year: July - June

FHWA Fiscal Year: October - September Utility relocation work typically overlaps one or more calendar years Coordinate with utility representatives Estimate reimbursements Calculate the funds needed by FY Communicate with PM Follow up as needed

Need help? Contact the Utility Oversight Agent Conclusion Effective Communication Organization On-Point Attitude Utility Risk Evaluatio n Coordinating with PM

Funding by FY Project Success Solves Problems Utility Adjustments On time and Within Budget

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