How to double your church over the next

How to double your church over the next

How to double your church over the next 2 years or 24 months.... By: Dr. Owen Weston We are in the age when you can have your sermon piped in But this leaves out the pastor who wants to preach.

HOWEVER, we can pipe in the administration to grow a church and let the pastor stay as the pulpiteer. We will show you one night a month what to do. Remember reaching one tithing family

through this program will more than pay the monthly fee for your whole church to be involved in this training. Our goal is to keep Christianity alive in America by doubling as many churches as we can and there by doubling the number of Christians in our country.

Were starting with you. Just give us one night a month to train you how to do this. 24 to Double Schedule of Monthly Training 1st Year: 1. Finding the churchs uniqueness in

ministry and strengths. Determine the vision not where we are going, but where we want to be - I believe God is going to give us 1000 people to worship Him 2. Determining Laity Involvement: Train on Gifts Wednesday & Sunday p.m.

3. The Vehicle for Lay Involvement: Start a Pastors class for new people and those whose gifts are not known. The Pastors Breakfast / Lunch or once a month informational meeting. 4. Making the Church Like Heaven on Earth:

The law of first impressions and initial contact ministry. 5. The Guarantee for Retention: The key essentials to retention. 6. Dr. Engels Highpoint: The point of the Worship Experience.

7. Environmental Context: The impact of ambiance and the contextual. 8. How to Conquer Your City: The law of impacting your target audience. 9. The Larger Outreach: The 4 Big Events & Ministry Events.

24 to Double Schedule of Monthly Training 10.Follow-up on Larger Outreach Retention to other big events 11.Babysitting vs. Ministry: Children & Nursery 12.Connection Points: 7 groups for every 100 and

cause clusters. 24 to Double Schedule of Monthly Training 2nd Year: 1. Prepare for 2 Services: Satellites & Plants 2. Grid System: Set-up grid with 7 teams.

Team approach vs. Staff approach 3. 12 same as last year but include calendar and big events through laity leadership: Setting up the team for 1st impressions. 4. Team approach on Big Events: Christmas, Easter, 4th of July, Fall

5. Team approach to Retention: Pastors class, visitation, deacons, etc. 6. Team approach to Outreach: Baptism, Baby Dedications, Weddings, Drama, Memorials, etc. 7. Team approach to Ambiance:

Banners, signage, handouts, cameras, lights and sound. 8. Team approach to Multiple Worship Critical Care: Choir vs. Worship Teams 9. Team approach to small groups: Semester driven vs. life-time tenure.

10. Team approach to youth grid system 11. Set-up 5 Fold Ministry 12. Where do I go from here? 24 to Double Schedule of Monthly Training 1st Year: 1st Month What is the next big event on the calendar for which

we can challenge our congregation to bring friends? Plan the event (when, what, how, who) How to bring the crowds (from the congregation / marketing) Getting people involved (in production, in preparation) Getting the program ready (who is in charge and who is helping)

Getting the people ready (love the visitors) Why should anyone come to my church? Whats God told me to do? God has told me we are going to change this city. Who can we reach? I see everyone red, yellow,

black and white. What can this church do to make a difference? I can see us standing in the Wal-Mart parking lot God has told me Hell give us 10,000 attendees. People love to follow a Vision

Visionthat motivates. God has shown me that those of us here will double our churches over the next 2 years by following this plan. The problem we will have is where to put the people. Every church and pastor must have a clear vision stating what they need to do in one to

three years to conquer their city for Christ. Give me a vision to die for and Ill not miss coming to church. Give me a vision to excite me and I will volunteer. Give me a vision that motivates me and I will give you my money.

Just give me something. 24 to Double Schedule for Monthly Training 1st Year: 1st Month Vision Workshop By: Dr. Owen C. Weston

Where there is no vision the people perish. Proverbs 29:18 Write down the vision and make it plainso who ever reads it may run with it. Habakkuk 2:2

Every church and pastor must have clear vision stating what they need to do in one to three years to conquer their city for Christ. Vision is like a strategy, it changes frequentlyevery two to three years but the mission of the church never

changes. How do we come up with a vision statement? Do a demographic study: Do a demographic study:

Household size and income Population growth Age distribution

Industry of labor Education Travel time to work Cost of living Ethnic distribution Rent or own Tenure in home Mortgage as ratio of income

Trends/changes in all above over time Compare demographics against Maslows Hierarchy of needs: Compare demographics against Maslows Hierarchy of needs: 1. Physiological needs: food, clothing, sleep, pain

2. Safety needs: shelter, security, predictable future and order 3. Love and belonging needs: affection; friends; family; identity with group, love 4. Self-esteem needs: respect, admiration, self worth confidence 5. Self-Actualization needs: fulfill personal capacities and potential, discover truth, create beauty, promote order and justice

You cannot reach people with Gods love who are needing food unless you include food. To tell people who need food that God has a great plan for their life is to try to reach level one people with a level 5

solution. Demographics helps you to know who you can reach and at what level. Look at what strengths God has already put in the church. 1. What is God already blessing?

2. Which ministry in the church is bringing the most visitors? (Royal Rangers, Sunday School, choir, worship, preaching, youth, etc.) 3. Through what ministries have people come to your church in

the past two months? 4. Are these people coming from a certain section of the city? What section?

5. Who is the main person/people inviting visitors to attend? 7.Why is this person inviting visitors? What is making this person excited? (Is it their involvement? Do they like the

praise and worship programs? Is it because of a spiritual change? Do they like what the church is emphasizing?) Knowing the Visitors: Where they come from Who is inviting And Why?

Helps us to see: Where God is already blessing. What if there is no definable strength in the church? Jim Collins in Good to great

Jim Collins in Good to great Vision is made up of 3 things: 1. Passion what your organization (church) stands for, its core values purpose - its mission. 2. Best at what your church can uniquely contribute to people it touches better than any other church on the planet.

3. Resource engine what best drives your resources in 3 areas: time (people willing to serve), money (available and able to raise), and brand ( deep well of emotional goodwill and mind-share of potential supporters). Sometimes the area of strength is not

the numbers that are visiting but the programs the church is most excited about. What programs are your youth, adults, and sr. adults excited about?

Sometimes what God is blessing is seen in the church leaders strengths. 1. Which people are the most recognized as gifted in an area that excites your church? (Adult Sunday School teacher, Womens

Ministry Leader, Youth Pastor, Musician, Royal Ranger Leader, Quartet, etc.) 2. Sometimes the way to evaluate the strength of the church is by knowing the pastors gifts, talents, and burdens.

What excites the pastor most about ministry? (preaching, seeing people at the altar, counseling, teaching, inner city ministry, T.V. ministry, bus ministry, etc.) Looking at the pastors spiritual gifts, would he be considered more of a

teacher, counselor, encourager, evangelist, prayer warrior, or organizer/ delegater? 3. Sometimes it is the leadership, other than the pastor, that God has put in the church.

Is there a strong layperson who really has a burden for ministry? He wants to see something happen in the church. Is he or she anxious to be involved in making the church function? Who is this person?

Does this person (or several people) constantly push others and the pastor in the church to do a particular ministry or program, etc? What is the program he/she/they are trying to push?

E.g. cradle role Would the church and the pastor rally around this program for the next year or so to use it as a means to excite the church and motivate people to bring in

visitors? What would it take to make this program happen financially, people resources, facilities, etc.? NOW:

Having studied these areas of strengths, which one or combination of two could be the main thrust for the church over the next year or so? In one Sentence, explain what

your main thrust is. Sharpen this one sentence so that it is easy to sell. It should be simple enough to be easily remembered . Maybe if it were rearranged so that some catchy phrases,

anagrams, or rhymes would make it easier to remember or make it easier to sell to your congregation. Write down such a statement from the above ideas you are working on.

Often it takes days or weeks to come up with the final vision statement. Is there a Scripture verse that would support

what youre trying to do? The church must have ownership of this new Vision Statement.

This process of finding the strengths and the vision statement for the church for the next year or so should include board members/key people who could help make the

program flythey need ownership as well. The way to build a bridge to the future is by creating GOALS and TASKS that carry the church toward the vision you feel God has given your church Communicating effectively along

the way so all understand what the vision is and how these goals and tasks help us achieve it. The pastor needs to start teaching sermons that will encourage the

church to be involved in this new direction. It normally takes three months 12 Sundays of preaching , hinting toward or referring to, in every sermon - the direction the church is going to take with this new vision. Which three months will the church

take to do this? The church/pastor will need to make flyers, banners, and include the vision statement in the church bulletin, and on church letterhead so the people

can get excited about the direction of the church. Although this is stated last it is the most important and needs to be mentioned to your church from the beginning . . .

. . . Jesus spent forty days and forty nights in the desert praying, fasting, and seeking a vision from God before He began His ministry. At the end of these forty days Satan tempted him to short-circuit the process. When will the church start such a prayer emphasis?

The pastor and the people must seek God in prayer about which direction the church is to go and which vision the church is to have for the next year or so. Remember a good vision statement never conflicts with

the major thrust the church is currently enjoying nor does it violate the reason the church was established and most importantly of all, it must not contradict the theological premise of the church.

Therefore it is necessary to evaluate the core values of the church before finalizing the vision statement of the church. The core values are those ideas of ministry, beliefs, functions in the church that the congregation

believe are essential for the church to have. For example, most Southern Baptists believe that Sunday School is a core value. You normally cannot have a SB vision statement that will do away with Sunday School.

In the Pentecostal and Charismatic churches, the movement of the Holy Spirit is often a core value and if a vision statement suggests a seeker safe service in which no gifts are allowed to flow in

the service this would create warfare rather than excitement about the vision. List some of the core values this vision statement might violate in your church How can the vision statement be

changed to keep from violating these core values? What core values of this church will this vision statement encourage? How will the vision change the way the

church functions? Just coming up with a vision statement is not enough. The vision statement must be the guiding force behind the ministry of the church for the next year or so.

Here is a catch: if you are not as committed to maintain the vision as you are to cast it, than your efforts will wane and both your people and vision will get frustrated. Note: marketing the vision must affect who we become before it can affect those we pursue. E.g. to say we are a church of love better be

perceived by the visitor or they will hate you more! For example, if the vision statement is to emphasize the youth programs as the main ministry the church will use to reach the lost, then no other program will interfere with this thrust.

What if the church already has a vision statement that has existed for a year or so and the leadership now wants to reevaluate whether this vision

statement should be changed? The church must ask the questions: If the new vision statement would encourage more of the church to be involved. Would a new vision statement create excitement in the church?

Think about a shop you no longer use. You will give one or more of the following reasons as to why: The staff was rude; the service inconsistent; I was made to feel uncomfortable; they no longer offer what I needed; I do not like

the new manager; another newer store makes me feel more at home; or the value they offer isnt worth the driveI can get what I want closer to home. Now think of the new store you like: no one makes me feel uncomfortable; people

are so nice to me; they are so efficient; I always know what I am going to get; they have just what I need; the manager greets me by name; I am proud to tell others I go there; I am happy to drive across town if I have to because of all they offer.

Have new visitors come in who need to be involved and a new vision statement will be more likely to involve them? List some of these people. Has the excitement for the existing vision statement dwindled? Would a new vision statement encourage the

congregation? The best vision statement needs to build on the previous vision statement yet be different enough to cause new excitement. For example, your previous vision

statement may have emphasized starting cell groups. So it would be unwise for the new vision statement to do away with cell groups. To form a new vision statement you would basically follow the above process in coming up with a new vision

statement. Some of the best signs that a church needs a new vision statement: There is no excitement in the church People are coming out of obligation rather than a sense of doing ministry to accomplish a goal.

It is hard for most people to get involved. Some of the best signs that a church needs a new vision statement: New people coming into the church are very different from the original congregation and the new vision statement needs to align with their felt

needs (demographic verses Maslow). The community has changed. The church needs to change to reach it or move to where the congregation has moved and form a vision statement for the move.

It is always important for a pastor and leaders of the church to come up with a dozen or so reasons as to why people should attend their church and not any other church in town. These reasons should not apply to (be able to be used by) any other church . This is a good test to give to your

leadership: Write down how many reasons the leadership can come up with for attending your church. Next Month: Month 2: Developing Laity Involvement:

Your church grows by the ratio of laity involvement We will study this next month. Next Month:

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