LEARNING OBJECTIVES LO1: Understand the purpose and properties

LEARNING OBJECTIVES LO1: Understand the purpose and properties

LEARNING OBJECTIVES LO1: Understand the purpose and properties of digital graphics LO2: Be able to plan the creation of a digital graphic LO3: Be able to create and save a digital graphic

LO4: Be able to review the digital graphic LEARNING OBJECTIVE 1 Investigate digital graphics You have 4 tasks to complete for LO1 which should be completed in one presentation called investigating digital graphics. You should save this work for this section into - R082

- Learning Objective 1 TASK 1 A 1. Create a spider diagram of as many different types of graphics that you can think of. E.g. magazine covers, adverts, posters, cartoons, web, images. Book cover s

Digital graphi cs BOOK COVERS STARTERS DIFFERENT IMAGES TASK 1 B Pick five of these different types of graphics to expand on: 1. Show some examples. 2. How are they used? Electronic or Print or both.

3. What is their purpose? e.g. entertainment, information, education, advertising. BOOK COVERS How are graphics used Printed in paper/ hard back books Electronic form in kindles

Why are graphic used Describe the story is like (dark horror) Attract a particular reader The purpose of the graphics Make the

reader want to read the book Promote the Author and publisher BOOK COVERS Book covers can use the digital graphic in print book or in electronic form such as a kindle. They can be put in shop windows to entice people in to the shop this may attract a particular audience e.g the Jurassic park cover would attract people how liked dinosaurs. The book cover also promotes the author and the publisher and describes the type of story the

that reader might find e.g dark covers for a horror book. The purpose of the cover is to make the reader want to read this book, to promote the author and the publishing company. TASK 2 Add in three slides about. 1. 2. 3. The use of colour The use of composition The use of white space USES OF COLOUR

To create emotion/moo d To establish an identity To appeal to an audience To convey structure COLOUR AND EMOTION/MOOD

Red Action explosions/ fire & high speed action with violence Blue can but cold and wintery Black Use the colour black to convey elegance, sophistication, or mystery.

Orange I can portray excitement or even anger COLOUR Add a slide titled Colour Choose one or two images maybe a poster or book cover or website.

Write a few sentences on how colour has been used in the digital graphic. Eg: Is colour conveying emotion or structure or identity or enhancing the visualisation. THE USE OF WHITE SPACE

Make look clean Easy to follow Less fussy Organized Look more professional ..just to confuse you white space doesnt have to be white!! GOOD EXAMPLES OF WHITE/NEGATIVE SPACE Here the white/nega tive space is orange

giving a minimalist effect and enhancing the brand. THE USE OF COMPOSITION Use of thirds Balancing Elements Symmetry

TASK 3 Research the properties of digital graphics and their suitability for use and explain with examples; a) How different purposes influence the design and layout of a digital graphic b) How the audience influence the design and layout of a digital graphic AUDIENCE, PURPOSE AND GENRE Digital

Graphics serve a specific purpose appeal to an identified audience. For example, you may want to give the target audience tourist information, or you might be hoping to sell a product. Therefore the graphics you use will depend on whether you want to express a formal or informal tone. The size, position, colour and composition of the image will also differ according to different audiences.

AUDIENCE, PURPOSE AND GENRE Identifying the audience and catering for their needs is very important. A publication for children might include lots of cartoons, whereas a publication for adults might include photographs. The images, content and style of writing would be very different in both of

these publications. Getting this wrong could be disastrous. TASK 4 Create a table with the headings file extension File Format What are they used for

Good website to use tiff jpg png giff pdf psd

STARTER Power point Excel Word Abobe reader

.doc .ppt .pdf .xls EXTENSION To achieve a higher grade you should add more examples of your own. Make

sure that the file types are all related to digital graphics. RASTER AND VECTOR GRAPHICS Give a brief explanation for raster and vector graphics. Create a table as Advantages follows:

File Types Bitmap or raster graphics Vector graphics Disadvantages LEARNING OBJECTIVE 2 A DVD cover for Energy Matters Your client is producing a new film and needs to begin the development of the DVD cover. The title of the film is Energy Matters and it is about the Worlds demand for energy in the year 2020. The

film is expected to be given a Certificate 12 rating when released. The DVD cover produced must be a single piece of digital graphic artwork that includes front cover, back cover and the spine. A high quality file for print purposes must be created together with a low resolution version suitable for use on a website. The website version will be used for promotion and be 400 pixels wide to fit the web page layout. The client has provided the blurb to be used on the back cover of the DVD: Narrated by Jack Dorsey from the award winning series Earth Sources comes the ultimate portrait of the earths energy consumption. This documentary conveys the use of energy today and also highlights the worlds demand for energy in 2020 and what effect

this will have on the earth in the long run. WHAT I CAN CHANGE Name of the film What the film is about Blurb YOUR CLIENT AND THE TARGET AUDIENCE

You need to: consider the clients requirements and how these are specified consider the target audience for the DVD cover Decide on a visual style and composition of the digital graphic Identify what assets and resources you

will need to create the graphic Present your findings in a report or presentation A WORK PLAN CREATED AS A TEXT TABLE IN WORD PROCESSING SOFTWARE Activity Find images for mood board Create mood board Ideas for mind map Create mind map Plan visualisation

Create visualisation Develop story for storyboard Plan scenes and durations Create storyboard Digitise documents Send to client Obtain feedback Make changes Total Duratio n 1 hour

Resources 1 hour 30 mins 1 hour 30 mins 30 mins 1 hour A3 paper, glue stick, scissors Pen, paper Pen, paper 30 mins

Pen, paper 1 hour 30 mins 5 mins 30 mins 1 hour 9h 5mins Storyboard templates Scanner, digital camera Computer system with email Magazines, adverts, photos


What the different tasks/activities are. How long each one will take. When you will be able to work on each task. What resources your will need. What tasks must be finished before you can start the next part. LEGAL RESTRICTIONS

You need to: Consider any legal issues and restrictions on what you will create. The DVD cover will be used in a commercial context so copyright must be considered Present your findings in a report or presentation LEARNING OBJECTIVE 3 Create You will need to produce the digital

graphic for the DVD cover, using a range of tools, techniques and assets to ensure it is suitable for its intended uses. OBTAINING ASSETS FOR USE IN THE GRAPHIC You need to: Either source and/or create the assets identified in your visualisation diagram

Check the properties of the individual assets to make sure they are suitable for use at their intended size in the final DVD cover. Where necessary, modify the properties to ensure their compatibility. CREATE THE GRAPHIC You need to:

Use a range of tools and techniques from the image editing software to combine the assets into the final graphic Save the digital graphic as a high quality format for print purposes ensuring you use version control throughout Re-purpose the graphic as a second, low resolution version for use on the web. LEARNING OBJECTIVE 4 Review

Now the graphic for the cover of Energy Matters has been produced, you need to consider whether you have met all the requirements of the initial brief. You will also need to review the overall quality of the product, and identify any improvements that could be made. REVIEWING THE GRAPHIC

You need to: Make sure both of the final digital graphic formats are fit for purpose Check that the digital graphic meets the client requirements initially specified Review the final digital graphic in terms of composition, colours and overall quality. HOW THE GRAPHIC COULD BE IMPROVED

You need to: Identify how the graphic for the DVD cover could be improved, given more time, more resources or different assets.

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