LPP - Professional Services Education and Training Opportunity

LPP - Professional Services Education and Training Opportunity

LPP - Professional Services Education and Training Opportunity Assessment Workshop 24th January 2008 The London Procurement Programme London Procurement Programme Sponsored by the London SHA Commenced November 2006 Supply Chain workstream Accelerated Sourcing workstream categories Accelerated Sourcing workstream initiatives / opportunity assessments Professional Services Education and Training Interpretation Services IT & Telecoms Mobile Tariffs Fixed to Mobile Calls Facilities & Estates Medical Equipment & Consumables Pharmaceuticals* Uptake Management workstream Accelerated Sourcing workstream Most initiatives now at implementation phase

Desktops Malware Patient Transport Energy Leasing Purchased Healthcare Legal Services Orthopaedics Printer Consumables Waste Management Stents ICDs & Pacemakers Servers Business Rates Renal * Pharmaceuticals is being developed separately to the other four category workstreams, under the remit of Peter Sharrott (London Lead for the Pharmaceuticals Network) 2 Objective of the Education and Training Opportunity Assessment The London Procurement Programme was approached by NHS London to undertake an opportunity assessment exercise across Trust-commissioned Education and Training in London Required data identified

Data Request Issued to 73 London Trusts 5 Dec 2007 Improvement Programme Stakeholder Review Initiative 1 Initiative 2 Initiative 3 Stakeholder Workshop 3 Improvement Programme Context of the Opportunity Assessment Trust Education and Training funding is also derived from other sources SHA Other sources MPET Trust Budget Multi Professional Education and Training levy Funding stream from the DOH that funds the additional costs to the NHS of supporting the practice experience of medical and dental students SIFT Service Increment for Teaching

Covers costs to NHS of supporting teaching of medical undergraduates Intended to meet excess cost e.g. GP in surgery generally sees fewer patients if students are present Charitable Funds NMET Non-medical education and training Covers undergraduate nonmedical, seconded training, student grants and other programmes SHA Commissioning Undergraduate non medical training e.g. nurse, midwives, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, radiography, optometry NHS London holds large commercial contracts with 9-10 universities across London with variable contract periods MADEL LSC Medical and Dental Education Levy Supports key central initiatives in medical education Majority funds salary and non pay costs Other Trust allocations Including: CPD NVQ

Dialogues are underway with regarding SHA commissioning strategy (In scope) Trust E&T Budget 4 Improvement Programme - Identified Opportunities Based on the findings, we have identified six potential workstreams to deliver savings and to implement best practices. Direct savings generator Enabler NHS Litigation Authority Standards Review NVQ Rate Analysis E-learning collaboratio n Improvemen t programme Shared Training Centre Status Developme nt Core Curriculum and Framework procuremen t Train to

Gain funding accessibility 5 Method of delivering mandatory and other training is under transition Supporting procurement required for a London strategy for e-learning will enable Trusts to benefit from efficiencies and cost advantages associated with e-learning; there is no current blended learning curriculum to support this Mandatory Training Delivery Methods* Cumulative Investment in E-learning** Cumulative Investment 89% 6% 4% 1% 50% Number of Trusts % of Training Courses 6 80% 100% Initiative E-learning collaboration To enhance current e-learning behaviour by leveraging collaborative strategy and procurement Key actions NHS Litigation Authority Standards Review NVQ Rate

Analysis E-learning collaboratio n Shared Training Centre Status Developmen t Improvement programme Train to Gain funding accessibility Framework procurement 2 To support London trusts determine opportunities for collaborative investment via procurement strategies, in conjunction with the London Deanery, CLU, ELfH, Training Tracker etc. Work with DoH ERS team to conduct procurement exercise to establish suppliers for self authored modules (longer term) Benefits Improved learning accessibility via more effective training format blends Cost reduction via increase in e-learning and reduction in classroom based training where off-site time, completion and repetition are issues Removes duplication where Trusts are self-authoring modules Trusts can offer best practice e-learning modules by capitalising and developing modules designed by other Trusts Support and improve effectiveness in private sector procurement Establish price harmonisation and volume discounts whilst improving best practice procurement 7 LPP Workshop and Team Contacts Education and Training Contacts Team

member Position Phone number Email address Grace Bishop South West London SSP Joint Chief Operating Officer 020 8687 4682 [email protected] p.nhs.uk Miranda Deakin LPP Professional Services Category Lead 020 7303 3056 LPP Professional Services Category 020 7 303 7357 Hardeep Kaur 07971 598 016 07771 812315 8 [email protected] [email protected]

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